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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach

- December 2006 -

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia  Volume 9, Issue 201 December 2006     


I have much pleasure in welcoming Gwyn Perkins to the newsletter team, joining Leicester Warburton as a regular contributor to the newsletter. Gwyn is going to give us one of his wonderful cartoons each month for your viewing enjoyment. If you would like copies or wish to buy any of Gwyn's cards, see the information that will be near each cartoon.

And a Happy Christmas to all of you, the loyal readers, from the editorial staff at PON.

  • History Corner
  • Cartoon of the Month
  • This Island - Poetry by Geoff Bullock
  • Ice Fact Sheet
  • Photos taken at the Festival
  • Island Inaugural Film Event a Huge Success
  • The Pittwater Cookery Book
  • Poo Pumpout  Mk 2
  • Indian Food Stall at H2O 360 raises enough for a cow and a half!
  • A note from Greg Judd
  • Evaluation of the recent H2O 360 Film Project
  • Fridge Buy Back Scheme - forget it!
  • Save Sydney Harbour “Pictition”
  • Carpooling - is it for you?
  • Chronicles of the Scotland Island Players
  • Want a sea change?  This could be the job for you
  • Wanted - More staff for the Scotland Island Kindy
  • Better Access to Pittwater Council
  • House Swap Byron Bay - Scotland Island Waterfront
  • Radio Northern Beaches Presents
  • Woody Point Yacht Club Christmas Party 2006
  • The Famous Dog Race is on again!
  • Are you at a loss as to what to do on Christmas day?
  • Advertise your Tinny, Car, Boat and General Merchandise for FREE
  • Did you know?
  • "Kanyini" is available on DVD now!
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  • History Corner
    In 1830, New South Wales was in the throes of a depression following an excess of imports, an orgy of land speculation and a severe drought.  The bailiff was probably the busiest man in the Colony. It was at this time that William Oliver, a descendant of Henry Oliver, one of the first settlers of Lane Cove, married and looked for more profitable employment than as a mounted constable, in effect, a bailiff on horseback.
    In 1836, Oliver became the landlord of the Sawyers' Arms at Lane Cove and, seven years later, conducted a bakery there. It was on a business call to Pittwater that he must have discovered the forest of red oak on 30 acres at Elvina Bay which he decided to buy. Red or forest oak was the ideal fuel for bakers because it created intense heat, burnt to an ash, and did not damage the firebars of the baking ovens to the same extent as ironbark.
    Years before, the forest oak trees in Elvina Bay had been exploited by shingle splitters and this was reported by the Crown Surveyor, William Govett. In 1829 he stated that "In the deep recesses of the neighbouring mountain, where the finest timber may be found, parties of shingle splitters frequently resort. As soon as they have cut and collected a sufficient quantity, they take them to Sydney and seel them at high prices.  The cash soon vanishes when they manage to secure another three months ration of pork, tea and sugar.  Then they return to their usual solitary quarters and life and work hard for another supply of shingles which are always saleable."
    William Oliver's subsequent discovery was to play an important part in the economic development of the Pittwater Basin. It provided  constant employment for a settler and his family and assured them of a reasonable standard of comfort.
    Next Month  Children's stories with musket accompaniment.
    Cartoon of the Month

    Need some localised Christmas cards? Gwyn has a wonderful selection for you. Contact him at g.perkins@gwyn.com.au

    This Island - Poetry by Geoff Bullock

    I I have found a shelter
    On a rock upon the sea,
    This precious island
    Whose songs sang out for me.
    My secret refuge
    My spirit's answered call
    and cry
    This island
    This refuge
    This shelter
    This place
    Her silence
    Her dancing
    Her peoples
    My home.

    I have seen the sunlight
    Dancing ‘cross the seas
    The whisper of the sea breeze
    That is sighing in the trees
    Leaves with dewdrops glisten
    Rainbow stretching high
    Across the sky

    Sheltered from the city
    Beneath her shades of grey
    Peace dissolves the chaos
    That once filled my every day
    The birds now softly singing
    As the ferry’s slowly swaying
    Her way home..

    I can see her colours
    Bathed in khaki green
    Houselights gently winking
    blinking through the trees
    And I'm living with the rising
    And the falling of the tides
    I've found my home

    Ice Fact Sheet
    What is ICE? ICE (In Case of Emergency) encourages people to store emergency contact details in
    their mobile phone under the word ICE – ‘In Case of Emergency’. During an emergency an ICE contact can make it quicker and easier for police,
    emergency services workers to get in contact with someone who can help with vital

    How do I use ICE?
    1. Type the acronym ICE followed by a contact name (for example ICE – David) into the
    address book of your mobile phone.
    2. Save their phone number.
    3. Tell your ICE contact you have nominated them as your emergency contact.

