* Submissions Open *
The 2023 Perugia Press Prize contest is open for submissions! 

The prize is for a first or second full-length book of poetry by a woman.

Publication of the winning manuscript comes with
$1,000, author copies, and other support from the press.

We're pleased to continue a fee structure for our contest that
gives poets options on how they submit their work and makes
the contest more accessible to all. Read more on our blog.

We look forward to reading your work!

We are thrilled that Lisbeth White's new Perugia Press book
American Sycamore is almost here, and it's up on our site NOW!
It will be published in September (and on pre-sale that month,
so look out for that). Until then, you can read about this book
and its author, and check out sample poems in text and audio.
Need a new book for your book group or classroom? We've also prepared a classroom guide to help you use this book in writing and conversation. Check out this beautiful book on our website!

Emerging BIWOC Poet Spotlight

August 2022 Poet: Caridad Moro-Gronlier

Waiting to Be Discharged from the Maternity Ward

Consider the eyes of a boy who has the heart
to cram a Black Cat firecracker down the throat of a gecko.

Consider his hands, the giddy rush as he tries
and tries to light the match that will ice his blood.

Consider his laughter, the sound of explosion,
the slivers of lizard that land in his hair.

Consider my son, hours old, bruised
from the battle of breaking away from me

as I consider how to keep him
from stealing my lighter, from sneaking out back,

my love in his pocket,
M-80 in his hand.

from Tortillera (Texas Review Press)

To read more about this poet and her work, check out our blog.

The latest Tupelo Quarterly is a veritable feast of Perugia poets!

First, there's a great conversation between Wendy Chen and Perugia poet Melody S. Gee on Gee's new Driftwood Press chapbook The Convert’s Heart is Good to Eat. Read Chen
& Gee's exchange All the time in the world.

Next, you'll find three beautiful poems

Finally, there's an excerpt of a chapbook project
by Kristin Bock and Perugia poet L. I. Henley.


Perugia poet L. I. Henley also has a fun essay 
 "The Last Resort" on participating in a stein-holding
contest up in the latest Los Angeles Review.


Perugia poet Jennifer K. Sweeney has three effacements
using the Amy Vanderbilt etiquette book and vintage
ephemera in the summer issue of GASHER.


Check out Perugia poet Abby E. Murray's poem she wrote
"for your birthday when it doesn't necessarily feel
like your birthday" up at ONE ART.


Listen to the latest installments of the podcast "Poems on Air" 
(Dana Levin! Ada Limón! Lauren Russell! Sonia Sanchez!)
a weekly reading of poetry by Los Angeles Poet Laureate


Watch and listen to Perugia poet Corrie Williamson’s
rich conversation with Montana Poet Laureate
Mark Gibbons on his “Poets in Montana” series.


Perugia poet Gail Thomas's chapbook Trail of Roots was chosen as an inaugural A.V. Christie Series winner and will be published
this fall by Seven Kitchens Press. The series features original, unpublished poetry manuscripts by women writers over 50
and "honors the vision of poet & teacher A.V. Christie as part
of their ... long-term commitment to publish women and other traditionally underrepresented voices."
PO Box 60364, Florence, MA  01062