Gluten Free in Central Arkansas, branch of GIG

April 2010



Table of Contents


·         Calendar - GFCA  - Saturday, May 22 from 10-noon will be our next meeting

·         GFCA Participation Always Needed

·         Support Groups Around Arkansas – Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Hot Springs, Fort Smith

·         News from GIG – Annual Educational Conference; GFCO certification of Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzels, Gluten Free Challenge; New handout from GIG

·         FDA survey for people with CD and gluten sensitivity

·         Yogurt

·         Frito Lay has a new list

·         Restaurants – YaYa’s; PF Chang’s 15% off on tax day

·         Children’s Corner – notes from Sherri; one more camp; GF

·         Stores –Drug Emporium, Whole Foods, Hays

·         Recipe Corner- Crusty Boule; White Chocolate Raspberry Scones; Hamburger and Hotdog buns

·         Cosmetics – Avon, Maybelline and Clinique GF lists

·         Articles and Abstracts -  Fertility and Celiac disease


Please send donations to our GFCA treasurer, Terri Murdoch. Make checks payable to GFCA.

11 Berwyn Dr

Little Rock, AR 72227
  Phone: 501-312-1689


Gluten Free 101 classes are held on demand. Please contact either Terri Murdoch or me for more information on classes in Little Rock.  LaDonna Brock has moved. She is now available for GF 101 in Hot Springs. She can be contacted by email at or by phone 501-262-4299


All general meetings are held in the community room of Whole Foods unless otherwise specified. Whole Foods kindly allows us to use their community room for our meetings. We are not affiliated with Whole Foods. GFCA is a branch of Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG)


Whole Foods

10700 N Rodney Parham Rd
Little Rock, AR 72212
(501) 312-2326
For directions go to:  [maps_google_com]


Calendar for GFCA 

April: No meeting this month

*Saturday*, May 22 from 10-noon Lisa Hendrix, MD will be speaking this month.  Topic: “Adrenal Fatigue”

Monday, June 21st 6-8pm:  I will be bringing you the latest news from the 2010 GIG Annual Educational Conference. Please let me know if you are planning to attend this conference too.

July: TBA

*Saturday*, August 14 1-3pm: Betsy Hendricks, MD will be speaking. Her topic is “It’s the Yeast”

Monday, September 20, 6-8pm Samuel B. Welch, MD, PHD, FACS, FAAOA, Associate Professor of  Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at UAMS will be speaking. Topic: To be announced.

*Saturday*, October 16th 10am to noon Cookbook author, Claudia Pillow will be giving a presentation.  She and her sister Annalise Roberts, recently published a new book, The Gluten-Free Good Health Cookbook: the Delicious Way to Strengthen Your Immune System and Neutralize Inflammation.  The three-step strategy of Gluten-Free Good Health is simple: replace gluten containing foods (such as wheat) with vegetables and fruits, reduce sugar intake, and balance every meal with whole foods. The book contains such sought out recipes as a gluten-free roux for Mac and cheese, traditional pan sauce gravies, innovative low-fat sauces and creamy soups. The extensive vegetable chapter contains flavorful, easy-to- prepare recipes like roasted ratatouille and butternut squash gratin, so eating healthy is simple.



GFCA Participation Always Needed

Do you have a recipe to share? Did you find a new product you love? Have you visited a restaurant that served you a great GF meal?  Do you have vacation and travel tips? Did your child go to a camp? We all have stories about getting diagnosed and learning to be GF – what is your story? Do you have a favorite website? We can all learn from each other. We would love to hear from YOU. You will find items submitted by your GF friends in this newsletter. When you submit something, please let me know if I can mention your name. 


If you have submitted something to me, and you do not see it in the newsletter, please contact me. I have been known to misplace or lose emails.


I will use your first name only unless you give me permission to use your full name.




Support Outside of Little Rock

Gluten Intolerance in N.E. AR -Jonesboro. For information about meetings please contact:

         Barbara Feeser 870-935-4515  

         Gale Pierce 870-539-2591

         Corrie Stricklin  870-268-1080.  Nature's Pantry location is 554 CR 409 (also known as South Culberhouse), Jonesboro, AR.72404.