    Photos taken at the Festival

    A selection of photos taken at a number of Scotland Island Festival functions is available for your viewing pleasure at http://picasaweb.google.com/scotlandislandfestival

    Island Inaugural Film Event a Huge Success

    Not even the rain could keep festival goers away from Scotland Island's inaugural H2O 360 short film festival! Due to overwhelming community support H2O 360 short films are coming to DVD!

    DVDs include special bonus footage featuring Aussie actor John Jarrett's address to the festival, International diva Margaret Urlich and The Newport Public School Opera House Choir singing "My Island Home". Plus beautiful island footage filmed and edited by cinematographer Mike Molloy and John Henderson.

    Beautifully presented with a full colour cover including film stills from all your favourite H2O 360 films. DVDs cost $20 and $15 for multiple copies thereafter. All profits will fund the next H2O 360 film event and student filmmaking workshops on island and remote Australian communities. A fantastic Christmas gift for family and friends.
    DVDs will be available for purchase online soon. Watch posters and newsletter alerts for details or register your interest at myislandhome@hotmail.com

    The Pittwater Cookery Book

    Thank you to everyone who has already bought the cookery books. We have sold over 300 copies which has resulted in raising over $2000 for the Kindergarten (after we have paid all the printing and design costs)

    As we have now sold out, for anyone who may have missed out or need additional copies we are considering a small reprint over the next 3-4 weeks if there is sufficient demand

    If you would like to order please call Rosemary on 0299793301 or email rhaskell@bigpond.net.au.

    Poo Pumpout  Mk 2
    Whilst in no way attempting to break Cabby Vial's 2002 record of 11 collaborators, we were wondering if there is any interest in a joint exercise to freshen up your septic systems before Christmas ?? 

    We would seek to complete the exercise at a minimum cost to all concerned, but as a very rough guide the charge in 2002 was $600.00 per household.

    Give us a ring on 9997 8820 or email at  bacross2@optusnet.com.au  if you would like to "join up"
    Brian & Audrey Cross - Sentosa, 59 Florence Terrace ( near Pathilda Reserve)

    And this from another resident... 'We had a visit from Pittwater Poo man ( alias the council's septic inspector). He informed us that our septic needed a pump out. I was wondering if anyone else would like to get their septics pumped out. Bulk prices are usually available.' Contact Paul Smith 9997 4875

    Indian Food Stall at H2O 360 raises enough for a cow and a half!

    Congratulations Pittwater. The Indian food stall at last Saturday’s H2O 360 short film festival raised around $900 which will be sent to the Hope Trust in Jarkhand, India to support the Khunti dairy co-operative.

    A big thanks to all who enjoyed the very delicious foods, and thanks to those who prepared it; Lisa M, Karl, Ruth, Shona and Boyd, and those who served it up; John T, Rouge and Pete, and everyone else who helped along the way.

    If you missed the short film about the Indian village, you can catch it on youtube here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkHCaShrUr4

    If you’d like to contribute something to the dairy co-op before I send the funds, drop me a line at boydatt@bigpond.com. Also, for a limited time, I’m donating all proceeds from the sale of the Island Players highlights DVDs; Chronicles of the 1980s, and Chronicles of the 1990s. The 1980s DVD has highlights of all the Island Players shows from 1983 to 1989 with full commentary by Annette Freeland, Dulcie Erdman, Bob Blackwood, and Philip and Trilby Bond. It includes the legendary Can Can routine and lots more. The 1990s DVD has highlights of all the shows of the early 90s including a short film starring a very young and long haired Col Bailey as SuperCol, as well as video footage of Church Point park and shops pre the current proprietors! The DVD has commentary by Beth Jessup, Graeme Richmond, Brian Clarke, Nettie Lodge and Matt Penfold. Cover artwork by Dave Walsh. DVDs are $20 each with all proceeds to the dairy co-op. Send me an email and I’ll pop ‘em in your PO box. Boyd. boydatt@bigpond.com

    A note from Greg Judd

    I grew up on the place - from 4 yrs to 19yrs old. Three wharves up from Bell Wharf. And the place was the making of me. I've recently moved to Hardy's Bay (Brisbane waters) after years away from the area... and this area is close to the community life that meant so much to me growing up.

    Some of the names connected with that special place you might know, that where part of my canvas of SI life then.
    Robyn Culley
    Philippa Thomas
    Keith Nicholson
    Bruce Lane and John Rossini
    Gwen & Greg Taylor
    Brian Clark
    and many more.

