Aerial delivery system

IAHF List: I am not sure if this is what the inside of this spray plane looks like, but people who have analyzed the patent (see link above) have noticed that it was filed by CIA's Evergreen Air, and that it pertains to "weather modification" which is the ostensible "reason" for the chemtrails according to the "geoengineers" who claim they are "protecting us" from "global warming."
Many of you who are taking sulfur twice a day are reporting huge health benefits, even in the face of this unfolding genocide. Nothing puts a smile on my face faster than emails from people reporting massively increased energy levels (due to increased oxygenation), weight loss success (from unglycating cells via use of sulfur), even the eradication of cancer and other autoimmune diseases (by ingesting a pound a week or more of sulfur dissolved in water.)
Nothing makes me happier than to get a good night's sleep by neutralizing the acid dumped into my gut from stress by alkalinizing my gut by using sulfur. This makes me immune to NWO attempts to instill fear in me, and that in turn helps me to awaken huge numbers of people to what is really going on outside the mainstream news spin- to pierce the veil of all the illusions!
Friends, we're all up against Machivellian bastards intent on culling the human herd. They don't give a damn what sort of misery and pain they inflict on us. They don't care if they're causing Alzheimers disease by spraying us with aluminum oxide. More than 4000 times the safe EPA level of aluminum have been found in ponds near Mt.Shasta, CA an area most would consider to be a pristine wilderness area....You can learn how to test the rainwater where you live here.
They don't care if they are causing cancer by spraying us with arsenic, barium, strontium.... they don't care if they're causing Morgellons disease by spraying us with antibiotic resistant bacteria....
All they know is that the entitlement programs such as Social Security are all bankrupt, so they want to kill as many of us off as they possibly can, and their eventual plan is to start microchipping the survivors by crashing the economy and herding us into food lines. Thats coming, so I hope you are all actively preparing by growing gardens, stockpiling food, weapons, anything you can do to protect yourselves because Obama (and his shadow government string pullers) are trying to trigger off martial law, here is how:
Listen to the uneditted 911 tape of George Zimmerman talking to the police.... isn't it interesting how this has never been played by the controlled media? Ask why. I think I KNOW why.... its the same reason why DHS and ICE have been equipped with 450 Million Rounds of .40 caliber hollowpoint ammo that is outlawed under the Geneva convention...... and 150 Million rounds of .223, the same round fired by NATO troops....
The elite need to trigger off martial law somehow, why not by catalyzing a race war by using the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case to trigger things off? They try to get us all divided up any way they can, and if this uneditted 911 tape were widely circulated, everyone would know the truth, which is that Zimmerman is innocent- this was a clear cut case of self defense, but here we have Eric Holder's so called "Justice Department" doing NOTHING to go after the New Black Panthers, even though they have publicly called for Zimmerman's execution and this should be considered a hate crime.
I am not a racist. This is not ABOUT race. I myself am of mixed race. This is about seeing through the ruling elite's ceaseless efforts to get us all divided up any way they can, along party lines, racial lines, economic lines.... They keep doing the divide and conquer thing, but only if we LET them! People of all races must unite across superfluous "party lines" against our common enemy: the UN, the globalist traitors in congress, and against this entire genocide agenda!
When we do stuff to THWART their genocide agenda, such as ingesting sulfur to protect from chemtrails being sprayed on us from aircraft, and to protect from Fukoshima radiation, when we do stuff like forward the uneditted 911 tape of Zimmerman, we move past their spin, past their evil, past their control so as to reclaim our own lives and our own destiny!
Obama's intention is to unleash  lead on his enemies: the American people. He is attempting to manipulate the Trayvon Martin case in an attempt to catalyze race riots intended to trigger martial law. Legal legend Alan Dershowitz blasted the Special Prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case accusing her of hiding evidence favorable to George Zimmerman and committing perjury. Having listened to the unedited 911 tape which the controlled media has refused to disseminate, anyone with half a brain can tell that Zimmerman acted in self defense. (Meanwhile, Obama's so called "Justice Department" has no problem with the New Black Panthers issuing death threats to Zimmerman....

 Sheriff Joe Arpaio has proven Obama not born in Hawaii, his birth certificate is fraudulent and is an illegal President. This has been conclusively proven by Sheriff Joe Arpaio's cold case posse in Arizona which presented the findings of their six month investigation in this videotaped press conference.
His father was a British subject and he is a Traitor. Far too many dupes in Point Roberts made the mistake of voting for him, and should really search their consciences in light of this latest development with the words "In God We Trust" removed from our new dollar coins. Is the move to destroy US Sovereignty and to force us into a planned satanic NAU Collectivist dictatorship real, or a figment of my allegedly "paranoid" imagination?
Read this CFR publication "Building  a North American Community" and decide for yourself. I forced the FDA to give me their internal documents on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter With Canada and Mexico. I have hard evidence that behind our backs, the FDA has already created one harmonized set of Food and Drug regs as if the CFR's long desired NAU Collectivist dictatorship was a "done deal." Obama's job is to facilitate the total destruction of America, and the ushering in of the NAU Dictatorship.

The driving force behind all of this is UN Agenda 21, the 40 Chapter Blueprint for Population Control. This is incontrovertible proof that the UN is satanic. The UN is trying to kill off 9 tenths of the world's population. Obama is a total tool of the UN to the point where Defense Secretary Leon Panetta stated that our Military is now "under the control of the UN".   There is growing bipartisan opposition to UN Agenda 21 as the public gets wind of the plan to kill off all of us "useless eaters":
You are under biological attack from chemtrails and from Fukoshima radiation. Got the antitdote? Got enough for your whole family for a long period of time? Have you alerted your family and friends so that they fully grasp the immense danger they're in?
Please do yourself a favor: discuss this email with as many people as you can. There is safety in numbers. You won't read this information in a mainstream newspaper, and you won't see it on the network news, but you know its true, and unless more people get clued in and take action to protect themselves and their families, we won't be able to stop the NWO population control agenda, and we'll all end up as microchipped slaves. We're not powerless though! We CAN fight back!