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The Beautiful Month of May

May is the month that makes us stop and catch our breath. Explosion after explosion of greening, budding, and flowering. I am reminded over and over of how often it rains during months of spring here in our little valley.

I take note of all the female flowers on fruit trees and Mother’s Day comes to mind…isn’t it awesome how these kinds of moments just find their own timing.

Some joyful rites of May in many parts of the country and especially the mountains and Appalachian Regions are the wild herbs, plants, and trees that suddenly come to life.

Wild geranium is one of those that are truly native-the Geranium maculatum.

Do you know…those pretty potted red and pink geraniums that we bring home from the local nursery are not really geraniums at all …but members of the Pelargonium genus. Cranesbill is another name for the Wild geranium. They were one of the most sought after medicinal plants in our great and grandparents day.

Wild mustard and a close relative - Yellow Rocket - will literally cover fields for miles in some places. I love the Yellow Rocket tossed into a salad. It is also known as Winter Cress.

Dogwood, beautiful whites and pinks dot any woodland/forest terrain and have become common place in home landscapes. Before the days of commercial toothpaste, many people pounded the dried inner bark into a cleansing and healing tooth powder. They also used the small branches to make tooth brushes by fraying the ends of small twigs to brush like status…the taste is sweet and very pleasant. (Yes I have tried it)

Sage Hill Gardens - are looking very good considering we have had way too much rain. Vegetable plants are growing and hopefully the production will be abundant.

Herbs are already being cut and dried for blending of Seasonings and Teas.

Remember that Fresh cut herbs are available from now until November….you can reach me through the website if you have questions or needs.

Also note that we now have an online Classroom with step by step guides for building your garden just the way it should be for the best results. m

And…we have added a Journal to the website for reading and keeping track of the community projects we are and will become involved in. unity

Are you an author looking for a successful group to work with, learn, share, rub shoulders with published authors I have just the place for you to visit. I recently spent a day of fundraising and a week of interacting with many of these authors. I can tell you for certain it is not just another wanna-be group…you’ll find real writers, published authors from all over the world, and a leader with a strong determination to help each and everyone to become what and where they wish to be.

Check it out and tell them I sent you!

PS: A public “Thank You” to this group and to Kim Mutch Emerson for the best fundraiser event I’ve ever been involved with. It was an awesome success in so many ways…Much, much gratitude~

Soon, Farmers markets, road side stands, and open farm sales will be available to us for fruits and vegetables. I am an advocate for eating locally and in season. This is proven to be a much healthier way to eat all around…that being said…we have a new issue to deal with in today’s choices. The GMO issue…know that it doesn’t matter how local and how fresh something is, if it is grown from GMO seed, it isn’t what you want…ask the farmer you are dealing with how he grows, suggest he switch from standard seeds to organic/heirloom if he wants your trade.

Demand controls supply, we know this. Let’s make it work inside the food markets.

Happy Spring and great gardening~
The Sage Hill Farms Family~
Sage Hill Herb Farm