IAHF Webmaster: Codex Emergency, Breaking News, What to Do, All Countries

IAHF List: Please go to http://www.iahf.citymaker.com/page/page/1818351.htm to read the Health Freedom Timeline from the Flexner Report in 1910 to Current Events surrounding Codex in 2005.

I worked hard all day to create this timeline. You won't be able to read it in one sitting, but please bookmark it http://www.iahf.citymaker.com/page/page/1818351.htm and take the time to read it because doing so will help a lot more people to thoroughly understand my perspective on this issue and most importantly:


This will be my last communication before leaving for Expo West vitamin trade show in Anaheim CA http://www.expowest.com , because I have to spend the next couple of days preparing for the Emergency Meeting we'll be holding there.

Please forward this to more people. When I get back from Expo West I'll be working very hard to pull together the coalition we're going to need to kill Codex.

You will all be glad to know that IAHF is working with a highly skilled documentary maker to generate a hard hitting documentary to help rally people on this issue, and that we will have a way to get it out to a lot of people quickly.

To assist in doing additional emergency public speaking on this issue as the fuse burns closer to the bomb, please send your donations to the address below.