    My mum and dad - Chris & Phil Judd
    My uncle, Mike Clay still lives in Elvina Bay that's why I took this shot on a sea plane flight last year.
    Drop me a line if you need help with web or design stuff (my living) or if you need to know anything of history on SI from 1974 - 1985. Enjoy your island! Greg Judd

    Evaluation of the recent H2O 360 Film Project

    We have to evaluate the H2O 360 film project and event for the government.
    We have received a bunch of great emails regarding H2O 360 and we'd love heaps of community emails to include with the evaluation . We'd love to hear from you- good and bad please email Claire at myislandhome@hotmail.com

    Fridge Buy Back Scheme - forget it!

    You may have noticed that with your rate notice from Pittwater Council recently, there was a flyer from an organisation called 'Fridge Buyback'  - supported and funded by the NSW Government. They are offering to buy your working, 10+ year old refrigerator so as to reduce energy consumption. They offer to come and pick it up and pay you for it.

    Very commendable. Clearly supported by Pittwater Council.

    BUT: There is a catch. They don't offer this to offshore communities. We must not be serious energy users. You do have to wonder why council bothered to include the flyer with our rates.

    Save Sydney Harbour “Pictition”

    The Pictition is a major artwork digitally composed of thousands of faces. The original work is the Wynne Prize 2006 winning painting “The Heads” by John Beard. Appropriately it is a timeless image of the entrance to Sydney Harbour, as it was prior to white settlement, and as it remains today.

    Why the faces?

    The faces represent the more than 85% of Sydneysiders found by our Newspoll survey to oppose
    o The permanent loss of public land to commercial development
    o The traffic and environmental impact of trucking cargo back to Sydney
    o The loss of our working port facilities

    Be a part of the artwork! Make you and your family a part of this important work. Simply send us your photos. Snapshots are fine. Group photos are good. Encourage friends to do the same.

    The Pictition will be unveiled at the Sydney Town Hall at 6:00pm on 7 February 2007.
    It will be shown at other locations and then presented to a major NSW art gallery or museum. The project is being supported, and assisted, by Sydney College of the Arts. Do join us at the Town Hall for the launch.

    Send your Digital pictures to art@workingharbour.com.au

    Carpooling - is it for you?

    David Lewis, of Dee Why, has started a website to encourage carpooling for commuters frustrated by packed buses and clogged roads. It requires motorists to register on a forum where they exchange details of their commutes and allows potential passengers to make arrangements for travel. Mr Lewis said he hoped the website would help allay any apprehension people held in sharing their car with strangers.

    ``Part of the issue with car-pooling is that it's difficult for people to change established behaviours,'' he said.
    ``For someone used to driving to work on their own each day it will take time until they feel comfortable allowing two or three people to share that trip. I want to make it a lot easier.''
    Mr Lewis said it was up to carpoolers to arrange their own conditions for taking passengers.
    He suggested passengers could take turns driving to and from their destination and agree to meet at pre-arranged destinations. Carpoolers could also pay a regular driver to help cover fuel and registration/repair costs. Potential carpoolers can visit Mr Lewis's site at www.dailycommuter.com.au
    (thanks to the Manly Daily for permission to reprint)

    Chronicles of the Scotland Island Players

    A six minute version of highlights from the Scotland Island Players shows and short films since 1983 is now viewable online at this link

    If for some reason this link doesn't work, go to http://www.myspace.com/fatandwell and click the videos link. Commentaries for the 1990s highlights include Beth Jessup, Graeme Richmond, Brian Clarke, Nettie Lodge and Matt Penfold. It is hilarious. For copies or info, email Boyd at boydatt@bigpond.com.

    A unique opportunity for an independent self-starter, interested in the principles of community childcare without corporate profit…. and a great opportunity to implement your own ideas with the backing of a supportive Scotland Island community.

    The job offers an attractive salary and overtime

    Scotland Island’s established community-run Childcare Centre seeks a Director / Supervisor to work 3 days a week. Small centre, great children, wonderful staff and a beautiful location.

    Director must have a diploma or equivalent plus 12 months experience in a Director’s role.

    Free ferry transport to the island

    Wanted - More staff for the Scotland Island Kindy

    Can you help? Do you know someone who can?


    No formal qualifications required. Able to demonstrate experience with younger children. Willing to be involved and committed to the community. Will assist the Director / Authorised Supervisor with duties
    Will need to undergo Working with Children Checks Excellent award rates Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (flexible hours)


    Get involved with the kids and the community. Volunteer a couple hours One day a week / once a fortnight to help staff and have fun with the kids. Will need to undergo Working with Children Checks
    For more information contact

    Lizzie Hazelwood 02 9997 8731 or Rebecca Latham 0418 244 910

    CV’s to Lhazelwood@ozemail.com.au

    Better Public Access to Pittwater Council

    Pittwater residents now have better access to Councillors at Council meetings, under two new processes to be trialled for three months from December 2006.