Arkansas R.O.C.K.  For information, you may contact Melanie at 479-582-9232 or email her at This group is based in Fayetteville. There is also an active Yahoo group to join The online Yahoo groups is a wonderful way to stay in touch with the GF community in Arkansas. It is available to everyone. It is not just for parents.



 NWA Celiac Sprue Association Support Group For more information you may contact Carolyn McKinley at 479-644-9909 or email



 Hot Springs Village There are two contact persons: Nancy Carter   or Jeannie Shapley, 501-321-8171,



 Gluten Free Fort Smith  For more information contact Majetta Green 479-221-4372 or  The next meeting will be Thursday, May 6.


News from Gluten Intolerance Group

2010 GIG Annual Educational Conference
Savor the Flavor of Gluten Free Living
Coming June 4-5, 2010!


Minneapolis Airport Marriott
2020 American Boulevard East
Bloomington, MN 55425
Phone: 1-952-854-7441

Nightly Room Rates: $97 + tax

Leadership Training: June 3rd!
Conference and Exhibits: June 4th and 5th!

Dr. Joseph Murray, Mayo Clinic; Dr. Daniel Leffler, The Celiac Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; and Dr Stephen Wangen, IBS Treatment Center will be keynote speakers on Friday, June 4th. Dr Rodney Ford will be the guest speaker at the banquet on Saturday, June 5th. I have attached a pdf of the program.

GIG is committed to holding prices for this conference at the 2009 rate or less.


GFCO to Certify Snyder's Gluten-Free Pretzels

The Gluten-Free Certification Organization  announces
Snyder's of Hanover's Gluten Free Pretzel Sticks have met GFCO's stringent
qualifications and earned certified gluten-free status.

These products should show up in the stores in mid summer


Gluten Free Challenge

How does the Gluten-Free Challenge work?
It's very easy. Simply sign up by filling out the form found here.  If you press the "submit" button you're pledging to live gluten-free for the weekend of May 22 & 23, 2010 (if you already live gluten-free everyday, please remember to encourage your friends and loved ones to take the challenge).

Once you're signed up, we'll send you a Recipe of the Day and a helpful Tip of the Day every day for the month leading up to the challenge. You get to try (at least) one new recipe each day. By the time the challenge weekend rolls around, you'll have a full repertoire of recipes for creating a delicious and enjoyable weekend.

Our hope is that for the novice we'll help you get started, and for the seasoned pro you'll learn something new. The recipes are tantalizing and simple, and many are recipe contest winners. 

When is the Gluten-Free Challenge?
The weekend of May 22 & 23, right in the heart of Gluten-free Awareness Month. But, don't forget to sign up early for more chances to win free products, receive the daily recipes and tips, and share your experiences.

We are putting the final touches on this website. In the next couple of weeks, you'll see a whole new format where we can all share our experiences of how it's going. You can also join us on facebook to share your stories.

Why have a Gluten-Free Challenge?
Living gluten-free can feel isolating, but it shouldn't. We believe that if we invite our gluten-consuming friends and family to join us at the table, we can all enjoy a delicious meal together. Our goal is not to change everyone to a gluten-free diet, but to simply show our gluten-consuming friends and family that they can enjoy our food with us. We believe that everyone who to takes this challenge for their gluten-free loved one, will find that eating together is more enjoyable, easier and less stressful. We want to hear about dinner party invitations (without worry), breakfast in bed again, and all of the other wonderful food related ways we show we care... for everyone.


GIG now has a great hand out you can share with friends and family who are asking about gluten. It is “Could Gluten Be Causing Your Health Problems”



Seeking Participants for a Research Study on Gluten-Free Claims on Food Labels

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is seeking adults

diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten-intolerance or caregivers  

to such individuals to participate in a research study on

their grocery shopping habits. Participants will be asked to take

an Internet survey, which will take approximately 10 minutes

to complete

The survey is available at


 Please contact Katherine Kosa at or

1-800-334-8571, extension 23901, if you have any questions

about the study.

