Photos (Top L: Man Made Typhoon Haiyan Barrels Straight Towards The Philippines: Top R: Barge Filled With Relief Supplies Coordinated by Victor Labad (Shown on Motorcycle Examining Man Made Earthquake Crack on Island of Bohol,Philippines) A Woman Who's Home Was Destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan, A Torn Up Street With Overturned Car Caused by Man Made Typhoon Haiyan.... 20% of Sulfur Sales Are Being Sent Directly to Victor, My Fiance is Depositing Them Directly Into His Bank in Manila.... Proof Here That This Typhoon Was Man Made....
Help The People of The Philippines While Simultaneously Protecting Yourself & Your Family From NWO Chemtrail/Radiation Genocide:
Buy Sulfur Now & Help the Relief Effort While Protecting Yourself & Your Family From Chemtrail Toxins & Fukushima Radiation!
IAHF List: This video provides evidence of raw, unadulterated evil! It proves that Typhoon Haiyan, as well as the earthquakes in the Philippines that preceeded it, were man made, caused by pulsed microwaves emanating from a US government radar installation (Earackson Air Station) located on Shemya island in the SW Aleutians where they have Cobra Dane radar (1215-1400 MegaHertz).
This is UN Agenda 21 in action, folks. They used chemtrails (aluminum oxide particles) sprayed from planes, and hit them with microwaves to cause this typhoon which they steered into the Philippines for the purpose of killing as many people as possible. They also triggered off the earthquakes that destroyed 400 year old limestone churches on the island of Bohol and which killed 200 some odd people, making thousands homeless, then they followed that up by unleashing Typhoon Haiyan, the most powerful cyclonic storm in human history....
This angers me, but I thank God for people like my friend Victor Labad (shown above on motorcycle inspecting earthquake caused crack on island of Bohol. Victor has been coordinating relief efforts all over the Central Philippines following the earthquake and now the typhoon. He just emailed me the photos shown above. He is now on Bilaran Island (off Leyte) delivering a barge full of supplies (shown above)....
Victor just emailed us this message: CHANGE OF PLAN.
Jun Tejido and I will skip Bantayan Island and jump aboard a barge at 0400 HRS to deliver urgently-needed relief goods to an almost forgotten island off Leyte called Biliran. LCT Senado , berthing Ouano Wharf Mandaue before dawn. Leny Labad, you're the love of my life! Dornelle Labad and Erica Joy Labad, you're the best gifts God gave to mom and me. Serve Him!
Hopefully to be back Tuesday to join in with Rejulson-Jessica Lagunero's 2-van relief operations to Ormoc and Tacloban. I'll be out of reach for the next 24-48 hrs. See you soon!
Friends, I need your help to keep Victor in motion. I'd like to thank those of you who bought sulfur recently, I contributed 20% of those sales to help Victor following the Earthquake on Bohol, and with your help I'll be able to continue assisting him provide bottled water, tarps, food and other urgently needed relief supplies in the aftermath of these horrible events.
On Sunday I went to Mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Ladner, BC where I made an announcement at the end, urging support for the relief effort, telling people of Victor's efforts. I didn't have official permission as required from the Arch Bishop to do this fundraising, and I caught hell for it afterwards from the Pastor, who ironically, is from the Philippines, but I was thanked profusely for my efforts by several of the Filipinos in the congregation, some of whom came up to me afterwards to make donations and to provide their contact details wanting to do more to assist.
(The Associate Pastor, who is also from the Philippines initially ignored me when I was gesturing, trying to get his attention when I wanted to make an announcement. The usher told me I should try to get his attention. After other announcements had been made at the end of the Mass, I felt the power of the Holy Spirit urge me to just march up to the front of the church to talk directly with this guy, who introduced me, and I proceeded to the microphone where I said:
"Mahal- kita" (I love you in Tagalog) "Today we are ALL Filipino. I am jetlagged, I just returned from the Philippines where I have been part of the relief effort in the aftermath of the Bohol Earthquake, working via my friend Victor Labad who urgently needs our support. I've been contributing 20% of the sales of my sulfur to Victor's efforts because he was way out in front of the Red Cross and all the large Relief organizations, working off a list that he got from the Governor of Bohol of those most in need, and with my help he was able to provide bottled water, food, tarps and other supplies directly to those who had just lost loved ones and everything they had.

Victor is continuining to do Relief work in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, and if you'd like to help me help him please see me after MASS."
Everyone cheered as I walked away after saying this, but I just felt numb inside. I felt numb from jetlag, but also from the direct knowledge of the horrendous suffering so many are experiencing in the aftermath of this genocidal action that I know my government was complicit in.
I collected $12 in donations, and got a handful of names, email addresses and phone numbers from those who came up to me, but the Associate Pastor who let me make my announcement wasn't happy. He came up to me to tell me that the Arch Bishop wouldn't be happy about what I'd done, because I hadn't "cleared it with the Pontiff."
I told him that was just too bad, that sometimes you just have to act on your conscience and do what you can to help a friend like Victor who is doing what he's doing for the Greater Glory of God.
