Dear (Joburg) friends,

This month's Wednesday Session (tomorrow, 28 September) will feature two exciting components:
- Book Review
We'll kick-off with a book review of Mark Thomas's, Extreme Ramblings ( Find the first few pages of the book here:
- Stencil-making
Together with those that attend we will make graffiti stencils, similar to the ones that graffiti-artist Banksy uses ( Then we'll (spray) paint the town...

When: Last Wednesday of every month
Time: 19h00 for 19h30
Admission: Free
Where: Love and Revolution, Shop 4B, 7th Street, Melville
Hosts: SA Artists Against Apartheid and the BDS Working Group
More info:

Wednesday Sessions Feature: various, innovative and entertaining evenings that include poetry readings, film screenings, live performances, art exhibitions, discussions, (juicy) debates and more.
Wednesday Sessions Are: an open space where artists (and others) can discuss, deconstruct, share, provoke, debate, politicize, network, collaborate, exhibit, showcase... or perform their own work. Let us know when you would like to take us up on the offer to present/perform your own work! Write to us at:
Wednesday Sessions Aim To: question and highlight the role of art, artists in society and general members of society in assisting ordinary people move beyond extraordinary circumstances. How did ordinary people in the international community assist South Africans to overcome apartheid? How can we now assist those Palestinians and progressive Israelis who are resisting Israeli Apartheid?
Come to Wednesday Sessions To Learn: about Art & Politics ... Art and Politics in South Africa... the Palestinian-Israeli issue ... Israeli Apartheid ... or how you too can join the cultural boycott of Israel.

Wednesday Sessions May Inspire: you and other attendees to be creative and productive... to make artistic work ... to go out and graffiti or organise a flashmob. We encourage and will assist in this :)

See you on Wednesday!
South African Artists Against Apartheid and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Working Group