The Enchanted Forest Canopy
Volume IV, Issue 24                                                                           May 26, 2011
To celebrate the grand opening of
The Green Lantern Coaster
and opening weekend of
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
we're rolling out FIVE new spotlights!
In the spotlight:
Added as a part of the 1975 Fun Fair expansion, Wild Flower (also known as Wild Rider) was one of the first Troika rides in the world. The leased ride was only at the park for three seasons.
In the spotlight:
After the lines for the Traffic Jam bumper cars proved to be some of the longest in the park for 1974, a second even larger bumper cars originally known as the Skooter was introduced as part of the Fun Fair section of the park in 1975.

In the spotlight:
As part of the Fun Fair expansion in 1975, an additional roller coaster was added to help alleviate lines for the two original coasters. The Jumbo Jet was constructed but by all accounts never opened to the public before it was removed in July 1975.

In the spotlight:

The Super Cat ride was introduced midway through the 1975 season as a replacement for the Jumbo Jet roller coaster.  The ride was a variation of the Musik Express, but featured a retracting canopy that covered the ride vehicles while they spun.

In the spotlight:

The Tilt-A-Whirl ride was added to the park to replace the Super Cat ride in 1979.  The basic carnival ride was relocated after the 1982 to make way for Freefall, then removed from the park in 1987.

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