Then the next day, I got an email from the Pastor of the Church who made sure all the people who I'd sent Victor's photos to (including those people who had made donations) realized that I DID NOT REPRESENT Sacred Heart Parish. (I never claimed to represent anyone but myself.)
While I felt that this was rather heavy handed considering that this Pastor himself has family members on the Island of Cebu in the Philippines who he's not even sure are still alive, I let it go. Rather than fight with him, I made contact with the Communications Director of the Arch Diocese in Vancouver and we're now collaborating over the Relief effort that the Church is making.
I made contact with the Communications Director of a local professional hockey team and am still hoping they will help with the relief effort, and I put the Arch Diocese in touch with him for that purpose. All of us just have to do what we can to help this effort.
(If you don't need sulfur which you can use to protect yourself and your family from the same Chemtrails used as part of the effort to trigger this typhoon, you can also contribute here via this Church website to the typhoon relief, but after the crap I was given, you might not want to, you might prefer to help Victor Labad via Sulfur for Health because he is working directly off grass roots donations. (When the pastor screamed at me at the top of his lungs on the phone, I told him he should "wind in his neck.")
Friends- this is no joke. All of us are undergoing a massive, daily, biological attack via toxic heavy metals, dessicated red blood cells, antibiotic resistant bacteria, mycoplasma, ethylene dibromide, and other toxic crap being sprayed on us via "geoengineering" and we've got to take steps to detox, to protect our health!
All the entitlement programs are bankrupt, and elite are moving fast now to crash the dollar in order to kill as many of us as they can before moving to microchip us.
We're not far from martial law, and when it comes, sulfur will be worth more than money, it will be worth its weight in gold because the chemtrailing will intensify as the elite make their move to control and kill off the masses.
Do yourself a favor and stock up now before I move offshore because I am not sure if I will be able to keep Sulfur for Health going once I move offshore. You can save a lot of money if you buy in bulk, see details here! Get enough to give to friends, family members and neighbors! Get enough to last a few months because you never know if I will just go out of business suddenly and move offshore!
I don't want to be here in America when TSHTF, because when it does, its going to be hell on earth, just like it is now in the Central Philippines and I'm a marked man for sending out all these alerts in an attempt to help as many of you as I can against this evil.
So when you buy sulfur, you are helping yourself and your family to avoid being culled by chemtrails, you are helping the people in the Philippines via Victor Labad who I am keeping in motion, and you are also helping me because I'm on the red list of people to be executed just prior to martial law and I need your help to get outa Dodge.
My sulfur is the best in the world, don't be fooled by garbage like Optibrand which is often private labelled so you can't tell what you're buying out there when you buy this stuff off the web and from health food stores. Optibrand is damaged by quadruple heating to 486 through a distillation process that can only be characterized as gross overkill. It is also contaminated with silicon dioxide, an anticaking incredient used as a flow agent to flow powdered supplement products into capsules. It should not be used anywhere that powdered MSM is made because it deactivates it by chemically combining with it.
(Sulfur is very reactive, it has 16 electrons and protons in its outer shell, so there are very few things it won't combine with. It combines with the silicon dioxide floating in Bergstrom Nutrition's plant where Opti is made and is rendered almost biologically inert.)
So don't be fooled by all the garbage out there, buy the sulfur that WILL protect you from all the crap being sprayed on us by chemtrails. Mine will grow crystals, you can prove that to yourself,and its the crystals that enable sulfur to work properly in the cellular matrix of your body! Its the crystals that enable it to open up cell membranes so oxygen will flood into the cells, pushing the toxins out.
(Opti brand sulfur will NOT grow crystals, you can prove that to yourself if you put a teaspoon of it in a glass, our hot water on it to get it to dissolve, pour off most of the water leaving only a thin film to evaporate overnight, all you'll get in the morning is a scuzzy looking film.
Mine, on the other hand works! It DOES grow crystals and you can prove this to yourself!
Sulfur is a mineral that can't be stored in the body, it MUST exit, and it will keep you from getting cancer, Alzheimers, Morgellons, etc by chelating all the heavy metals and helping detox all the other toxins. I also recommend a broader detox program than you can get with just sulfur alone and recommend other strategies here. I don't sell these other products, but recommend them anyway as a public service.
Please forward this widely! The world must know that Typhoon Haiyan was triggered by microwaves emanating from Earackson Air Station in the Aleutian Islands. People must learn about the huge danger we're all in as the NWO makes their moves on the planet.
Please tell everyone you know about my archived e-alerts here, and please tell more people about my sulfur. I will donate 20% of my sales to Victor Labad who is on the front lines of the Relief effort in the Philippines. Please pray for him, he is risking his life to bring help to places where there are no phones, and no internet access, the "ghost cities" of the Visayan region that was hardest hit by the typhoon. Victor is a rare person, and I thank God for his efforts because he is saving lives.
He was born in Bohol, so speaks fluent Visayan and Tagalog as well as excellent English. Victor moved back to Bohol after living in Florida for 24 years. He moved back to build a business manufacturing solar panels. Thank God there are good people like him who step up to provide real leadership when it is most needed! Please see this news report, what is happening over there is heart breaking, but you CAN help, while helping yourself and your family at the same time!
"Mahul-kita" Today, we must ALL be Filipino!!