Richard Herring Newsletter
June 2019
June News - The Voice of the Ftones on RHLFTP
Hi all
Another month nearly done and I'm still on the wagon. Thanks to some food poisoning I am now 14.9kg lighter than I was at the start of the year! And I am no longer obese. I'm just overweight. What a world!
And we've got Michael Sheen on the podcast (provided he doesn't pull out again). Find out how he felt when he became the Voice of the Stones and how the job has changed his life.
Here's what's going on for me this month
Thanks to everyone who came to see RHLSTP in Leeds and Salford - both unforgettable gigs in their own way. One podcast won't be broadcast, which is why it's always worth coming along to see these in person.
There's loads more shows coming up and new ones being added all the time (I'm coming to Oxford in the autumn now). Tickets have just gone on sale for the Liverpool date too.
And guest names are being added all the time. Badgers and Dripsters find out first (so sign up as a monthly badger here, if you want to be ahead of the curve)
But you can see all confirmed guests and dates on the tour page
Still availability for all these gigs
Coming up
2nd June Wakefield with Kay Mellor and Rob Rouse
10th June Kings Place, London with Russell Howard + TBA
17th June Kings Place, London with Michael Sheen + TBA
28th June Warwick Arts Centre with TBA
14th July Henley Festival with Barry Cryer
17th July Marlowe Theatre,  Canterbury with TBA
26th July Great Yorkshire Fringe, York with Rebecca Callard
And then I am at the Edinburgh Fringe from 2nd-25th August (not Mondays) and confirmed guests so far are Tony Slattery and Lucy Beaumont (but loads more announced soon)
These will all be released on the day or day after on audio only via the RHLSTP feed.
Series 15 continues to go out in the usual places and there's some crackers coming up, I can promise you. Sadly though Richard E Grant's management are not allowing us to put out his podcast. It's a real shame as it was a proper classic one and Richard was at his magnificent best. I would put it in the top 3 we've ever done. I am sure anyone who was there can confirm that. I still don't really understand the reason for this, but we offer every guest the right to edit out anything they want, or to stop the podcast being put out and for the first time a guest has made this call (other non-broadcasts have been at our discretion). Genuinely mystified though. And sad because I know you would have loved this one. But I think I have done all that I can to try and persuade them that pulling the show is a dick move. And also an incorrect move.
I am putting a few RHLSTP kickstarter leftovers and stand up rarities up on ebay over the next few weeks. All proceeds will go towards making more podcasts.
This week you have a chance to get your hands on one of the brilliant RHLSTP Rubik's Cubes (if you've already got one you'll be glad to see what this one is already going for!), A cool kid T shirt and an unopened Hitler Moustache DVD with programme (I only have a handful of those left) and limited edition 3/200 Oh Frig I'm 50 DVD
Check out the items here and why not bid and get the prices a bit higher - you'll almost certainly not win!
The Stone Clearing Podcast continues and this week I firmly put to bed those rumours of me wanting to be rimmed by labradors.
There's more or less weekly snooker now too.
Have you checked out the new website yet.
There's even more amazing stuff if you're a member including hours and hours of backstage interviews, stand up shows, monthly draw, offers, guest news before the non-badge scum etc. JOIN US.
Still lots of stuff for non-members too though.
You have until the end of May to get your name in the tour programme for the RHLSTP tour. As always you will get your chance to donate to Scope, a brilliant charity dedicated to getting equal rights and access for disabled people (and much more) AND get your name in the programme AND be posted a signed and numbered limited edition of the programme when it is ready.
Donate at least £15 here  (the more you donate the bigger your name will appear), put whatever you want to appear in the programme as your donation name and then email your address to and I will get you the programme as soon as possible.
I continue to recommend Bulb. Renewable energy with no contract, great customer service and probably cheaper than your current provider. Plus use my code and you and I will both get £50 credit and my £50 will go straight into the pot to make more podcasts. Use this link for this incredible offer.

Thanks for the support and please tell people about the podcasts! Maybe not the snooker one.
Richard Herring