    In a move which will improve the interaction between Pittwater residents and Council, Public Forums will now be held at the commencement of the second Council meeting of the month, replacing Resident Question Time. Up to 30 minutes will be allocated to Public Forums at these meetings.

    Residents can book a presentation with Regina Miller on 9970 1112.

    House Swap Byron Bay - Scotland Island Waterfront

    My name is Tristan Lavery......an x Pittwater resident.
    I recently met a Scotland Island resident who suggested I ask you all via this newsletter.
    I am looking for someone on the island with a waterfront house on the north or northwest of the island........who would be keen to do a house swap for a week.......with our beach front house in Byron Bay.............preferably February 2007........but open to any time.........

    Tristan Lavery Belongil Beach Byron Bay

    Radio Northern Beaches Presents

    Radio Northern Beaches presents a live broadcast from the BBC

    DesertDance Acoustic Soul Band

    Sunday 3rd December from 5:00pm
    Auditorium/Terrace Belrose Bowling Club
    146 Forest Way Belrose Ph: 9451 5803
    and broadcast live on Radio Northern Beaches 88.7 & 90.3FM

    Woody Point Yacht Club Christmas Party 2006

    as always great food and music -Friday December 1st at 7.00pm
    All Welcome
    Scotland Island Community Hall
    $45 member and $55 non members

    The Famous Dog Race is on again!

    Yes, it's that time again! Christmas Eve, Sunday December 24th is the date and time for one of the most well known island events. Famous throughout the known world, the island to the point dog race attracts interest because of the uniqueness of the occasion.


    Register your dog and yourself at Church Point BEFORE 5.30pm. The race begins from the island at 6pm sharp. Entry fee is a can of dog food and a longneck!

    INTRODUCING: The 'Diesel King' Memorial trophy for the best local dog. In memory of one of the finest island dogs in living memory.


    This years Dog race is being shown in the United States and is being televised on the day. So as to fit in with US TV programming, the race is being held back until 6pm :)

    Exciting prizes are awarded at the end of the race and the entry 'fees' are distributed to the winners.

    Visitors: By all means gather at the point for a refreshment before the race. Come to the point dogless and return home legless. :)

    More information? Ring Russ from Pittwater Offshore Services on 0415-464-733

    Are you at a loss as to what to do on Christmas day?

    Join us and other lost families in Tennis Park for an afternoon of fun and frivolity. You can try out your new cosies, boogie boards, badminton sets, or play cricket, fling that new frisbie.

    Bring a picnic and drinks and a few decorations for the tree. Cruise through the afternoon with community friends. The hall will be open for toilets and wet weather contingency.

    For more details contact Tracy 9997 4875.

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    • see: http://www.pittwatertradingonline.com.au

    Did you know?
    The RFS recommends that able bodied home-owners who are well prepared and understand the risks, stay with their homes in the event of a bushfire.
    Statistically, homes that are prepared and where the home owner stays to defend them have the best chance of survival in a bush fire.
    The water that will be used to defend YOUR home is the water in YOUR tank. How much do you have?
    Are you prepared this fire season?
    Have you cleared ground fuels around the house (long, dry grass, dead leaves and branches, thick undergrowth)?
    Are your gutters cleared?
    Have you removed flammable items from around the house (woodpile, paper, boxes, crates, hanging baskets, etc)?
    Are firebreaks prepared?
    Have screens or shutters been installed and underfloor areas enclosed, if possible?
    Are vents into the roof space screened with fine wire mesh?
    Are LPG tanks pressure relief valves pointing away from the house?
    Do you have a 38mm Stortz (fire-hose) fitting connected to your tank? This enables the Fire Brigade to get water quickly - this could save your home. Stortz fittings are available from (among other places) the Water Warehouse in Narrabeen
    Have you placed the emergency "000" telephone number near the phone?
    For further information contact your nearest Rural Fire Brigade or go to www.rfs.nsw.gov.au.

    "Kanyini" is available on DVD now!
    A tale of Indigenous wisdom clashing against materialist notions of progress, this is not only a story of one man and his people but the story of the human race.
    Hailed by critics and audiences as one of the most important films ever made, no person should miss "Kanyini". Recently winning Best Documentary at The Inside Film Awards you can purchase your private or classroom copy of "Kanyini" at www.kanyini.com NOW!

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