Media Release
Monday June 20th 2022
Just.Equal Australia has slammed the decision by world swimming federation, FINA, to isolate trans women who compete in elite swimming.

Just.Equal advisor, Sally Goldner AM said,

"The decision to isolate trans women to their own lane at the pool means effectively they cannot compete at elite level because they will be competing against themselves."

"We question a process that was undertaken in secret, and ask whether trans people were consulted about their lives or whether this decision was imposed on us without consultation."

"Various groups in society have faced exaggeration, myths and moral panics, and the idea trans women have an unfair advantage in sport is just another of these."

"We call on FINA to re-examine the decision and consider the broader impact on the lives and hopes of trans people around the globe."

"We call on anyone in any situation, including other sporting bodies, to always consult with trans people when making decisions about our issues and our lives."

Ms Goldner also called on the Federal Government to initiate overdue trans-led reforms as soon as possible to help counter the negative impact of FINA's decision.

"These include full Medicare coverage of affirmation treatments, workplace discrimination protection for trans people in the Fair Work Act, a public education campaign about the truths of trans lives, and the creation of a national trans working group to establish and implement uniform guidelines for recording identity on documents."
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For more information contact Sally Goldner on 0407 946 242.