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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

October 18 2020

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia




Power Outage Tuesday 20 October

7:00am to 5:00 pm

power outage


pwoer outage adresses


As we are now going into the busy, high water demand season may we remind you to check your water tank regularly.  The waterline is currently booked up to three weeks in advance for daytime slots and as we go into the busy summer season, we anticipate that demand will increase.

Please note the maximum booking times below:

As the booking system does not allow the setting of booking lengths for different sections of the lines, we ask that all residents use maximum booking times set out below:
  • Line 1:  Bell to Carols Richard Road – maximum 4 hours
  • Line 1:  Bell to Hilda Avenue/Thompson Street – maximum 6 hours
  • Line 1:  Bell to Florence Terrace – maximum 6 hours
  • Line 2:  Bell to Cargo/Catherine Park Robertson Road – maximum of 4 hours
  • Line 2:  Bell to Cargo Spur Line Robertson Road – maximum 6 hours
  • Line 2:  Bell to Florence Terrace – maximum 4 hours
  • Line 2:  Bell to Kevin Avenue/Thompson Street – maximum 6 hours
If you require a longer booking, please contact your monitor.

Note:  Line 3 already currently experiences extremely poor flow rate so there will be no change to booking slots at this stage.  Plans are underway to install a pump to boost pressure/flow to residents on this line shortly.

Please note that in accordance with the Emergency Water Guidelines, your water monitor reserves the right to reduce your booking in order to accommodate others.


If you have a problem making a booking or the slot you are allocated is more than you require, please contact your monitor so that they can make a manual adjustment.

Residents may not wish to reduce booking times for other users, however, please be aware that some residents only have small tanks and must fill up more regularly.  Due to increased demand on the lines these residents are unable to make a booking during drought as easily.

We really appreciate everyone’s cooperation to ensure the fair distribution of water to all residents.

When you make an on-line booking or if your monitor makes a booking for you, an email notification will be sent to you immediately as confirmation of your booking. 

If you do not receive a confirmation, you do NOT have a booking.


Fine Fuel Collection Dates Confirmed

Council is organising vegetation and fine fuel collections on the following dates:

Week commencing 9 November 2020 - fine fuel collection

Week commencing 1 February 2021 - fine fuel collection

Week commencing 1 March 2021 - vegetation collection

Staff from our Waste Services Team will be sending out information shortly with details of bags for fine fuels and collection locations.

Kind regards

Trish Chaney
Community Liaison Coordinator

t 02 8495 6181    m 0466 625 214

Festival of Making

Changes to schedule

Kindy Sale! 

Sunday 25th

Everything up for sale. Sunday 25th from 10am come along and get a bargain books, puzzles, blocks, furniture and much much more...

kindy3 kindy4

Halloween In 2020: NSW Health


If your children are planning on trick or treating this Halloween, there are a few important guidelines to follow to keep the event COVID-19 safe.

Providing levels of community transmission remain low, NSW Health is supportive of Halloween celebrations going ahead – with some caveats:
  • It should be a front-yard event, not a front-door event (keep it outdoors)
  • Instead of communal lolly bowls, consider other ways of distributing treats (eg strewn along the front fence, have hand sanitiser at the front gate)
  • Trick or treat on a household basis (eg a supervising adult and children from the same household), rather than groups of young people together
  • Maintain physical distancing between trick or treating households – don’t all crowd together in a pack
  • Keep it local – put effort into decorating the front yard rather than focusing on well-known “treat streets”
  • Don’t share costume face masks
October 18 - 24, 2020: Issue 470

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