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Spring Is For Planting-February Is For Planning~

There is a knowing in the south. “ One can always find something to do in the garden, regardless the month.” I know this to be a truth.

Planning is the one most important thing we can and should do during the months of off time…December is for reflection, January is for dreaming, and February is for planning.

Give thought to what was grown last year and add to or take away as you grow and learn. (We all do.) Remember also that most crops-a single row or an acre should be and produces better by being rotated at least every couple of years.

Rotation discourages insects and disease from becoming a stationary issue in certain locations.


February is the perfect time to put in trees and shrubs-providing your ground is not frozen…most of the south , even though it may be cold, and sometimes snow on the ground…does not have the problem of ground freezing.

Tulip and hyacinth bulbs can also be planted now.

Seed flats can be started in the green-house or other protected places.

Summer and fall bloomers need to be pruned before flower buds are set…if you prune afterward you’ll lose the spring/summer blooms for this year.

Figs and roses can also be pruned at this time...

Now is the time to use a dormant oil spray on any trees or shrubs that are subject to scale.

Japanese Maples -lovely trees regardless how they are displayed. However, if you want to add some pop to the surrounding area, add some colorful azeleas, mosses, and ferns…all are acid loving and requires no additional changes to your already in place soil.

Climate Changes and the Garden~

With all the obvious changes in the climates, regardless what brought it about; the Southern gardener is seeing more and more issues with drought.

Learning about and planting native to your area selections will lighten the burden of water usage and you’ll have healthier plants as a reward.

As more and more rural areas are becoming out-growth for cities, wildlife are being denied their natural habitats, and gardeners are seeing this as a real issue also. Please consider the possibilities when you plan a garden and take whatever concerns you may have into consideration.

Sage Hill Changes and Additions~

As promised, online classes will be available in March, more info in the “Second Thoughts” issue, about mid month. Celebrations~

Valentine’s Day is the 14th; consider shopping our EBay store for that special person in your life. Most all women/girls would love a piece of vintage jewelry; it’s a gracious way to start a collection of cherished things and cherished memories/thoughts.

On the Sage Hill website you will find a collection of herbal and blended teas, and seasonings, designed for great flavor and extra benefits to better health.

Please contact me if you have questions, I’m here to be of service to you~

Thank you, be blessed, and share the blessing~

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