-----------------------------John Hammell with "Bear"..............All of us being poisoned by Toxic chemtrails...Learn how to organize
Chemtrail Awareness Days by listening to tonight's show........ New Info I Have Never Discussed Before.... Please tune in and tell friends!
New Info on How to Detox the Heavy Metals Being Sprayed on Us, and New Info on Chemtrails I've Just Learned!
IAHF List: I'm going to be the guest of radio show host Jeff Gonzalez on the air tonight, Sunday, September 30th from 7:30 pm til 8:30 pm but the show starts with other people on first at 7 PM, and you can listen live at this link  (click on SPS Radio once you click on the link.)
I'm not sure yet if the show will be archived or not, if it is, I will send out the link in case some of you are too busy to tune in, but please listen if you are able to and please alert more people!
On September 15th, I showed the film "Why in the World Are They Spraying?" at the "Connections Building" (a small auditorium adjacent to the Bellingham (WA) food coop which I'm a member of. Although the turnout was quite small, (7 people) we intend to build the group much bigger until we outgrow the venue and need a much bigger auditorium!
Working towards that goal last week I had a long conversation with the Human Resources Manager of the Coop and with the General Manager. I have yet to hear back from them about my desire to hold a Bellingham Chemtrail Awareness Day, but I am sure they won't let me down, I'm sure they'll talk this up with their members so we can get a large crowd! A friend who is a really good guitarist and singer named Craig Jacks  has agreed to bring his guitar and sing at our event which we hope will garner as much interest as the Mt.Shasta CA Chemtrail Awareness Day did.
In Church today I made an announcement and handed out a flyer about the radio show tonight, so I'm bringing people to the cause on both sides of the border via that means because many of our parishioners are Canadians.
10 FREE POUNDS OF SULFUR TO ANYONE ON THE IAHF LIST WHO ORGANIZES A CHEMTRAIL AWARENESS DAY IN YOUR AREA AND WHO UPLOADS A YOU TUBE ABOUT IT THAT DRIVES TRAFFIC TO www.sulfurforhealth.com If you need help to organize your event, I'll be glad to assist you with info that you can disseminate! Contact me via email or via jham@iahf.com
Be sure to tune in tonight to hear a lot of new info about chemtrails, weather control, food control, eugenics, and how to protect yourself from toxic chemtrails--- new detox strategies I've never discussed before!! Remember: 7:30-8:30 PM!! Please alert your family, friends and neighbors!!
See these chemtrail patents.....  and these chemtrail patents by Monsanto
If theres time on tonight's show, I'm also going to be discussing biodynamic farming, how to use a refractometer to measure the nutrient content of the soil via the sap of fruits and veges so you can use compost to improve the nutrient content of your soil and your crops to get more nutrient dense foods! We all need to monitor the ph of our soil due to all the aluminum being sprayed which is making it too alkaline. Monsanto has an aluminum resistant seed that is patented, so you know they're involved with the chemtrails. The huge drought going on in the midwest right now was caused by a combo of chemtrails and HAARP, the gigantic array of microwave antennas in Gakona, Alaska. I learned about this from this site which I urge you to bookmark and visit frequently! Also see this interesting video from socal sky watch....
To anyone who
1) Orders 4 pounds or more of sulfur
2) Signs up for Autoshipping of sulfur each month
3) Prevails upon their local health food store to create a wholesale account with Sulfur for Health.
(If you do that I will give you a couple free pounds of the world's best organic sulfur, the best protection you can get from the toxic chemtrails being sprayed on us! )
After the worship service today in church I had several people come up to me who heard my announcement about my efforts to organize chemtrail awareness days in Bellingham WA and in Vancouver BC who wanted to help! Several of them took free copies of the DVD Why in the World Are They Spraying, and several bought sulfur, so the word is getting out, and I urge you all to help in any way you can!
You can help the most if you organize a Chemtrail Awareness Day where you live, but you can also help by forwarding this alert widely urging more people to sign up for the IAHF list at this link
or to buy sulfur here.
Tonight on the air, I'll be discussing some new detox stratagies that go beyond what I discuss here.
So, please tune in! The life you save could be your OWN!!!
If you have enough sulfur, and don't need more right now, but can help IAHF with a donation, this would be a very good time to make one because I've been doing a lot more driving than usual back and forth to Bellingham and to Vancouver BC and gas is expensive!
Can you spare $25? $50? $100, $200, $500, $1000?  Any amount would be welcome, even $10! You can make your donations here and every cent will go towards stopping Chemtrails and raising awareness of how people can best protect themselves and their families! Please make your most generous donation today to IAHF via this link! **
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