I've had a variety of feedback from head in the sanders of all stripes.

Some have told me flat out to stop reporting on this matter to "stick to codex" and leave this strictly to the Alex Jone's out there.

Others have thanked me profusely.

Others have accused me of this that or the other thing- being an "antisemite" seems to be a very popular accusation right now despite the fact that the only semites on the planet right now are ARABS and I have nothing against them.

The Romans exterminated the Semitic Jews 2,000 years ago. Those calling themselves Jews today are the inheritors of the Khazar Empire which converted, en masse, to Judaism in 740 A.D. The Khazar Empire was located in Southern Russia, just to the north of the Caucasus Mountains, and were flushed into Eastern Europe by the Mongols where they were known as Ashkenazi Jews. Modern-day Jews are Europeans of Turkic descent, got that Becky?

Of course, they don't teach that in school; among many other things.

If anyone can document that this information is false in any particular, I stand ready to be corrected, but so far, none of the people I've sent this information to who've made the ludicrous charge that I'm an "antisemite" have been able to refute it.

If anyone would like a full delineation of why I am calling Bush a Trotskyite, all you need to do is google "neocon", trotsky and draw your own conclusions, I've clearly drawn mine.

George Bush is not fit to be the commander in chief of any military, let alone the world's most powerful, thats about as wise as handing a vaccine damaged autistic 2 year old a loaded gun to play around with.

Bush is a brain damaged former frat boy, a dry drunk with serious damage to his frontal lobe from cocaine abuse, and right now his hands are way too close to the nuclear trigger.

Lets hope some people in ONI take him out. If my dad were still alive he'd undoubtedly be trying to.

My dad must be rolling in his grave right now. When he was alive, he was the world's foremost expert on the internal guidance systems of ICBMs and Shipboard Anti Missile Systems.

He was under government mind control, but he broke free of it following a supreme wrestling match with his conscience. It bothered him a great deal that he'd become a cog in the military industrial complex and he flipped out and landed in a mental hospital.

When he emerged, they stripped him of his top security clearance, which he felt relieved by.

He was the son of two artists, a deeply sensitive man, but he was also a trained killer as a SEAL.

If he were alive today he'd want to wrap his hands around Bush's neck and squeeze til the prick's eyes popped out of his head. I grew up having fist fights with my dad and came to really respect his skills.

I don't see how anyone in uniform could possibly respect a wimp like Bush and if I was the head of the Russian, Chinese or Korean military I'd want to launch on the USA right now. I hope some guys in ONI get this email and take this bastard out before he blows up the planet. When my dad was active in Naval Intelligence, he hated the CIA and regarded them to be traitors, which they ARE- they take their marching orders from the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the same wimps who direct MI5 and MI6.

If theres anyone out there who doesn't like these sentiments, frankly, ya'll can go defecate in yer hat, because I have no use for political correctness and I'm from the South and the South just might have to rise again.

What we need to do is call the Whitehouse Comments line and give this lunatic a wake up call that a huge number of us are onto him and his neocon buddies. You can call the Comments line at
202-456-1414 bet 9-5 m-f They just hung up on me, so I called back 6 more times for emphasis.

Kindly forward this widely.