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Summer Fiction Extravaganza

West Portal—

As your friend, I gotta tell you: It’s time to lighten up. I know things out in the world have been intense lately. I get that. But it’s summer, it’s time to relax. It’s time to have some fun!

West Portal, have I got some fun for you: I have six fantastic fiction authors coming in June. It’s our first Summer Fiction Extravaganza! And I want you to come out to hear these authors speak, so I’m trying something different. For each of the six events you attend, you’ll accrue a 5% discount toward a shopping spree on the day of your choosing in July. If you attend all six events, you’ll rack up an incredible 30% discount! Honestly, I’m not expecting a lot of you to come to all six—but man, I’d love to be proven wrong!

Unreliable Let me tell you a bit about these books and authors. This Thursday, June 1st at 7:00pm, we are welcoming Lee Irby, author of Unreliable. Now, a good unreliable narrator is one of my favorite literary devices, and as soon as I saw the description of his book, I knew I had to read it. It said in part, “Riotous and riveting, this is the story of a charming college professor who most definitely did not—but maybe did—kill his ex-wife. Or someone else. Or no one. Irby plays with the thriller trope in unimaginably clever ways.”

Murder in Saint-Germain Then next week, on Tuesday, June 6th at 7:00pm, we’re launching the book tour of one of our very favorite people. Cara Black is back with Aimee Leduc in Murder in Saint-Germain. Publisher’s Weekly called Cara's 17th novel “as sharp as Aimee’s designer stiletto heels,” and I couldn’t agree more!

Okay, I can’t talk about all six books right now, but I’ll tease you with this: Of the six authors, two are so local they shop at BookShop West Portal. (Hint: Cara’s one.) And two are flying in from far away (one all the way from Tokyo!), but are speaking about books set here in San Francisco. Five of the six novels are mysteries or thrillers. ALL are excellent. Here’s the entire month:

Thu 6/01 – Lee Irby, Unreliable
Tue 6/06 – Cara Black, Murder in Saint-Germain
Mon 6/19– Karen Dionne, The Marsh King’s Daughter
Tue 6/20– Martha Conway, The Underground River
Tue 6/27– Barry Lancet, The Spy Across the Table
Thu 6/29– Meg Gardiner, Unsub

Please come join us for Lee and Cara. Pick up our special promotional bookmark, and start accruing savings while having a heck of a good time.

See you at the store!


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