John on the Air With Joyce Riley of the Power Hour.......................& With Erskine of Erskine Overnight.......How To Stop UN Agenda 21 & Codex
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How many of you read George Orwell's 1984, Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, or Greg Sarwa's more recent book--  THE CATTLE?

Truth is stranger than fiction, and I feel greatly encouraged as I see Constitutionalist underdogs who many formerly snickered at do well in the recent Primary, shocking our would be New World Order overseers. Christine O'Donnell wasn't supposed to upset Mike Castle for the Senate nomination in Delaware for example, but she did and her victory sent shock waves through the Bilderberg Group. Castle was an opponent of the second amendment, the worst sort of RHINO, and I'm glad he's gone. Tea Party backed candidates rolled to primary victories in Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Nevada and Utah.

I predict that grass roots anger against the New World Order's collectivist genocidal agenda will continue to build like a Tsunami leading up to the November 2 election fueled by massive indignation against UN Agenda 21, the UN Wild Land's Project, the UN's Codex Alimentarious Agenda, and related criminal outrages being arrayed against us by our traitorous Congress of whores.

On Saturday September 18th I'll be the guest of Erskine Overnight from 11 pm til midnight, and you can listen or hear the archived show at THIS LINK.

We'll be discussing many of the same things I just discussed on the air on The Power Hour with Joyce Riley on Wednesday, and I urge you to listen to the audio archives of that show here (we've cut out the commercials): My part starts 5 minutes into the 3rd hour.


While preparing for my show with Erskine tomorrow, I had a conversation today with Michael Shaw of Freedom Advocates in California, the premier activist group against UN Agenda 21.

I told him I was very concerned about this sleeper issue which I realize is the mother of all activist issues, its what is driving Codex, the effort to destroy the sovereignty of nations and to force us into regional governments, then into a world government, yet not nearly enough people are aware of it.

I told Michael I was very glad to see this World Net Daily article,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
"LIFE WITH BIG BROTHER: CHRIS DODD'S LAST ACT- CONTROL THE PEOPLE" which is about S.1610, the (so called) "Livable Communities Act" an Orwellian nightmare bill that threatens to impose a Green Dictatorship on Town and City Councils that would have the power to impose massive fines on homeowners if they don't pay for government required changes to their houses such as new roofs, new heating plants, a specific type of paint---- the goal is to force homeowners out of their houses and into government controlled housing where we'd be imprisoned for the rest of our lives!!

I told Michael that while I was very glad to see this article, I was also extremely concerned that HR3534, the CLEAR Act which I warned people about in THIS ALERT  has passed the House and is on its way to the Senate, but theres no bill number to shoot at yet so we're forced to educate our Senators to not vote for ANY BILL that Reid might try to attach it to! The CLEAR Act appropriates billions of dollars over 30 years to buy up land in order to force people off the land so we'd be forced into the Cities to live in government mandated housing gulags that meet the GREEN AGENDA.

Michael alerted me to yet another bill that ALSO threatens to implement the Wild Lands Project part of Agenda 21 similar to the CLEAR Act, HR 5101 The Wildlife Conservation Corridor Act.This bill includes transboundary tax-payer funded projects for wild animal bridges and tunnels, increasing roadless areas and other means to capture more natural resources and private property for government and its partners. The long range goal of our would be overseers is to seize massive acreage in order to create vast corridors of land where human beings would not be allowed at all as they seek to drive us off the land and into cities where we'd be more easily controlled!

Michael Shaw has been educating people on how to fight this at the State and Local level, and he's been having good success, but he needs our help, and we have to oppose the aforementioned bills at the Federal Level, while simultaneously ALSO killing all bills that threaten to scuttle our sovereignty especially any bill that would give Amnesty to illegal aliens.

If we fail to defend our borders, CODEX will be ushered in via the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico as I've been telling you all for some time, but we're going to STOP this.


I need all of you to get active in defending America from its planned CFR Destruction. The Rockefeller controlled Council on Foreign Relations has flat out told us they intend to destroy America by using the corrupt politicians in both parties who do their bidding to dismantle America, but all of us are going to tell them to GET OUT!!!

We're telling them to GET OUT by doing to them what Christine O'Donnell just did to Mike Castle, and in the fall, O'Donnell's backers are going to be far LARGER in number as the TRUTH on issues such as these percolates deeper into the public consciousness.

We're witnessing a bloodless revolution right now in America, and I need all of you to do your part! Join my new health freedom group on Resist Net from which you can help me network through all the OTHER Resist Net Groups including the STATE groups you can join! If you feel afraid of the New World Order, you will feel MUCH BETTER if you join these groups and get active in them! You will feel much better about your future and your children's future if you get active in opposing the New World Order's Orwellian Agenda! I know I do, I sleep well every night knowing I'm awakening so many people every day and catalyzing so many of you to take action!

If you appreciate IAHF's leadership against the genocidal New World Order, and you'd like to see my keep doing radio shows such as The Power Hour, Erskine Overnight, and others, please send your most generous donation via PAYPAL!  Or you can send a check or money order to help me do my work to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd, Point Roberts WA 98281 USA. I know times are tough, and I know for some of you its not possible to donate money, but you can donate your time! You can donate your energy! You can get a yard sign for an underdog constitutionalist candidate who is going up against some entrenched incumbant and you can help that person WIN! At the same time, YOU will win, and so will coming generations of AMERICANS who will have the chance to be born into FREEDOM due to YOUR ACTIONS!!

One thing I especially need help with is I need more people to try to reach influential radio show hosts such as Michael Savage with this information about UN Agenda 21. Please join me in calling into his show via 1-800-449-TALK and listen via THIS LINK  

If any of you know radio shows you can help me get on to get this information out to more people, please let me know! We are the Fife, the Drum and the Guy with the Bandage Around his Head! We might be down, but as long as there is breath in our bodies we sure as hell can't be counted out! One last thing- some of you have emailed me asking questions about a recent Executive Order signed by Obama. Some are alleging that it has "imposed Codex" on the US. That is disinfo. Its something we are watching, but it does not impose Codex. to learn more see the comment I made in response to Chris HERE on September 15, 2010 at 9:41am