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To be energy independent is a dream of many families, companies, towns, etc. There are many examples worldwide. The visitors of the 14th Exhibition for Energy Efficiency and Renewables in Sofia (27-29 March) will be able to get acquainted with the recommendations of one of the exhibitors – the Austrian company Fronius International.
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Interview with Ms. Verena Huber, regional sales manager at Fronius International

Tell us about your battery charging technology and PV from a single source, as the production of solar energy for self-consumption is becoming more and more attractive to industrial enterprises and logistics companies.

Energy prices are rising − a fact that is reflected in consumers’ monthly energy bills. In the intralogistics sector, this is especially true for operators of electrically powered forklift truck fleets; after all, forklift trucks consume a significant amount of energy. The solution: become your own electricity supplier and protect your business against rising electricity prices over the long term. With a photovoltaic system, you can produce your own energy at a fixed price, meaning that you purchase as little electricity from the public grid as possible. This reduces your operating costs while protecting the environment.
The production of solar energy for self-consumption is becoming more and more attractive to industrial enterprises and logistics companies. For example, an electric forklift truck fleet powered by its own photovoltaic system and combined with modern battery charging technology can be used independently and cost-effectively. Efficiency is therefore of crucial importance, as the cheapest energy is energy that is not used at all. This works best with a partner who offers every solution from a single source and responds flexibly to the individual needs of the operator. Read the rest here
EGEC - the European Geothermal Energy Council promotes the European geothermal industry and enables its development both in Europe and worldwide, by shaping policy, improving business condition, and driving more research and development.
More than 120 members from 28 countries, including developers, equipment manufacturers, electricity providers, national associations, consultants, research centres, geological surveys, and public authorities, make EGEC a unique network, uniting and representing the entire geothermal sector. Find out more here
Energyworld is a bimonthly magazine, published in English, about energy in Southeastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean. It is the No1 leading medium in energy affairs. Energyworld identifies, records and analyzes all Energy developments in the Region.
The Energyworld magazine has an active role in this effort covering opinions, observations, essays, reportages, interviews, legal issues and inspiration. Read more here
Revolve is a communications agency fostering cultures of sustainability and accelerating energy transition. Revolve Media's key activities are strategic communication services, stakeholder engagement, brand impact and publishes a quarterly international sustainability magazine. More about Revolve here