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February 2010



Table of Contents


·         Calendar - GFCA

·         GFCA Participation Always Needed

·         Support Groups Around Arkansas

·         GIG’s Annual Educational Conference

·         GFCO certifies more foods

·         Notes from the January Meeting

·         Gluten Alerts-Thai Kitchen, Great Specialty Products, reading labels, Lindt chocolate, Cousins products

·         GF info KARK news

·         Radio shows

·         Children’s Corner – tips by Sherri

·         Restaurants – Capers, U.S. Pizza, Café Bossa Nova, P.F.Changs

·         Stores – Ozark Natural Foods, Cantrell Drug Co

·         Recipe Corner- Valentine cookies, Fudgy Brownies, Cauliflower crust pizza, Riced cauliflower, Best Buns Ever

·         Articles and Abstracts - Endometriosis



Please send any donations to our GFCA treasurer, Terri Murdoch. Make checks payable to GFCA.

11 Berwyn Dr

Little Rock, AR 72227
  Phone: 501-312-1689


Gluten Free 101 classes are held on demand. Please contact either Terri Murdoch or me for more information on classes in Little Rock.  LaDonna Brock will be available for GF 101 in Conway. She can be contacted by email at or by phone 501-733-9026


All general meetings are held in the community room of Whole Foods unless otherwise specified. Whole Foods kindly allows us to use their community room for our meetings. We are not affiliated with Whole Foods. GFCA is a branch of Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG)


Whole Foods

10700 N Rodney Parham Rd
Little Rock, AR 72212
(501) 312-2326
For directions go to:  [maps_google_com]


Calendar for GFCA 


Monday, February 15th , 6-8pm:  Carly Stanley M.S., R.D., L.D., C.N.S.D. will be presenting the results of her nutritional survey.

Iron, Fiber, Niacin, Thiamine, Riboflavin, and Carbohydrate Intakes of Individuals Consuming a Gluten-Free Diet Compared to Intakes of the General American Population and Healthy Eating Guidelines”  This was recently presented at UAMS for her Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition.  

Members of GFCA participated in this study.

Monday, March 15th , 6-8pm: Some of the DVD of Dr. Fine’s 2008 conference in Taos will be shown.  

Monday, April 19: TBA

May: Date and time to be determined. Dr. Lisa Hendrix will be speaking this month.

Monday, June 21st 6-8pm:  I will be bringing you the latest news from the 2010 GIG Annual Educational Conference. Please let me know if you are planning to attend this conference too.


GFCA Participation Always Needed

Do you have a recipe to share? Did you find a new product you love? Have you visited a restaurant that served you a great GF meal?  Do you have vacation and travel tips? Did your child go to a camp? We all have stories about getting diagnosed and learning to be GF – what is your story? Do you have a favorite website? We can all learn from each other. We would love to hear from YOU. You will find items submitted by your GF friends in this newsletter. When you submit something, please let me know if I can mention your name. 


If you have submitted something to me, and you do not see it in the newsletter, please contact me. I have been known to misplace or lose emails.


I will use your first name only unless you give me permission to use your full name.




Support Outside of Little Rock

Gluten Intolerance in N.E. AR -Jonesboro. For information about meetings please contact:

         Barbara Feeser 870-935-4515  

         Gale Pierce 870-539-2591

         Corrie Stricklin  870-268-1080.  Nature's Pantry location is 554 CR 409 (also known as South Culberhouse), Jonesboro, AR.72404.



Arkansas R.O.C.K.  For information, you may contact Melanie at 479-582-9232 or email her at This group is based in Fayetteville. There is also an active Yahoo group to join The online Yahoo groups is a wonderful way to stay in touch with the GF community in Arkansas. It is available to everyone. It is not just for parents.



 NWA Celiac Sprue Association Support Group For more information you may contact Carolyn McKinley at 479-644-9909 or email The website is 



 Hot Springs Village There are two contact persons:  Loretta Melanchon 501-915-8033.   or Jeannie Shapley, 501-321-8171,



 Gluten Free Fort Smith  For more information contact Majetta Green 479-221-4372 or 



News from Gluten Intolerance Group

2010 GIG Annual Educational Conference
Savor the Flavor of Gluten Free Living
Coming June 4-5, 2010!


Minneapolis Airport Marriott
2020 American Boulevard East
Bloomington, MN 55425
Phone: 1-952-854-7441

Nightly Room Rates: $97 + tax

Leadership Training: June 3rd!
Conference and Exhibits: June 4th and 5th!

Dr. Joseph Murray, Mayo Clinic; Dr. Daniel Leffler, The Celiac Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center; and Dr Stephen Wangen, IBS Treatment Center will be keynote speakers on Friday, June 4th. Dr Rodney Ford will be the guest speaker at the banquet on Saturday, June 5th. I have attached a pdf of the program.

