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Watch this news clip about the bill that just passed the Virginia State Legislature. They just became the first state to block forced insurance coverage to preserve Health Care FREEDOM for individuals. If you don't want to enter into a contract, the FEDSTAPO shouldn't be able to FORCE you to enter into a contract, and Virginia is now protecting its citizens from this coersion!
As things stand, if Obama"care" is not killed in Congress, and you decide, as I have, that you're not interested in being coersed into buying an insurance policy that would not reimburse for alternative medicine or dietary supplements, as an individual you could be fined $750./ person, $2250/ family, and if you don't pay the fine, you could be jailed for up to a year, and fined $25,000. Does that outrage you as much as it outrages me? They'll pass this over MY DEAD BODY!
Virginia is trying to set up a Constitutional Challenge, and more states will jump aboard this band wagon if the criminals in DC pass this Unconstitutional legislation into law. Several other states are already moving legislation similar to Virginia's through their state legislatures and I predict that if "Obamacare" isn't killed, that more will do the same as an outraged citizenry goes into hyperdrive against this Orwellian nightmare the same way we did when the REAL ID ACT was passed into law by the FEDSTAPO but so many states passed legislation refusing to implement it that the FEDSTAPO backed off.

Learn more about the numerous 10th amendment measures pending in state legislatures that would block Obamacare from being enforced in their states. Get involved with these efforts if we fail to kill Obamacare this week- it helps psychologically to fight like hell when you know you have a fall back position like this in case for any reason you don't prevail at first!

Since when does the Federal Government have the RIGHT to tell us to buy ANYTHING? Whats NEXT? Are they going to try to ORDER us to all go out and by Hybrid cars, under threat of fines and jail if we don't? Are they going to order us to only do business with a particular BANK and to only shop in a particular Supermarket? Where does this dictatorial mindlessness end? We need GOVERNMENT REFORM not "Health Care" Reform!
Grasp that Obama"care" imposes $2.3 TRILLION in NEW TAXES!!!! How we supposed to afford that?
Grasp that this whole initiative involving "health care" was a badly missed opportunity to slash the burgeoning government DEBT, while simultaneously IMPROVING our quality of life because the idiots in Congress fail to grasp that they're seeking to perpetuate a failed allopathic medical system.
Grasp that we live in the world's biggest debtor nation, and we can't AFFORD the high cost of patented pharmaceutical prescription drugs whichcaused an estimated 7.8 Million unecessary deaths over a 10 year period in the USA.
In 2003, US health care spending reached $1.6 Trillion, 14% of our nations Gross National Product, yet hard evidence proves that our health care is nowhere near the best in the world.
If Congress REALLY wanted to solve our health care problems, they would take a close hard look at our economic reality and they'd be tripping over themselves to usher in nutrition, prevention, alternative medicine to help us be HEALTHY--- but they're NOT doing this, they're doing the opposite, they're committing genocide by foisting off a failed system threatening to fine and jail us if we don't accept it! If that doesn't enrage you, something is wrong!
They're NOT doing the right thing here because they're whores controlled by Big Pharma, and all of US must vote with our FEET by doing everything HUMANLY POSSIBLE to KILL so called "OBAMACARE".
This is NOT about "Right v Left", this is about whats BEST for us v WHATS WORST FOR US. I reject both parties, only supporting individuals who grasp the truth of this.
Its not in our best interests to perpetuate a clearly failed allopathic medical system!
Its not in our best interests to allow our out of control Fascist Government to start DICTATING to us in personal matters such as our HEALTH, and its certainly not in our best interests to allow our FASCIST government to start ORDERING us to buy ANYTHING under threat of fining and jailing us if we don't do what they ORDER us to do! Virginia has the right idea!
So, even if you've already tried several times to make your voice heard on this, its very important THIS WEEK to KEEP ON FLOODING CONGRESS with emails, calls, faxes, letters, and personal visits AGAINST this fascist, totalitarian MINDLESSNESS called "Obamacare" by going utilizing this form letter  and this one  (as well as any others you can find!)
Also: IF ONE OF THESE CONGRESSMEN IS YOURS- THEY'RE VULNERABLE IN THEIR DISTRICTS AND COULD VOTE NO IF PRESSURED ENOUGH! PLEASE CALL THEM: Tell them you totally oppose Government takeover of Health care and you will vote them out of office if they don't listen!
Use these talking points: OBAMACARE will raise taxes, cut Medicare, kill jobs, expand the role of the federal government your personal life, create doctor shortages and long lines, increase the deficit, and allows the ATF to troll through a health/gun database to take guns away from thousands of Americans! Obamacare is chock full of bribes (see below) that are totally unacceptable!
Tell them you'll work tirelessly to drive them from office if they vote yes on this unconstitutional legislation, and that you applaud the State of Virginia for enacting legislation that blocks the Feds from imposing an insurance contract that many thinking people do NOT WANT!!! Tell them its high time they honored their constitutional oaths, and if they plan on not honoring them by rejecting this unconstitutional bill, they should start CLEANING OUT THEIR DESKS!!!!
Harry Mitchell(202) 225-2190(480) 946-2411 AZ 5th District
Gabrielle Giffords(202) 225-2542(520) 881-3588 AZ 8th District
Ann Kirkpatrick(202) 225-2315(928) 226-6914 AZ 1st District
Jerry McNerney(202) 225-1947925-833-0643 CA 11th District
John Salazar202-225-4761970-245-7107 CO 3rd District
Jim Himes(202) 225-5541(866) 453-0028 CT 4th District
Alan Grayson(202) 225-2176(407) 841-1757 FL 8th District
Bill Foster(202) 225-2976630-406-1114 IL 14th District
Baron Hill202 225 5315812 288 3999 IN 9th District
Mark Schauer(202) 225-6276(517) 780-9075 MI 7th District
Gary Peters(202) 225-5802(248) 273-4227 MI 9th District
Dina Titus(202) 225-3252702-256-DINA (3462) NV 3rd District
Carol Shea-Porter(202) 225-5456(603) 743-4813 NH 1st District
Tim Bishop(202) 225-3826(631) 696-6500 NY 1st District
John Hall(202) 225-5441(845) 225-3641 x49371 NY 19th District
Bill Owens(202) 225-4611(315) 782-3150 NY 23rd District
Mike Arcuri(202)225-3665(315)793-8146 NY 24th District
Dan Maffei(202) 225-3701(315) 423-5657 NY 25th District
Earl Pomeroy(202) 225-2611(701) 224-0355 ND At-Large District
Steven Driehaus(202) 225-2216(513) 684-2723 OH 1st District
Mary Jo Kilroy(202) 225-2015(614) 294-2196 OH 15th District
Zach Space(202) 225-6265(330) 364-4300 OH 18th District
Kathy Dahlkemper(202) 225-5406(814) 456-2038 PA 3rd District
Patrick Murphy(202) 225-4276(215) 826-1963 PA 8th District
Christopher Carney(202) 225-3731(570) 585-9988 PA10th District
Paul Kanjorski(202) 225-6511(570) 825-2200PA11th District
John Spratt(202) 225-5501(803)327-1114SC 5th District
Tom Perriello(202) 225-4711(276) 656-2291 VA 5th District
Alan Mollohan(202) 225-4172(304) 623-4422 WVA 1st District
Nick Rahall(202) 225-3452(304) 252-5000 WVA 3rd District
Steve Kagen(202) 225-5665(920) 437-1954 WI 8th District
or via IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd. Point Roberts WA 98281

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