IAHF LIST: EMERGENCY MSSG- Tune in the Jeff Rense Show http://www.rense.com tonight at 7 PM Pacific (8 Mtn, 9 Central, 10 pm Eastern) to hear author Byron J.Richards discuss his hard hitting book (see blog http://www.truthinwellness.com/blog along with an EMERGENCY ALERT about the DANGEROUS

ADVERSE EVENT REPORTING BILL (S.3546) which could come to a floor vote in the SENATE THIS WEEK OR NEXT....... THEN MOVE RAPIDLY IN THE HOUSE unless we make some urgent calls!


This bill doesn't have any language in it to determine the CAUSALITY of an Adverse Event, and it sets up safe dietary supplements to be WRONGLY BLAMED for adverse events actually caused by one or more Rx or OTC drugs taken concurrently with a supplement.

Its a TRIAL LAWYERS DREAM, and it threatens to drive small, innovative supplement companies such as Wellness Resources (Richards company) out of business which would stop us from being able to get the best supplements on the market, leaving only inferior garbage thats not bioavailable and which doesn't work nearly as well still on the shelves.


News just in today indicates that Nutraceutical Corp, and Solgar have broken ranks with the vitamin trade associations to join forces with Nature's Plus, Life Extension Foundation, Wellness Resources and a growing number of other companies and health food stores which will be DEMANDING that NNFA hold a DEBATE over this horrible bill!!


See info at http://www.truthinwellness.com and send in the FORM LETTER with one mouseclick from http://ga4.org//campaign/AER_bill

Also: Please call Senator Reid's office at
202-224-3542. Ask for the aid who handles FDA issues, and Here is the mssg to give them:

"The Democrats are going to feel a lot of PAIN in the coming election they don't vote this down in the Senate. The reason is because the bill was NEVER DEBATED IN COMMITTEE, and the public is turning against it in droves. REID should BLOCK it from coming to the Senate Floor. Natures' Plus, Nutraceutical, and Solgar have broken ranks with the Vitamin Trade Associations and don't support the bill- this is going to force a badly needed debate about the bill within the vitamin trade associations. The bill is bad because its a trial lawyers dream.

There is no language in it that would enable causality of an adverse event to be determined, and far too much room for a dietary supplement to be wrongly and unfairly blamed for a supposed "Adverse Event" that was actually caused by one or more Rx drugs that may have been taken concurrently."

Pass it on..... also............. help needed urgently to send IAHF back to DC to lobby against the bad AER bill and to followup on work started in July against the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter....

Donations of $25. or more will bring to you a copy of Byron's tremendous BOOK, and will help us get to DC to keep helping you!!

Reid might stop this bill from reaching the Senate floor if enough of you call and get OTHERS to call, but if it makes it through the Senate, we're gonna have a WAR on our hands in the HOUSE, but we can't let grass grow under our feet!

Donate NOW to IAHF: 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA or via paypal at http://www.iahf.com 

Please help us, help YOU!!!