 To request a paper copy of the survey, please call 1-877-4GLUTN1.



Dannon Yogurt says none of their yogurts can be considered gluten free.

Gluten: This protein is found in wheat, oats, rye and barley. DANNON yogurt products are not formulated to contain gluten, but they can't be considered gluten free. The natural system for stabilizing flavor might contain ingredients derived from gluten sources. Since there is a current lack of consensus on individual sensitivity levels to gluten, and there are no accurate tests to detect the presence and amount of gluten, DANNON yogurt cannot be classified as "gluten free."

Stonyfield has this to say about their yogurts:

All of our yogurts, smoothies, and soy yogurts, except for our YoBaby Plus Fruit & Cereal, are certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO). Our GFCO certification (and the symbol on our packages) tells those with gluten intolerance (celiac disease) that they can enjoy our yogurt without worry.

I could not find anything about gluten and Yoplait  on its website. From what I have read, look at the label for any gluten ingredients.


Brown Cow has all of its yogurts certified by GFCO except for the Fruit and Whole Grains ones. Be sure to look for the GF certification symbol on what you buy.


Frito Lay

Please be sure to read labels and use the updated GF list. Some items have been added, but some items have been removed.



I ate a lovely dinner at YaYa’s last night. The chef came out to my table and told me that he was very familiar with preparation of GF food and many of the dishes could be made safe for me. He also said that they are in the process of going over all ingredients and, hopefully, will have a GF menu soon. Much of the food served at YaYa’s is locally grown.  If the weather is nice, sit in the patio. The chairs are very comfortable and some nights they have music. Planters of herbs used in the kitchen are part of the decoration. The servers are most friendly and helpful.

At this time YaYa’s is not listed on the restaurant list at  even though it is one of my favorites. I have limited the restaurant list to those that have taken the extra step to have a GF menu.


PF Chang’s is giving a discount of 15% on food on tax day, April 15. They have recently expanded their GF menu and it now includes beef dishes.


Children’s Corner

Notes from Sherri: Yesterday, I was checking out at Diane’s when the salesperson commented that it must be a lot easier eating gluten free these days.  (She had seen the Betty Crocker mixes at the grocery store.)  I thought back to feeding my son those cardboard tasting rice cakes and breads twenty five years ago and agreed, we have come a long way baby.  It's exciting to find gluten free products in unexpected places, like on the Toy's R Us food isle.  And don't you LOVE it when you pick up a product at the store and in bold letters you see the words, GLUTEN FREE?  I know we owe a debt of gratitude to those pioneers who have made our diets so much easier.  But I still have one request.  Could you help us get better prices?????


Information about Camp Gilmont in Gilmer, Tx can be found here:


Soy-Yer Gluten Free Molding Dough comes in 11 different scents and colors and there is also a soy free version.  The person who developed this dough won the money to start up his business on “Shark Tank”. You can read about him here:



Have you been to Drug Emporium recently? The GF food section has been moved and enlarged. They were in the process of getting more freezers when I was there. There will be more freezer space for GF items. Be sure to tell DE what you would like for them to carry.


Be on the lookout for a Gluten Free Makeover at Whole Foods in April. They want to hear from you to find out what you would like to see on their shelves. You can contact Ryan Madding

The 365 GF mixes will be replaced by Gluten Free Pantry products.


Connie found a new product at Hay’s Grocery Store in West Helena. Have you seen it at the checkout counter? It is Hazelnut Wafers by Schar. She says it is the “best snack I’ve had yet.


Recipe Corner

This tasty bread is not light and fluffy but it has a good texture. It's a good way to have freshly baked bread four times in one week.

Gluten-Free Crusty Boule from submitted by Deanna

Makes enough dough for at least four 1-pound loaves

2 cups Brown Rice Flour

1 1/2 cups Sorghum Flour

3 cups Tapioca Flour (also called tapioca starch)

2 tablespoons yeast (can be reduced but you will have to increase the rise time)

1 tablespoon kosher salt (increase or decrease to taste)

2 tablespoons Xanthan Gum

2 2/3 cups lukewarm water

4 large eggs, whisked together

1/3 cup neutral-flavored oil or olive oil

2 tablespoons honey or sugar


For visual instructions, go to: Gluten Free Crusty Boule -

Deanna’s version of instructions:

Whisk together flours, yeast, salt, and xanthan gum in a 5 quart round lidded container.

