Health Freedom: Going, Going, GONE??????....(L-R: Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo With John Hammell of IAHF
IAHF List: Do you need dietary supplements? We stand at a crossroads, and I mean RIGHT NOW! You'll understand fully if you listen to the radio show I did yesterday with True Ott, owner of Mother Earth Minerals in Utah.

Friends, I'm in a lonely place right now, pondering this situation we're all in. I'm up early at 6:30 am, I just rekindled the fire in my woodstove from embers from last night. Its cold here in NW Washington, and the damp chills to the bones, but I can't stop thinking of the show I did yesterday with True.
I've got a failing hard drive, and have to do a backup today or I could lose all my data, so before starting to type this I got down on my knees and prayed that the hard disk would not fail as I type this emergency message.
If you listen to the radio show from yesterday, you will hear True's reaction to the news I gave him on the air about a Gestapo like raid against Naturopath Eldon Dahl in Alberta, Canada. Dr.Dahl had been one of True's best customers, and True couldn't understand why he stopped hearing from him as though he'd literally dropped off the face of the earth.....
He couldn't understand it til he heard me read the story of what happened to this poor bastard which you can read about from the article Vitamin Police Terrorize Suppliers. Most Americans don't realize it, but Canada is a truly fascist country, the RCMP up there don't hesitate to literally put guns to the heads of people who sell vitamins up there. They don't hesitate to trample all of the rights people theoretically have under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. When you read what happened to Dr.Dahl you will be shocked....
True sure was and it will help you to really connect the dots on what I'm saying when I tell you we MUST rekindle the spirit of DSHEA, but to DO that IAHF needs your help to GET THE EAR of influential people such as Dr.Julian Whitaker, Dr.Jonathan Wright, Dr. Al Sears, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr.William Campbell Douglass and others who have huge subscriber bases for their newsletters....
So far my attempts to reach Dr.Mercola have apparently failed, but I am not giving up! I have talked with someone on his staff, who relayed my mssg to his ceo. Mercola himself is semi retired so is not in his office very often any more which makes him harder to reach. His website is being run on "autopilot" which is really bothering me right now.... He will be the keynote speaker at the Weston Price Conference which I will be at soon though, and I am bound and determined to get his attention....
I'm going to be at the dinner dance the night before the conference starts which he'll also be at. This is a benefit for the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund which is defending all the raw milk people who have been attacked recently by the FDA.
I've got a plane ticket right now to go to Dallas TX this Wednesday for the Weston Price Conference where I intend to buttonhole Dr.Mercola, and anyone ELSE who's attention I can grab regarding the complex and serious situation posed by the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter With Canada and Mexico.
I can see it all so clearly, but this is a complex situation that requires more than the .05 nanoseconds most of us have been conditioned via TV commercials to pay attention in.
Although it is daunting to attempt to get the ear of busy CEOs of vitamin companies, and busy alternative practitioners, you and I have no choice, and I can't do it without your help!Please show as many key people as possible the recent IAHF alerts on this issue which can be found in my archives.
Some of you have forwarded my alerts to people with 50,000 WATT radio stations, urging them to put me on the air. I could REALLY USE a chance like that, and am going to be reaching out to George Noory and Jeff Rense who have huge shows. I've been on both of their shows in the past, but not in years, and if anyone can help me reach them about this please do!
Although I have a plane ticket, I am riding literally on fumes here and don't yet have the funds to stay in a hotel on this trip to the Weston Price Conference. With your help, I won't have to sleep on the floor of an all night laundramat or in the street. With your help, I will be able to eat in restaurants on this trip and won't have to beg for help from attendees at the conference. I HATE being in this situation, but I'm doing my best and thats all any of us can do.
Today I'm going to a computer store to buy an external USB hard drive in order to back up my failing hard disk which I just ordered a replacement for. Buying that replacement put me back to near zero.
If theres anyone out there with deep pockets who can donate a grand or so to IAHF, now would sure be a good time!
We're going to WIN this thing folks, we're going to SUCCEED in REKINDLING the SPIRIT OF DSHEA, and if you don't know what I mean, let me try to explain- some of you might not have been around for that battle in the early 90s, but I was right in the MIDDLE of it.
At that time, FDA Commissioner David Kessler was running AMOK raiding all the health food stores, vitamin companies, alternative doctors much as Health Canada is doing now north of the line.
Kessler was a Nazi, a total in your face scoundrel so demented that he actually HELPED our side by firing us up so much. By contrast, although today's FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg is every bit as much of a Nazi, she is not as overt, and hasn't been as much in our faces (raids against Amish farmers and against Rawesome Food Buyers Club over raw milk notwithstanding.)
Too many people are ignoring the fact that Hamburg is even MORE dangerous than Kessler..... she's the daughter of the former President of the American Eugenics Society, and she's operating under the command of a treasonous communist change agent, a tool of the Bilderberg Group who is doing his level best right now to destroy America on behalf of his globalist string pullers.....
Trust me folks, Hamburg is very aware of the FDAs Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico. She and her Big Pharma pals are SALIVATING over the prospect of dynamiting DSHEA via this means, and right now they're sitting back with huge Cheshire Cat grins, gloating, like the cat that ate the canary, marvelling at how STUPID they must think we vitamin consumers must be to not figure out how they're making an END RUN around DSHEA.
How can I say that with such total certainty?
Maybe it has something to do with where I grew up.
The pivotal battle in the American Revolution was fought very near my house. I grew up finding lead musket balls in the clay of the brook bank in my back yard. George Washington used to water his horses in the pond across the street from the house I grew up in in New Jersey. Cornwallis got cut in half at the Battle of Jockey Hollow in Morristown where a rag tag group of farmers, clad in rags, defeated the best equipped army in the world.
This is still America, people, and contrary to what the Bilderberg Group and their communist change agents might think, the American Revolution has NOT become a "fat lady drivin' a Cadillac."
You might wonder why I had someone snap a photo of me with my county sheriff. The reason is that I had a long meeting with him about whats really going on in this country, and he heard me. He knows we're under attack by enemies inside the gates. He hears me when I tell him we're up against a genocide agenda coming out of the UN via Agenda 21. I even told him how he could lose a ton of weight to avoid having a heart attack or stroke. I told him how I'd recently lost 65 pounds and how I want to start my own country here in Point Roberts. All of you on the IAHF list are welcome to immigrate..... Point Roberts is a beautiful place!
With your help we will throw off the chains of tyranny, we will rekindle the SPIRIT OF DSHEA and we will STOP the FDA's TRILATERAL COOPERATION CHARTER! Please listen to the radio show I did yesterday, costs you nothing but a couple hours that will be well spent..... where theres a WILL there is ALWAYS a WAY!!
If you have any contacts, or info that can help me on my mission, please call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time!
Donations can also be sent to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281.......