What Does 'Local' Mean to You?
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June 21, 2017
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What Does 'Local' Mean to You?
By now, most of you know that Amazon is entering the health and natural foods market in a big way. Organic food used to be the purview of smaller, local markets, farm stands, CSAs, and the like, but as consumer demand has grown, corporate America responded. Organic food is sold at big box stores and every grocery store chain as well. Frankly, we’re glad that there is such a demand for organic food because we believe it is better for the people who eat and grow it, as well as for the soil that nurtures it.
But we think the Co-op offers something more that the big chains cannot: locally grown and produced foods and products, as well as support of our local community. As our General Manager Gwen likes to say, “'local' isn’t a marketing ploy here at the Co-op; it is something we have valued and offered to our owners and customers since we began nearly 40 years ago.”
Money spent at the Co-op stays here in our community instead of going to corporate headquarters in another state. It supports the local farmers, producers, and their staffs, and it pays the wages of the Co-op staff. This money supports the Co-op, a small business owned by more than 1,000 people. In turn, the Co-op offers a differerent option to everyone in our community: a choice to support and shop local, to support your neighbors and friends, to support sustainability and organic food.
We live in an era of ever-increasing competition, cost-cutting, automation, and impersonalization. In a small city with so many stores to choose from, we truly value everyone who supports the Co-op by shopping here, by becoming an owner, by spreading the word that there is an option to support local growers and producers, and to create and sustain our own food shed.
Thank you, every one of you: our owners, shoppers, farmers, producers, vendors. We couldn’t do it without you.
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First Friday!

As part of the new benefits package, the Co-op will be offering special sales for active Member-Owners, and first up is First Friday! On July 7th, the first Friday of July, every item in the Bulk Foods and Bulk Herbs & Teas departments will be 10% off. Stock up on culinary and medicinal herbs, teas, seeds, beans, grains, nuts, coffee, flour, sweeteners, dried fruits, and more for big savings!
This discount even applies to items that are already on sale. Wellness items sold in bulk are not included in this sale.
5th Annual Local Vendor Fair
Annual Membership Meeting Wrap-Up

What a fun day! Thanks to all our wonderful vendors, owners, and shoppers for coming out and enjoying the lovely day with us.
Co-op Board Meetings: You're Invited
We encourage Co-op Member-Owners to attend the monthly Co-op Board Meetings, now being held on the first Thursday after the 18th of each month. Each meeting opens with a public comment period so if you would like to speak, please arrive a few minutes early. Meetings begin at 5:30 PM and are now being held at the SLO County Builders Exchange. More info, including a link to the meeting agenda is on Our Team page. Meeting location with map is linked below. 

We hope you will come and get to know your Board and learn about your Co-op's doings and plans for the future. This is a great way to be informed, share your ideas, and get involved.
If you are interested in serving, you may download an application via the link on this page. If you have any questions, please call or come by the Co-op.

Next Board Meeting:
Thursday, June 22 at 5:30 PM
SLO County Builders Exhange
153 Cross Street, Suite 130, SLO (map here)

Questions or comments? Please contact us
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5:30 PM at the SLO County Builders Exchange,
153 Cross St, Suite 130, SLO (map here).
Members are encouraged to attend; public comment period
at the beginning of each meeting.
HopeDance Events, June 1-30
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Thanks for reading and being a Co-op Member.
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