Dump whisked eggs into the dry mixture.  (Don't stir yet.) Combine oil, honey, and water.  Add a third at a time to egg/flour mixture, stirring each time.

Stir until smooth.  Cover with lid but do not snap shut. (I used a mixing bowl and covered it loosely with plastic wrap.) Allow to rest on counter for two hours.


Now it is ready to bake or store in the refrigerator for up to seven days.


On baking day, take the dough from the refrigerator.  Try not to overhandle it.


Using wet hands, take out one pound of dough (about the size of a grapefruit), and place it on a sheet of parchment paper.  Pat until smooth with wet hands.


 Cover loosely with plastic wrap and allow to rest on the counter for 90 minutes (or 75 minutes if your kitchen is very warm.)


30 minutes before baking time, preheat oven to 500 degrees with a 5 ½ quart Dutch oven and lid in it.


The dough will not have grown very much by this time.  Cut slashes across the top with a serrated knife.


Remove the pot from the oven, take off lid, and carefully lower the parchment and dough into the pot.


 Replace the lid and place the pot into the oven.  Bake 20 minutes. Lower temperature to 450 degrees and bake 15 more minutes.

Remove bread from pot using a spatula.  Cool on a rack.  If eaten while warm, the inside will be gummy.


White Chocolate Raspberry Scones submitted by Nancy


1-1/4 cups Pamela's Baking Mix

1-1/4 cups Pamela's Bread Mix

2 tsp. GF baking powder

1 tsp. baking soda

4 Tbsp Butter or Earth Balance Shortening Sticks

2 large eggs beaten or egg substitute

3/4 cup vanilla yogurt

1 cup fresh or frozen raspberries

1/2 cup white chocolate chips

Cinnamon-sugar mixture for sprinkling on tops



Preheat oven to 400 F.

Whisk together the dry ingredients in a large bottom mixing bowl.  Add softened butter and combine with dry ingredients.  Using electric mixer add the well beaten eggs and yogurt.   

Gently fold in the white chocolate chips and raspberries.  Scoop heaping tablespoonfuls (I spray Pam on scoop) onto parchment-lined baking sheet(or Silpat liner) (I moisten my fingertips and smooth tops) and sprinkle tops with cinnamon/sugar mixture.  Bake 10-12 minutes until tops are lightly browned.  Do not overcook. 

Yields:  10-12 scones. 


Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns submitted by Nancy

This may sound involved, but once the ingredients are assembled, it goes quickly and easily I feel.    The buns can be formed using cans from canned chicken or you can buy small spring form pans – they work about the same. I will not put in as much batter because they were too big and I sliced them into thirds. The original recipe which I have modified was from the Jules GF web site and I did use Jules GF All Purpose Flour. 

You can sign up for her free newsletter that includes recipes and special deals on the flour.

The flour is certified GF by


8 oz. sparkling water, club soda, gingerale or gluten-free ale. ( I used Sierra Mist)

3 large eggs at room temperature

3 Tbsp. olive oil

1 tsp. apple cider vinegar

2 Tbsp. Honey or agave nectar (omit if using gingerale or Sierra Mist)

1-1/2 cups Gluten Free All Purpose Flour (She used Jules GF All Purpose Flour)

1-1/2 cups baking mix (I use Pamela's Baking Mix)

1 tsp. salt

1 Tbsp. sugar

1 pkg. Rapid Rise yeast(dissolved in 2 Tbsp. warm water w/1/2 tsp. sugar)



 Prepare individual pans with cooking spray.(I use canned chicken pans and they work very well.)  Also, I used some small loaf pans to use for hot dogs or slice for bread slices.)  Place on a baking sheet. 

