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September 1, 2016

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  Autumn Sales!
Fall is in the air!
Now is the time to stock up on your favorite Autumn Fragrances!
Receive $1.00 per lb. off any of the following Autumn fragrances:
No limit!
* All Hallows Eve (BNL)
* Autumn Warmth
* Caramel
* Caramel Apple
* Christmas/Country Spice (BCS)
* Cranberry (BCS)
* Cranberry Crumble (BCS)
* Fresh Baked Bread (BCS)
* Ginger Maple (WYW)
* Harvest Type (BCS)
* Hayride (BNL)
* Hot Maple Toddy (BCS)
* Maple Pecan
* Perfect Pumpkin (WYW)
* Pumpkin Spice
* Spiced Apple
* Spiced Pear Type
* Vermont Maple Syrup
* Warm Apple Pie (BNL)
   Warning Labels! 
Warning Labels 
  are 15% off this month! 
Stock up for the Holiday season!
Choose from the following Labels:
Sale ends Friday, September 30th at 11:59pm cst!  
  Halloween Tumblers!
 Halloween Tumblers
are 15% off!
No Limit!
*Spider Tumbler Jar (36)
*Witch Tumbler Jar (36)
Sale ends Friday, September 30th at 11:59pm cst! 
Spider Tumbler Jar 
Witch Tumbler Jar
 New Packaging Supplies!
Paper Shred (Natural)
Color Hemp Cord (30ft)
Birch Paper Garland (7ft)
New Packaging Items
have just arrived! 
Search our latest fun new products!
* Paper Shred (Natural) (pictured left)
* Paper Shred (Fiesta)
* Paper Shred (Christmas Mix)
* Paper Shred (Ivory)
* Color Hemp Cord (30ft) (pictured left)
* Natural Hemp Twine (8pc)
* Natural Raffia (2oz)
* Birch Paper Garland (7ft) (pictured left)
* Corrugated Wrap (12ft)
Sale ends Friday, 
September 30th at 11:59pm cst!  
  Twist Ties!
Metallic Twist Ties 
are 20% off! 
Any Quantity!
Sale ends Friday, 
 September 30th at 11:59pm cst!
Gold Metallic Twist Ties
 Silver Metallic Twist Ties
  Epsom Salt!  
Epsom Salt
is 10% off!
Any Quantity, No Limit!
Sale ends Friday, 
September 30th at 11:59pm cst!  
  Hair Conditioner! 
Hair Conditioner
is 15% off! 
Single Gallon sizes only! 
This thick, creamy
white conditioner will leave your hair feeling
like silk!
Sale ends Friday, 
 September 30th at 11:59pm cst!
 Silk Petals!
Silk Rose Petals
are 15% off!
Any quantity!
Sale ends Friday, 
September 30th at 11:59pm cst!  
 Shadow Casters!
Shadow Caster  
Tea Light Holders (6pc)
are 15% off! 
*In stock for a limited time only!
 * Cat Shadow Caster Tea Light Holder
*Ghost Shadow Caster Tea Light Holder
*Witch Shadow Caster Tea Light Holder
Sale ends Friday, 
 September 30th at 11:59pm cst!
Cat Shadow Caster
Ghost Shadow Caster
Witch Shadow Caster 
 The Essentially Soap Book!
 The Essentially Soap Book
is 20% off!
Author: Dr. Robert McDaniel
Paperback/ 125 pages
Published 2000
Essentially Soap was written from the experience of a Chemist who worked in the soap and detergent industry for twenty years. "Dr. Bob" as he is known on the internet soap lists, gives detailed discussions of rebatched, cold process, and melt and pour soapmaking techniques. Additional topics include the selection and use of natural and "unnatural" colorants, the use of essential oils, and how to compose a fragrance symphony blending fragrance "notes" to make a unique and pleasing bouquet.
Sale ends Friday,
September 30th at 11:59pm cst!  
  Fragrance Savings! 
The following fragrances are $2.00 off per lb.
this month!
Choose from the following fragrances:
 *Amish Friendship Bread
Take comfort in the aroma of sweet, warm, homemade bread fresh out of the oven! Our traditional recipe includes warm milk, white sugar & flour, eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, raisins & nuts.
*Hot Maple Toddy (BCS)
Nostalgic aroma of an old fashioned hot maple toddy
with maple syrup, buttery rum, cinnamon sticks,
vanilla and a touch of nutmeg.
*Irish Cream
Just like the famous Bailey's Irish Cream! It is made from a mix of cream, eggs, chocolate and premium Irish whiskey.
A perfectly fresh evergreen fragrance
kissed by berries and a sprinkle of spice.
*Peaches - n - Cream
Deliciously sweet notes of juicy peaches and a dollop of freshly whipped cream. A smooth, fruity treat that is simply irresistible!
*Purely Herbal
Ohhh yes!! Clean, fresh and invigorating, just like the Herbal Essence shampoo! You'll find yourself spending more time in the shower with this one!
Sale ends Friday, September 30th at 11:59 cst!   
Customer of the Month!
All online orders of $50 or more are automatically entered each month to
win $10 in BC Bucks!
 This Month's Winner is:
Tami Bradley
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Business Hours will resume as normal, on Tuesday, Sept. 6th.
Have a safe and wonderful
Labor Day Weekend!
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