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IAHF List: Please respond to the urgent update from Alliance for Natural Health by making donations and by forwarding it to more people, we have the month of September, and thats IT, the deadline to file the lawsuit is pressing heavily on us and we have a long way to go to raise the necessary funds, so please help!

Note: If you will be at Expo East vitamin tradeshow Sept. 4-7 in Washington DC and would like to assist in handing out copies of my article about the ANH lawsuit from the July issue of Life Extension Magazine, please let me know. I won't be there, I am in Canada til September 11th working on C-420, but an ally will be passing out reprints of my article at the trade show in an effort to get more industry backing for the ANH lawsuit and more help is needed- especially from anyone with a booth who can help spread the word.

Update from the Alliance for Natural Health

US attorneys urge support for ANH

Dietary supplement expert andUS attorney, Ralph Fucetola, confirms that the ANH challenge is critical to the defence of health freedom worldwide.

See the Latest News item on the ANH website.

A call to action for all those who believe in their freedom to choose and wish to use safe and effective nutrients to achieve optimum health!

We need all the help we can get to alert consumers and companies in the US and Europe of the urgency of the case. Consumers have got the message - making the ANH in web terms, probably the leading health freedom campaign worldwide (see Alexa stats). The site istoday ranked as the top 107,585 in the world and has experienced 17,100% growth in the last 3 months!

Financial support is still urgently needed. Of the thousands of sessions on the website monthly, numerous individuals have made donations since the new website was launched in May this year. Of these,12.8% have made more than one donation and this is greatly appreciated.

Because of the generosity of many of the donations, donations from individuals have amounted to some £20,000 (€28,000 / US$32,000) through the website.

We are also working very closely with innovative companies to help them appreciate the need to make substantial donations and progress is being made.

We are moving forward but still have a long way to go in meeting the full costs of the legal challenge (approx. £205,000 /€297,000 / US$324,000) for phase 1 (preparation, filing and issue of the legal challenge) and require every bit of help we can get!

This is a battle we can win but we all need to take responsibility for it and share the burden together.

Those who have seen fit to keep abreast of the campaign as ANH Members may wish to consider becoming Partners by making a donation to the ANH. If possible, please consider donating monthly - and doing all you can to help get the word out to other consumers, to companies and to complementary medicine practitioners.

Please email nutritional therapist and ANH Campaign Manager Henrietta Lee on info@alliance-natural-health.org asking her to send out company or practitioner appeal e-packs to contacts you might have. Alternatively, once you have received the information, you can forward it yourself with your personalised appeal.You can forward contact details to us so that we can follow up.If you are committed to the products you currently use and believe they might be under threat, as innovative, effective products, contact your supplier yourself. Again, let us also have the details so we can follow-up.

Our Publicity Manager Jeremy Arbib and publicity laison specialist,Martin Muncaster (ex-BBC presenter), are both doing a great job bringing companies and celebrities on-board the campaign. The campaign is also gathering a lot of steam in Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and France thanks to the huge efforts of ANH supporters in these countries.

You can follow some of thisprogress by going to the Support Base section of the website.

Celebrities support ANH

You may be interested to know that a number of high profile celebrities are coming in behind the campaign, and these include Dame Judy Dench, Dame Olivier (Joan Plowright), Bianca Jagger and Billie Piper.

ANH Events

David Hinde (Legal Director) has just returned from Sweden, building further support for the case among the practitioner groups such as NMTF and KAM, as well as with consumers, retailers and companies.

I will be speaking in Ireland between 10 and 13 September, and David, myself and others will present on behalf of ANH at the Natural Trade Show in Harrogate in the North of England on 15 September. Please stay informed of these and other events via the Events Calendar on the ANH homepage.

Donations can be made direct on the website by card, or they can be sent direct to the ANH bank account (which is best for the campaign as it avoids transaction charges):

Alliance for Natural Health
Natwest Bank plc
Guildford High Street
Sort code: 60-09-21
Account: 12765309
Swift code (for transactions outside the UK): NWB KGB 2L

Thank you for your support!!

Robert Verkerk BSc, MSc, DIC, PhD
Executive Director

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