 In a large mixing bowl beat the eggs well.  Add oil, vinegar, sparkling water and honey.  In a food processor bowl pulse dry ingredients except yeast just until blended (one short pulse should do it).  Slowly pour the liquids into the dry ingredients pulsing as you add.  When incorporated add the yeast(it should be foamy) and pulse quickly.

 Pour batter into prepared pans filling no more than half.  If shaping by hand, prepare a clean counter or pastry mat dusted with plenty of Gluten Free All Purpose Flour(the dough is very wet).  Divide the dough in 9-10 equal parts and pat out into a bun shape.  Don't make the buns too large at this stage unless you looking for kaiser rolls.  Place on parchment-lined baking sheet.  Brush all buns lightly with olive oil. 

 Cover with oiled wax paper and let rise in a warm moist place for 30 minutes. (an oven preheated to 200 f, then turned off with a bowl of water in the oven to add moisture is a good option.)  Do not let the rolls rise more than double their size or they will rise too much to support themselves and will collapse when cooking. 

 When the dough has risen, lightly brush with milk.  They will brown nicely.  Bake at 375 F for approximately 20-25 minutes.  The rolls should rise above the tops of the pans and will be golden brown with a nice crust.  Remove to cool in the pans for 5 minutes.  Gently remove from the pans and serve with yhour favorite burger or hot dog. 

 Yield:  Approx. 10 buns



Here are links to lists of cosmetics for Avon, Maybelline and Clinique’t-give-up-the-glam-–-gluten-free-lipstick-to-the-rescue/

Thanks to Gail for finding this website with cosmetic information


Articles and Abstracts

 J. Reprod. Med. 2010 Jan-Feb:55(1-2):3-8

Celiac disease and its effect on human reproduction: a review.


Celiac disease is an intestinal inflammatory disease that is triggered by gluten in the diet. Patients present with a wide array of symptoms due to malabsorption that include diarrhea, abdominal pain, bloating and weight loss. In women, this disease may have implications on menstrual and reproductive health. The symptom complex includes delayed menarche, early menopause, secondary amenorrhea, infertility, recurrent miscarriages and intrauterine growth restriction. These women benefit from early diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, celiac disease should be considered and screening tests performed on women presenting with menstrual and reproductive problems and treated accordingly. The objective of this article is to review the current literature on celiac disease and its association with the above-mentioned disorders.

PMID: 20337200 [PubMed - in process]

Perhaps men who are infertile should also be screened.

Minerva Med. 2004 Jun;95(3):243-54.

[Celiac disease and its endocrine and nutritional implications on male reproduction]

[Article in Italian]


The problem of the interference of celiac disease (CD) with the male reproductive system is made evident both by the recognized adverse effects on female reproduction and by the multifactorial nature of the disease. It is important to consider CD as a multifactorial condition since its diverse effects can be modulated, besides gluten, by different concurrent genetic and environmental factors. The male CD patient has a greater risk of infertility and other reproductive disturbances, as well as a greater incidence of hypoandrogenism(low male sex hormones). In this paper the problems of CD associated to endocrine disorders and to deficiencies of micronutrients are discussed. Affected males show a picture of tissue resistance to androgens. Moreover, attention should be paid to increases of FSH and prolactin; these are not associated to infertility and/or impotence, but they may indicate an imbalance at hypothalamus-pituitary level, with general effects on health: an example is the increased risk of male osteoporosis in CD patients. Hormone alterations are reversible upon start of the gluten-free diet, emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis; this should be performed in the case of clinical suspicion, e.g., unexplained hypoandrogenism. As regards nutritional aspects, the folic acid deficiency of CD can affect rapidly proliferating tissues, such as the embryo and the seminiferous epithelium. More attention should be paid to deficiencies of fat-soluble vitamins, such as A and E, observed in CD. Vitamin A is important for Sertoli cell function as well as for early spermatogenetic phases. Vitamin E supports the correct differentiation and function of epidydimal epithelium, spermatid maturation and secretion of proteins by the prostate. Therefore, CD male patients should be considered as vulnerable subjects; thus, the detection of early biomarkers of andrological or endocrinological dysfunctions should trigger timely strategies for prevention and treatment.

PMID: 15289752 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]