Danish Artist ’invade’ climate conference in Bonn
- and the worlds media
Galschiots sculpture Unbearable.
1. Climate Art in Bonn
2. Art as means of communication through world media
3. Invitation to Artist Talk and art event on Nov 15th (in Bonn, Germany)
4. Overview over Galschiots sculptural outcries in Bonn
With a 6 meter tall smoking Statue of Liberty and Donald Trump on the backseat of a convertible that is driven by a Polar Bear, Danish Artist Jens Galschiot puts his mark on the climate summit COP23 in Bonn.
During the last many climate summits, delegates have been seeing a number of sculptures by Jens Galschiot, which illustrates climate issues from different angles. The ongoing COP23 climate summit in Bonn is no exception and his climate art in Bonn can already be seen in medias around the world.
Galschiot believes that artists have a responsibility to use their visual power to create an understanding of the impact of climate change that threatens to destroy our civilizations progress and the future of our children. He shows the way himself, by presenting his huge climate focussed art installations at the summits. All is financed by the artist himself.
Artists must use their visual power to reinterpret the way we look at our world and create a new consciousness about the consequences of global warming.
Jens Galschiot – Artist.
The visual arts can, with a single image, give a clear insight into an otherwise complicated problem, and these are images that the press can use. And it does. Galschiot's sculptural outcries in Bonn have already been depicted in newspapers like The New York Times, South China Morning Post,  Der Spiegel, Hindustan Times  and hundreds of others medias (see selection of media from the last week).
Thus, Galschiot's art helps shape the climate debates. And it create images of the climate situation that sticks in one’s mind after the conference is over.
The climate art can be seen in Bonn until the COP23 conference ends on Friday. Then Galschiot and his team return to Denmark with the sculptures, hoping to relax a bit.
On Wednesday, Galschiot invites to Artistic Talks and art events in Bonn. If you are nearby we will be happy for your company at the event! See more.
Lots of warm climate greeting
Lasse Markus, Cand. Soc. and exhibition manager at Gallery Galschiot
– this time from Bonn, Germany.
COP23 – Sculptural outcries in Bonn
november 3 - november 17
Danish artist Jens Galschiot has a long history of contributing with art to UN climate summits e.g. Johannesburg’92, COP15 in Denmark, Rio+20 in Brazil, COP21 in France and COP22 in Morocco. COP23 in Bonn is no exception:Unbearable
A real size polar bear in copper is impaled 6m above ground, on an oil pipeline in shape of a CO2-graph. The sculpture is a visualization of the climate situation.
The graph impaling the bear shows the real cumulative global fossil fuel carbon emissions. Throughout the centuries the graph creeps along the ground then rises dramatically around year 1850 as human consumption of fossil fuels like coal and oil takes off.
Unbearable was first presented at COP21 in Paris’ 2015. The summit ended with an ambitious agreement, but since then the CO2-emission has kept rising. Therefore the CO2 graph that impales the polar bear will be updated with an extension of 27 centimeters in Bonn (see event below).
After Bonn we plan to bring it to New York as a message to President Trump. Support and contacts for this project is greatly appreciated.
Bonn location: Rheinaue Park in Bonn, at the corner of the lake next to Charles de Gaulle Straße.
Freedom to Pollute (and Trump)
A 6-meter high kitschy replica of the Statue of Liberty emitting smoke from the torch. The document in her hand displays the text ‘Freedom to Pollute’.
The sculpture symbolizes the conflict between the western world’s concept of freedom, as a right for unbridled consumption versus the concern for the climate and the planet. Do we have the right to live the way we do?
“Donald Trump” drives around with the statue behind his VW convertible at the demonstrations, with the message that the free world has the freedom to pollute. 
Location: Various places in Bonn during COP23.
Polar Bear Army
The legendary ’army’ of polar bears was last seen at COP21 in Paris. Now it has come to Bonn to protest against the climate changes on the North Pole. The ‘Army’ can be seen all over Bonn, in the streets, at the conference, by the sculpture Unbearable.
Climate Refugees
Bronze sculptures of climate refugees. They symbolize the hundreds of millions of climate refugees our unsustainable way of living will create.
Location in Bonn: With Freedom to Pollute (above), by Greenpeace’s ship and elsewhere.
Artist Talk & Unbearable-event
(Nov.15th, 15.30-18.00)
The Unbearable graph is extended with the last two years CO2-emissions, showing how the climate situation has become even more critical since the COP21 Paris agreement in 2015. We hope you will join us for discussions and a glass at this event.  
15.30-16.30: Artist Jens Galschiøt presents his art manifestations and talks about the role of art in the climate debate. At Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Charles de Gaulle Straße 5.  
16.30-17.15: The graph of the Unbearable sculpture is extended. By the sculpture in Rheinaue Park next to Charles de Gaulle Straße.
17.15-18.00: Reception at FSC, Charles de Gaulle Straße 5.
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