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Dear industry professionals,
The spring season in Bulgaria was marked by many successful initiatives, aiming to raise public awareness to waste prevention and reduction, sustainable production and consumption.
"Let's Clean Bulgaria in one day”, “Let’s Clean Europe” and “Books for Waste” involved many volunteers and Via Expo supported all these significant campaigns. Good news is the realization of the integrated system of municipal waste treatment facilities for Sofia Municipality and the start of the construction of the mechanic and biological waste treatment in Yana village.
Bulgaria and other recently joined state members from South-East Europe have to catch up with the European leaders in environment sector. A further progress in the waste management in the EU, impacted by the Circular Economy package is expected and the new European Parliament will face a lot of challenges. Some of the proposals are related to the 30% resource efficiency target, packaging directive revisions and a plan for preventing landfill usage.
In the present e-bulletin we have included 4 accents:
Early Bird Discount for ‘Save the Planet’ 2015 till 1st October 2014
● The results of “Books for Waste” Campaign
● System of Municipal Waste Treatment Facilities in Han Bogrov
Serbia Evaluates in Recycling
“Waste Treatment in Bulgaria“ - special issue of “Ecology and Infrastructure” will coming.
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The 2015 edition of ‘Save the Planet’ will be held from 11th to 13th March. Till 1st October - Early Bird discount on exhibition space.

A record number of participants in “Books for Waste”
The campaign was organized for the second time by the Foundation “Credo Bunum” on 11 and 17 May. First held in Sofia and then in two other cities - Varna and Bourgas. Thousands of people submitted over five tons of plastic waste and received more than 6,500 books.

System for Municipal Waste Treatment Facilities “Han Bogrov”
Over 1,200 tons of food waste and nearly 3,000 green waste are treaded for four months in the Integrated System for Municipal Waste Treatment Facilities “Han Bogrov”. It was officially opened at the end of January this year. The site has two separate production lines - for the treatment of 24, 000 tons green waste and 20,000 tons household and commercial biowaste per year. The result is biogas production, converted into electricity and heat.
The project is worth 39 million levs and is funded by the Operational Programme "Environment". Over 80% of the funds are gratuitous, the co-financing is provided with a loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB).

Serbia Evaluates in Recycling
Serbia recycles around one tenth of the EU member state average for waste, but authorities say that recycling is on the rise. The state has adopted a national strategy for waste management, which will fully introduce European standards to the field of recycling by 2019. Recycling is the youngest branch of industry in Serbia and the only one at the time of global economic crisis, according to official data, which recorded growth. This is best illustrated by the fact that in Serbia today there are 2,200 companies engaged in the collection and recycling of waste, as compared to 2009 when there were only 200. This is a huge improvement.
The map called “Recycling Islands” showing all the places for recycling in Serbia. This demonstrates that recycling is something that Serbia has been actively pursuing over the last few years.
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A special issue of “Ecology and Infrastructure” magazine will bring a light on the waste treatment in Bulgaria  
The team of Ecology & Infrastructure - the Bulgarian magazine for ecology, eco engineering and infrastucture, is preparing a special edition – “Waste Treatment in Bulgaria”.
The publication of the leading publishing house for technical periodicals TLL Media will be dedicated to the products, systems and technologies for landfilling, pre-treatment and recycling, waste-to-energy. It will include specialized editorial, product and company publications and advertisements.
The publication will be distributed free of charge in digital and printed form and is targeted to specialists and experts in the field of waste management in Bulgaria, consumers, manufacturers and suppliers of products and services.
If you are interested to be included in “Waste Treatment in Bulgaria”, please connect to Mirena Russeva,, +359 2/ 818 38 12, 0889/ 717 562.

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