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- September 2001 -

Newsletter of the Scotland Island Residents Association   Volume 2, Issue 20; September 2001








These terrible times in the USA remind us of all the advantages that living on this island of ours brings to our daily life. Security for our children, tranquillity, a life in balance. We must remind ourselves every day of our very good fortune.

I am planning to be away from our beautiful environment for a while in 2002 and am looking for an assistant for a couple of months. Any takers?)

In this Issue:


Council Road Closures - This affects YOU!

To improve traffic safety on Mona Vale Road (following a Road Safety Audit by the Roads & Traffic Authority) a proposal to close the following roads to through traffic at their intersections with Mona Vale Road: Lane Cove Road (east), Ingleside Road, Walana Crescent (west) and Daydream Street. As this may directly impact on Scotland Island Residents you may want to express your opinion to council.

Crime Prevention Plan Police

The Warringah and Pittwater Community Safety Committee is a joint Committee of Pittwater and Warringah Councils. The Committee will undertake the development of a Crime Prevention Plan, in partnership with the NSW Police Service, between June 2001 and June 2002. Extensive community consultations will be undertaken between October 2001 and March 2002.

The document will be submitted to the NSW Attorney General's Department for endorsement as a 'Safer Community Compact'. Once the Plan is endorsed, there will be access to a wide range of funding for innovative and responsive strategies that aim to reduce crime. For more information regarding the Plan, please contact Neile Robinson at Pittwater Council on 9970 1199.

Garden Competition

Pittwater's keen gardeners are invited to enter the 2001 Pittwater Beautiful Garden Competition, which encourages the beautification of Pittwater through gardens which are both beautiful and environmentally friendly. Categories are Residential, Eco, Australian Native, Habitat, School and Balcony/Courtyard. Application forms are available at Council offices and Mona Vale and Avalon libraries. If you would like an application sent to you, please call 9970 1111. Applications close Thursday 18 October, with judging scheduled for Monday 22 October.

Weeds Advisory Service

To enter the garden competition it might be wise to know something about the local weeds. For anyone wondering about the strange, unwanted plants springing up in their gardens, the Coastal Environment Centre has the answer - the Weed Advisory Service! This free service, run by local Environmental Volunteer of the Year, Marita McCrae, will identify your uninvited botanical guests and advise the best ways to eliminate them. Visit Marita at the CEC on the first Wednesday of the month, between 2pm and 4pm, or leave your weed specimen at the CEC - Marita will call you back with identification and control information. Enquiries: Tel: 9970 6905.

Bush Fire Prevention on our Island

This is going to be a big, bad summer in our neck of the woods. The fuel growth is considerable and you badly need to follow the following suggestions:

  • Maintain a “fuel free zone” in the yard around the houseFire!
  • Rake leaves, bark from around the house
  • Remove boxes, wood piles, flammable liquids, etc from under/around the house
  • Clean gutters
  • Lop dead branches overhanging the roof (if less than 10% of the canopy, no approval is required)
  • Enclose open areas under the house
  • Install metal roller shutters
  • Replace plastic insect screens with metal mesh screens
  • Check that taps, hoses, pumps and sprinklers are ready for use
  • Report illegal dumping of rubbish, branches or grass clippings to Council, as these can all create “hot spot” burning

We pause for a commercial break...


  • Thorough removal of sea-growth, barnacles, oysters etc.
  • For all aluminium and fibreglass commuter boats.
  • Free pick-up and drop-off service, too bloody easy!!
  • Anti-fouling/painting also available.
  • Leaking tinnie?…….We'll patch or weld it.
  • Amaze & dazzle family and friends with the speed of your freshly scraped boat. Save $$ on fuel!!!!
  • How cheap is it?….$5/foot…
  • ($50-60 for a typical tinnie)
  • Phone 9999 3430, tell us you read about it in the newsletter and avoid the summer rush.

Do you have an announcement to make? The above notice was free!

Scotland Island Fair

It is just a couple of month's until the BIG social occasion of the year on Scotland Island. It's time to start thinking about the Fair again. The date this year is Sunday, 25 November 2001. Start planning your stall/display/activity NOW! If you can help at all with the planning and organisation or have any fabulous ideas for this community event, please telephone Jenny on 9979 3777.

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  • Land Taxi Manly Warringah Cabs (02) 9997-9111

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Tides for this week and month for Scotland Island: Flinders University

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