Howard Beale is Mad as Hell: from the Movie "Network"..... well its not a movie anymore folks.... this is REAL and you MUST take IMMEDIATE ACTION to Save Your LIFE!!!


IAHF List:
We are on the verge to total economic collapse and martial law. The Army Times article I alerted to you yesterday was already removed from the Army Times website because IAHF called attention to it.
 In this article we were told that a battle hardened Battalion that was implementing martial law in Iraq has been assigned to Northern Command and will be back on US soil to harrass us starting October 1 to "ahem" "HELP" us by searching our cars at roadblocks.
 Your action is needed immediately to read Congress the RIOT ACT so they won't pass this bailout legislation Bush is trying to ram through to help his criminal friends at our expense.

The RTR team is closely monitoring the activity and discussion
occurring concerning the emergency 700 Billion dollar bailout.

Members of Wall Street are pointing fingers, the FBI has
started investigations, FED Chairman Bernanke is acting like a
unshaven homeless beggar with the shakes, Treasury Secretary
Paulson is asking Congress to start a Nationwide Chipin... and
the world is watching it all.

While America is distracted trying to see who is pointing at
who to blame, the members of the Freedom Movement all slowly
turn our heads and extend our finger and point to the problem
we have been screaming about for years... THE FEDERAL RESERVE!!!

Ron Paul said today, "The claim that the market caused all
this is so staggeringly foolish that only politicians and
the media could pretend to believe it. But that has become
the conventional wisdom, with the desired result that those
responsible for the credit bubble and its predictable
consequences- predictable, that is, to those who understand
sound, Austrian economics - are being let off the hook. The
Federal Reserve System is actually positioning itself as the
savior, rather than the culprit, in this mess!"

The Republican elite could have had their solution ride in on a
white horse if they grew a spine and opened their ears and
opened their doors to Ron Paul, but now they will be forced to
stand in breadlines with the rest of us as we throw piles of
cash into our furnaces to keep warm this winter.


The national dialogue on every news network, in every newspaper,
on every radio show is revolving around the bail out.  Only a
small few have stepped up and pointed at the FED as the source
of the problem.

Because we are not funded by corrupt FED money we exposed the
truth back in our January issue of Republic Magazine, and Russo
exposed the truth TWO YEARS AGO in "America: Freedom to Fascism"!

Here is the course of action we must take as a movement today:

Step One:

Download and email the "Financial Collapse" issue of Republic
Magazine to everyone you know to educate them on the SOURCE of
the problem:

Order bulk hard copies of issue 4 for hand distribution by visiting:

(only 5000 copies left)

Step Two:

Join us in the national protest to END THE FED on November 22nd
by visiting and signing up at

Step Three:

Share the video link that exposes the Federal Reserve as a PRIVATE

Step Four:

Join JBS in their initiative to DEMAND a NO vote on the bail out:

Tell Your Representative and Senators to Vote NO on the $700
Billion Bailout Proposal

September 23, 2008: Congress is poised to vote on an unprecedented
$700 billion Wall Street bailout bill late this week.

Congress must decide between:

    * Voting NO and allowing the free market to liquidate
       bad debts and unviable companies through allowing
       market prices to prevail; or
    * Voting YES and empowering the Treasury Department and
       Federal Reserve to provide bailouts for troubled
       financial institutions with $700 billion (more likely
       trillions of dollars) created out of thin air, leading
       to rampant inflation of the dollar at best and the
       destruction of the dollar at worst.

Take Action! Email and/or phone your representative and
senators immediately:
Tell them to stand up for the Constitution, the free market,
and the dollar by voting NO on the $700 billion Wall Street
bailout bill.

Take Action! Visit your congressman's local office this
Thursday (September 25th) in opposition to the $700 billion
Wall Street bailout bill and to help get the ball rolling to
End the Fed.

Tell your representative and senators to stand up for the
Constitution, the free market, and the dollar by voting NO
on the $700 billion Wall Street bailout bill.
Stock up on food, ammunition, weapons, bear spray, gold, silver, gear up for martial law. If you live in a city, get out to a safer area. The cities will erupt with food riots when the run on the banks happens. We may not make it to the election, but if we do, they'll probably install McCain which would cause massive inner city rioting just like after the Rodney King Verdict in '91 in South Central LA. See 
This is something the elite WANT, they WANT rioting to trigger off martial law so they can kill 9 out of 10 of us. We're the targets. They told us in the Georgia Guidestones they intend to cull our numbers:
This is not a drill. This is REAL. Get off the TRACKS, the TRAIN is coming. Get into Costco and lay in food reserves before the shelves get swept bare from rioting.

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