* Submissions Open in One Month *
The 2022 Perugia Press Prize contest opens for submissions August 1. 

The prize is for a first or second full-length book of poetry by a woman.

Publication of the winning manuscript comes with
$1,000, author copies, and other support from the press.

We're pleased to announce a new fee structure for our contest:

Submission fees are integral to our operations and go directly toward the mission and work of our independent, nonprofit literary press. In an effort to remove barriers and make submissions more accessible for all, Perugia Press asks poets to choose the submission rate that works for them: $30 (w/free book), $15 (reduced rate), or fee-free (for poets who are Black, Indigenous, and women of color). NOTE: Until Perugia Press achieves more equitable representation, we'll offer a fee-free submission option for BIWOC poets. This is a reparation and not an assumption of financial need; we intend to do our part to repay BIWOC poets for the extra time and energy it takes to navigate systemic racism in the publishing industry while we help work to dismantle it. Your mode of submitting will have no bearing on our consideration of your manuscript. Thank you for your support!

We look forward to reading your work!

Emerging BIWOC Poet Spotlight 
June 2021 Poet: Krysten Hill

Photo by Jon Beckley

Never your bird, never finch,
never graceful feathered thing.
Maybe litany molting
what it can’t heal. Maybe pinwheel
started with breath, whispering
I love you or today, I will try. Maybe knife
to core the apple of my eye, a blade that wants you
blind. Maybe red kitchen where the kettle is hoarse
from heat underneath, where I boil my tongue
to be rid of its stutter, maybe humming
while it sweeps the bodies of dead
wasps from its windowsill, but never your bird
sitting pretty and ornamental.
Maybe a well-lit room that hurts your eyes
before it swallows you, or an opening
of skirt holding onto the hips of a woman
that wears it well, or a cavity
in the yard where I want to lay
the language of better love, but never
your canary, parakeet, sweet
feathered thing that lives
just to sing for you.

from How Her Spirit Got Out (Aforementioend Productions)

To read more about this poet and her work, check out our blog.

We're so happy to share that Perugia poet Gail Martin (Begin Empty-Handed, 2013) is launching her new Two Sylvias Press Wilder Prize-winning book Disappearing Queen in a reading tonight with Perugia friend Kelly Cressio-Moeller and her Wilder Prize finalist book Shade of Blue Trees. Hosted by Diane Seuss & Kelli Russell Agodon. Register here to attend the celebration! Cheers, Gail & Kelly! 

PO Box 60364, Florence, MA  01062