Sage Hill Gardens

A New and Prosperous 2016-Waiting

As I go back over the 2015 year I'm amazed at all I, and we, at Sage Hill Farms have accomplished.

Much of what transpired during the last year was not planned, not expected, and not always welcomed.

Growth and change can come so unexpectedly and in ways that aren't what we need. It's important to stay tuned to your goal; to know when and where to say no...if no is needed.

Once the leap has been taken to curb the demands that are not in our best interest, only then do we start to see the real and best path to where we are meant to go.

When we started the Sage Hill Farms project it was meant to be about teaching, helping others to find the desire and the means to connect with good food and better health

We strayed from that in many ways, however 2015 was spent revamping the retail end, keeping the core and releasing much that had become baggage. More education and the products you have, over the last 12 years requested and kept at the best sellers spot are still there, still the same quality, still affordable.

Spring Projects...

More greenhouse interesting and yummy!

A very exciting "frog" project is in the making...I think you will be delighted.

My friend and "Frog" expert ...actually two frog experts...prompted me to move forward with this project I had bounced around for a few years.

Places and People I Love~

Find your passion and help others to find theirs. Together we can accomplish a better outcome.

A favorite quote: "Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man's growth without destroying his roots."
Frank A. Clark

Thank you to all the people who have passed through my life this last year. A few left skid marks, some were delightful and moved on, and many have become beautiful friends and loyal customers.

Life is good and always changing, consider carefully the change, before rejecting the idea.
To yours and ours - the most successful New Year!

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
Sage Hill Gardens

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