Merry Christmas & a Beady New Year from MrBead!

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Have a wonderful very-merry Christmas - and make more jewellery in the New Year!

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For free shipping on our bead store enter XMAS in the box at checkout and click "Redeem Coupon". Use NOW - as expires IN THREE DAYS Monday 14th December 2015.

No minimum order, but can only for used at or and cannot be used with any other discount or eBay.

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New Beads

Click a link below to see one of this month's new beads:
Deep-Red Carved Cinnabar Barrel Beads
Deep-Red Cinnabar Shell-Shape Beads
Deep-Red Carved Drum Cinnabar Beads
400 Sleek Shiny Hematite Wafer Heishi Beads
Large Shiny Sleek Devil-Black Hematite Ring
Dazzling Top-Drill Florite Teardrop Beads
Long 30mm Red Coral Top-Drill Icicle Beads
Unusual Siamese Red Coral Beads

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Last Orders

We deliver your Christmas present anywhere in the world - just enter the mailing address in our checkout. However, please order early for Christmas - allow at least two-weeks. And email to request us not to put an invoice/order in the package is its a gift.

All orders after Monday 14th December will be delayed until new year. However, UK orders from eBay will be mailed right up to Christmas Eve - to see click MrBead eBay.

We have many new rings and ready-made jewellery as in the pictures on eBay that make excellent Christmas presents. However, we only have about 100 items in this shop, as apposed to around 5,000 in the main store.

Hong Kong Christmas

Do you long to escape the cold at Christmas? Do you wonder what Christmas is like in Hong Kong?

Well, it aint as you think! The festive season is best cold – at least frosty outside. Everyone loves snow, but icy can be beautiful too. One does not miss something until it’s lost.

Hong Kong is not warm this time of year, 12 to 14 degrees, can be more – but with little heating, it feels freezing inside. MiMi and I use an electric blanket. Outside is better, wrapped up and usually dry and sunny. Noels and carols are everywhere – but it feels hollow. Merry, not magical - I love a cosy, quaint atmosphere.

Christmas somewhere hot, like the Philippines is no better. It’s nice to get out of the cold, but if you live in the Far East, most of the year is scorching. Mainly were basking in air-con. You see, we can boil in the sun anytime – Christmas should be different, special.

However, here in Hong Kong we enjoy British festive TV, wine, turkey and mince pies. That’s if you’re a gwelio, a foreign devil. I guess its nostalgia - my friends down under prefer throwing king prawns on a pool-side barbe.

Chinese New Year is more fun - especially as it brightens the new year lull. In 2016 it’s on 8th February - Year of the Monkey. Sure to rock! For more on the Year of the Monkey click the link.

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Read about the man behind MrBead and watch him make a fool of himself at and what he eats in China! Nigel will be in Norwich and Luton this Christmas - wishing for snow!

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