October 21, 2022
Hello Intenational Peer Respite/Soteria Summit Participant,
 Pathways Vermont is presenting a Training on Soteria: The Power of Human Connection on Wednesday, November 9, 2022, from 1pm-4pm Eastern Time The Soteria House in Vermont is the only currently operating Soteria House in the United States and because of the great interest expressed by people they have decided to put on this training.  This is the description of the training.
Soteria is a residential home-like environment for supporting people experiencing extreme states / psychosis. In this workshop, we’ll cover the history of Soteria and its place in the larger history of mental health reform movements dating back to the 1950s. We will discuss modern updates to the original Soteria and how we have integrated new schools of thought and practice into a program that also conforms to the expectations of licensing and funding while maintaining the critical elements of the original model. 

We will also focus on the power of human connection in non-coercive settings. This workshop invites us all to meet people in exciting and rewarding ways. At Pathways Vermont, we want to explore genuine, dynamic relationships that are healing for all of us. 

Participants will explore:
  • Methods of reducing the impact of power dynamics in relationships
  • Effective engagement with extreme states
  • Communicating with people who are communicating differently
  • Maintaining boundaries that allow shared experience and connection 
  • How to harness the power of lived experience 
  • Collaborative engagement 
  • Restoring dignity to crisis 
  • Service providers working in a residential program
  • Service providers/agencies wanting to start a residential program (perhaps similar to Soteria)
  • Service providers and community members who want to provide better support to folks experiencing extreme states / psychosis 
  • Family and friends of people experiencing extreme states / psychosis 
  • People with lived experience of extreme states / psychosis 
There is a $50 charge to help defray the expenses of the training and to provide support.  You can register here.
You can also donate to the Summit through MindFreedom International's Donation Page and selecting Peer Respite/Soteria Summit from the drop down menu where it says Preferred campaign or program.
Take care,
Jim Gottstein