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I've got a true story for you today about lessons I learned from a health freedom battle I took part in in Los Angeles California during a congressional campaign in 1992, because the situation we faced in that battle had many parallels with the Codex battle we find ourselves in today. I hope you'll understand what I'm trying to say and not just ignore this message given that the Codex meeting is coming up fast now in Bonn Germany on November 1.

In my last two emails, I've urged you to go to http://www.iahf.com/index3.html and to scroll to the bottom where you'll find a form letter to be sent to all Codex Delegates, world wide. I've urged Americans to send the legal demand letter about Codex that I've made available to key FDA personnel, including US Delegate Dr.Schneeman and including all FDA Commissioners. Please take the time to send this to the FDA by certified mail. They'll be far more likely to pay attention if a lot of us send it. We're challenging their jurisdiction, and we're demanding that they uphold current US law when they're in the Codex meeting in Bonn. We're letting them know that they can be SUED as private citizens under Title 42 if they don't do what we want.

In 1992 health freedom in America was under an unprecedented level of attack. David Kessler was FDA Commissioner at the time, and the FDA was running amok, raiding alternative practitioners, health food stores, and vitamin companies right and left as Kessler vowed to drive the supplement industry into the ground via passage of legislation called the Nutrition Labelling and Education Act, a stealth bill which they ran through Congress at high speed forcing us to take defensive action.

Kessler's biggest congressional supporter was congressman Henry Waxman of California, whose congressional district includes the very wealthy enclaves of Beverly Hills and Belaire and who has always had huge support from Pharma. In '92 Waxman was pushing legislation in Congress that would have given the FDA a quantum increase in regulatory power. It would have allowed FDA agents the right to carry guns, and would have given them vastly increased police powers including the right to use wiretaps and video surveillance against health food stores, vitamin companies and alternative practitioners under the thinnest of pretenses.

In the face of an FDA rulemaking effort, the dietary supplement industry was feverishly attempting to rally and counteract by pushing the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act in Congress through a frenzied grass roots campaign of phone calls and letter writing. Our backs were to the wall.

During that period, I was hired by Solaray Vitamin Company in Utah to go to Las Angeles to work on the Congressional Campaign of Mark Robbins, who was using health freedom as the tip of his spear as he attempted to derail Waxman's deeply entrenched political machine. We were given no chance to upset Waxman, and I remember one day when I was sitting at a table in a public park in Santa Monica handing out campaign literature when the publisher of a magazine given away in health food stores came up to me and said "You do realize that Mark has no chance, don't you? You do realize you're not going to win, don't you?"

At the time, I was working as hard as humanly possible to defeat Waxman, and I'd heard this sort of comment from people many times. Here is how I responded to this guy "In ever war there are many battles, and you can't win the war, without fighting your hardest in all of the battles comprising the war. We all realize Waxman has a political machine. We all realize he has huge support amongst his constituents, but if we are to win this WAR we have no choice but to make the HARDEST run at him as possible using this health freedom issue as a weapon, because this health freedom issue is going to continue long after this congressional campaign and at the very least, we MUST send Waxman a MESSAGE."

It was painful battling against Waxman, and on the day of the election, when we lost, I felt drained. I felt as though I'd just run a marathon and run head long into a brick wall at the end, but we SUCCEEDED in knocking Waxman's winning percentage down to the LOWEST of his career using our health freedom message as the tip of our spear. Our candidate beat him in a debate in front of his constituents in his synagogue in Belaire, and he did not FORGET this two years later when DESPITE being the BIGGEST OPPONENT in Congress to passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, he ended up cosponsoring the legislation DUE TO OUR PRESSURE.

We must never forget the nature of politics.

We must never forget the smoke of war factor where anything can and often does happen.

The Pharma Cartel is attempting to baloney slice us to death. They're attempting to crush the dietary supplement industry gradually and slowly in the hope of not arousing a public backlash. They want consumers to ignore people like me who are sounding an alarm and to regard us as lunatics who are "crying wolf." Globalization and Harmonization of the laws world wide is their newest weapon against us.

Don't get mad- get EVEN: Go to http://www.iahf.com/index3.html and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Send the form letter to all Codex Delegates- doing so puts the UN in a tough position. We're putting them on notice that if they finalize a Codex vitamin standard over our sound scientific objections that the whole world will awaken to the fact that the UN is engaging in a eugenics agenda, and that there is nothing honest or scientific about CODEX and the global trade standards they're attempting to shove down our throats.

If you are an American, print out the LEGAL DEMAND letter, sign it, and send it to the FDA by certified mail as IAHF has done. We're challenging the FDA's jurisdiction, and we're putting them on notice that if they don't strenuously oppose finalization of the Codex vitamin standard in accordance with current US law, that we can sue them as PRIVATE CITIZENS under Title 42 for failing to protect our civil rights if their actions should ever later negatively impact our access to dietary supplements. Numerous valid points of law are cited in this demand letter which was reviewed and approved whole heartedly by attorney Ralph Fucetola http://www.vitaminlawyer.com

The MORE of these DEMAND LETTERS the FDA receives by certified mail, the GREATER CHANCE our voice will be heard because they'll realize IAHF is not acting alone. They'll see that MANY of us are taking a STAND here and that they ARE being WATCHED.


Please forward this urgent alert to everyone you know and urge them to ALSO TAKE ACTION!!!

IAHF needs your ongoing support to send one more key person to the Codex meeting in Bonn on November 1, and also to get 3 key people to the Emergency Anti Codex Meeting at the ACAM Conference in San Diego on November 1 IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA or via paypal http://www.iahf.com