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Spring is a myth, or is the myth what we expect spring to be, we visualize warm days, cool breezes at night, and pretty flowers a-bloom in every direction…

Somewhere along the information route we lost sight of the fact that spring is the most volatile time of year, quick changes in temps and weather patterns, and those pretty flowers I spoke of are somewhere between bud and bloom…we hope.

But, all is well if we simply breathe, take a step back, and know that time is designed to allow for all seasons at the proper time, in the proper way.

On The Farm Front~

Do you know?
According to ‘United Poultry Concerns’….. Birds raised for meat may be sold as “free range” if they have government certified access to the outdoors. The door may be open for only five minutes and the farm still qualifies as “free range”. Apart from the open door no other criteria, such as environmental quality, number of birds, or space per bird, are required.

Organic and local foods are at the top and best of the pickings…but, never get too comfortable that you don’t ask questions, read labels, and demand the right to know what is in and how your food is processed.

Get to know a farmer if at all possible; a 5 minute conversation will satisfy your need to know.

If a farmer or merchant is organic, it will be easy to tell. If you have to ask….very doubtful~

We have come through 100 years of industrialization of our food supply, consumers have begun to wake up to the fact they haven’t a clue how their food is made. History in the making and historians will look back on this time as groundbreaking in realization.

Fact: 4 billion pounds of pesticides are used annually in the United States.

Studies from the National Institutes of Health and the Mount Sinai Medical Center Children’s Environmental Health Center suggest links between agricultural antibiotic use and the rise in drug resistant staph infections in humans, and between organophosphate pesticides and cancer and diabetes.

It is good to buy local if local is organic or chemical free. Otherwise the farmer using pesticides and other chemicals is just as guilty of the contamination as the big ag business who cheats on free range rules etc.

Know your source and Demand chemical free…..

Growing your own is the perfect way, but, not everyone can do that.

Seeking and finding alternatives is the next best move.

Some places to help you in that search:. - Helps communities start their own nonprofit co-op. - Connects consumers to CSA’s, co-ops and farmer’s markets in their area. - Gives advice on how to start an urban farm.

And of course, Sage Hill Farms is always available to guide and answer your questions on any subject around healthier foods, herbs and the benefits to your health, raised bed gardening and composting.

From farm to plate, make it as Organic as possible.

Always have pretty flowers or plants on your dining table, and smile while you are eating~

A Promise Delivered~

Something new has been added to the Sage Hill Farms website collection of goodies. We are now offering a very special package deal to be shipped every 3 months.

Please visit the website and give us your feedback. Shipping will start in November of 2011.

Just in time for the Holidays….it’s a good and delicious thing~

Happy Spring-no matter the weather.

Bea Rigsby-Kunz and The Sage Hill Farms family~