a back to basics


Saturday, 2 1 October 2006


Are you involved in community theatre?  Are you an aspiring actor or director?  Are you a playwright?  Or are you just a lover of theatre and particularly the craft of acting?


If so then the Scotland Island TheatreFest is for you.


The Scotland Island Players are hosting a day and evening of one act plays on Saturday 21 October as part of a month long island festival “28 Days on an Island”.  We are looking for theatre lovers who would like to perform a (published or unpublished) one act-er in the “raw’ (no, not naked!).  Our aim is to present a TheatreFest focusing on the craft of acting uncluttered by complex sets (there’s no room for them anyway).


We have a performance space, good lighting for the space including a follow spot, some basic sound equipment for special effects CDs, “blacks”, and 9 black cubes 450mm x 450mm x 450mm suitable for a multitude of uses and which can be stacked, stood on etc.  Costumes, makeup and personal props are, of course, permissible and the performers’ responsibility.


If you think this might be fun (or a challenge) why not contact us to find out more or just complete the attached Entry Form.


Phone:            Kez Borthwick-Bolton on 02 9999 4092 or

Email:             scotlandislandplayers@hotmail.com