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IAHF List: I will be on a conference call this evening hosted by Jack Allis of Stratia Corp.
1 (641) 297-5600 Pass Code 33227# (7-8 PM Pacific, 8-9 Mtn, 9-10 Central, 10-11 PM Eastern)

Jack and I will be discussing the Codex vitamin issue in the context of broader globalization issues including CAFTA, (which passed) FTAA (which we must kill the moment congress introduces a bill), and new initiatives intended to literally ERASE our northern and southern borders with Canada and Mexico to harm-onize our laws with both of these countries, (as an intended prelude to the TOTAL DESTRUCTION of America via the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) which threatens to harmonize all the laws from the Arctic Circle to Tierra Del Fuego (all in the name of protecting us from "terrorists".


Yesterday I sent you a link of some Lou Dobbs footage from CRN that some of you couldn't view because you either have a MAC system, or your connection speed is too slow, so for you people AND for everyone else too, I have a couple of ADDITIONAL LINKS which contain the shocking information that Lou Dobbs presented on CNN: here they are people, the NAKED TRUTH:

2. Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America: A New Federal Agency Devoted to DESTROYING THE BORDER with Canada and Mexico to HARM-onize the laws between these countries http://www.spp.gov/ You'll find a link from this to a Canadian website with the same bleepin' info.

3. http://www.cfr.org/publication.html?id=8173 Council on Foreign Relations white paper:
"A North American Community Approach to Security"
What this paper proves: It proves that Bush and the Neocons are Traitors. It proves that they're taking their un-American marching orders from the CFR which is an integral part of the Shadow Government. For years, those of us who've been tracking this NWO planned destruction of AMERICA have been aware that the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, and CFR have come out with policy papers like this that we've seen turned into law, but THIS TAKES THE CAKE!

The cat is out of the bag, folks. Treason doesn't GET any more BLATANT than this!

Bush is letting all the illegal aliens flood in from Mexico, and he's helping them get papers to stay here, helping to DESTROY our economy, becasue that HAS to happen to CRUSH the dollar in order to usher in the hemispheric wide currency: the AMERO, and along with it, CODEX.

This is GENOCIDE, people. The attitude of our Trotskyite President and his Neocon traitor backers is that our SS # is our SLAVE number, that our Birth Certificate has been MONETIZED and is being held by the International Monetary Fund as Collateral against an UNPAYABLE DEBT, and that all we are is PRODUCTION UNITS- SLAVES, and I mean LITERAL SLAVES.

When the UNION won the civil war, Lincoln (quote unquote) "freed" the blacks and made us ALL SLAVES

It proves that in the name of SECURITY, these COLLECTIVISTS are trying to STRIP US of ALL of our FREEDOMS.


Yeah, RIGHT!! Don't fall for it people, we're dealing with mad men here, terrorists, the BIGGEST TERRORISTS in the history of civilization, they're lying through their TEETH and the WHOLE TRUTH is told RIGHT HERE: http://www.reopen911.org

The forerunners of these terrorists engineered the US getting into WW1 by planning and executing the sinking of the Lusitania. They sent it on a course that they knew would take it into an area where there were German U-Boats and didn't provide it with a Naval escort. Hell, they probably told the Germans where to expect it. It was torpedoed, that made front page news, and BINGO- they'd gotten the USA into WW1.

Congress didn't go for the League of Nations recognizing that it was unconstitutional, so they needed another war to create the momentum to push us into the UN.

They set the stage for WW2 by doing nothing to rebuilt post war Germany, and IG Farben (Hoechts, Bayer, BASF pharmaceutical companies underwritten heavily by US and British corporate investors) fueled Hitler's rise to power. Roosevelt knew about the pending attack on Pearl Harbor and LET IT HAPPEN to manufacture consent to get us into WW2, and in its aftermath, via the actions of communist traitors we were conned into joining the UN which TODAY is trying to control the world's FOOD SUPPLY via CODEX.

How are thay gonna lay Codex on us if we don't fight back?

Via CAFTA, FTAA, and via this new

Read it and WEEP.

Read it and get PISSED OFF.

Stock up on GUNS, people. GUNS and AMMUNITION because the Lunatics have taken over the Asylum. The District of Criminals is AWASH in TERRORIST TRAITORS and thats the gospel truth.

These people are URINATING on their oaths of office.

They are URINATING in our FACES, and now, they're threatening to spark of a SEQUEL to 911 to manufacture consent for invading IRAN and sparking off a THIRD World War.

Get a CLUE, people: PDD-60 is in force. http://www.uhuh.com/laws/pdd60a.htm
http://www.mcsm.org/ronpaul.html It was an EO signed into law by Clinton and never rescinded by Herr Bush. It requires our military to ABSORB A FIRST STRIKE (!!!)

Do you REALIZE what MADNESS this is?

Before this EO was signed by Clinton, the operational policy was LAUNCH ON DETECTION, and that had deterred Nuclear War from breaking out for YEARS because we had a MAD or Mututually Assured Destruction scenario, but that is officially OFF now, so there is ZERO DETERRANT for the Russians or Chinese from LAUNCHING on us if we go into IRAN.

Yeah man.... think about this one for a minute: Bush and Cheney and his NEO-CONS have Mount Weather to retreat into in the event of a nuclear strike. They have an underground golf course, swimming pools, stores, restaurants, and all the supplies they'd need to live very comfortably for YEARS, but what about US?

Do WE have a civil defense system in place and operational?

Hell no, it was dismantled years ago. We don't have any operational fallout shelters for our population any more.

Hang on to your HATS, people. New Orleans was just the BEGINNING. You aint' seen NUTHIN' yet....

Be sure to listen in on the CONFERENCE CALL TONIGHT with John Hammell, and kindly forward this widely to encourage more people to sign on to the IAHF list to compensate for the brain dead fools who have been unsubbing lately do to some grossly misplaced allegiance to the dictator in chief.