GIG is committed to holding prices for this conference at the 2009 rate or less.

What a week for the Gluten Free Certification Organization!!
We are thrilled to announce the recent certification of the following  
brands from just this week!
 Fage Dairy USA
Wellshire Farms
Conte's Pasta
Mary's Gone  Crackers
Nana's Cookie Company
Fresh and Ready Foods
The Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO) was begun with the intent of making gluten free foods easy to identify for shoppers in grocery stores.  Using our motto "Gluten Free That You Can Easily See", we have branched into the industrial ingredient market as well. In January, GFCO celebrated the Certification of our 100th company as our Certified Product List grew to over 4,000 products in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Thailand, England, Japan, Israel and Germany combined.
Strict standards and regulation of the Gluten Free Certification Organization have kept our program at the top in the gluten free market and has brought the reputation of our program to the attention of the FDA, Supermarket Guru, national and local news groups and reporting agencies and most importantly, gluten free consumers.
I am proud to announce the recent certification of these companies and look forward to presenting more new companies in the near future.
For more information on the Gluten Free Certification Organization or the companies and products we certify, please visit _www.gfco.org_
Channon Quinn
Director of Industry Programs
Gluten Intolerance  Group

(253)  218-2957



Notes from the January meeting

We were to watch the DVD from Dr. Fine’s meeting in 2008 in Taos but were unable to use the Community Room at Whole Foods that evening. A group of 10 pulled some tables together and talked about living gluten free.  We had samples of Udi’s muffins and Pam made a delicious chocolate cake from ingredients that are found in Whole Foods. I hope we will be able to watch the DVD in March.


Gluten Alerts

Clan Thompson website has this alert: January 29, 2010:Thai Kitchen Mushroom Rice Noodle Soup Bowl is no longer gluten free, according to the manufacturer.”


Great Specialty Company Owner Arrested for Selling Contaminated Gluten Free Bread

Paul Seelig, the owner of the Great Specialty Products bread company in Durham, North Carolina, has been arrested and is facing felony charges for intentionally deceiving consumers by selling bread which he promoted as gluten free, when evidence shows it was not.”

The people who suspected the bread was not gluten free tested the bread with the EZ-Gluten test strips  and then had an independent lab test the bread.

Currently there is no definition of “gluten free” in the US.

Enforcement of gluten-free claims on food products is rare because federal officials have yet to define the term "gluten-free." The Federal Drug Administration was supposed to have a definition by 2008 but the process has dragged on. Without a government definition, those with celiac disease have to rely on food companies to be honest about the contents of their products, test the products regularly, and prevent cross-contamination.

"Without the FDA having their final ruling, companies can do whatever they want," says Cynthia Kupper, executive director of the Gluten Intolerance Group, a company based in Washington state that certifies food companies' gluten-free claims.


I have received two mails this month from people who bought a product with gluten because it was next to GF items and the packaging looked similar.  Be sure to check labels every time you buy a product; and then check them before you open or eat it. Ingredients change and shelf placement may change too. It would be nice if all the GF products were placed together on shelves and in freezers. Both Drug Emporium and Whole Foods do have large dedicated shelf areas, but you can find gluten free foods spread throughout both stores. Also watch out for the occasional item with gluten that gets accidentally placed on the dedicated shelves. I found some chocolate cookies made with wheat among the GF items the other day.


Lindt Chocolate – there has been recent discussion online about Lindt chocolate and if it is gluten free. Here is what Lindt has to say:

Is there gluten or barley malt in Lindt chocolate?

Unfortunately, at this time we cannot guarantee that Lindt chocolate is gluten free. Our white and extra dark (70% cocoa and above) chocolate products by nature do not contain barley malt. However, because they run on the same production lines as other products there is a chance of cross contamination. Lindt is aware of the growing prevalence of Celiac's Disease and other conditions. We are sensitive to the fact that these large groups of consumers are unable to enjoy our chocolate at this time. We hope in the future to be able to accommodate the needs of all our consumers and offer options to satisfy varying dietary requirements.


Cousins Products, LLC, of Covington, LA is voluntarily recalling the following Spinach Vinaigrette in 16 oz. jars.

This product is being recalled because it contains egg, soy, and wheat, and was distributed in packaging that did not reveal the presence of these ingredients.


It does not appear that this product was sold in Arkansas.



Gluten Free info on Local News

Did you catch the short piece on CD and restaurants that was aired on 2/3 by KARK? You can read the story and watch the video. At the end of the article is a link to the GFCA website. Studies have shown that people who are in a support group are more likely to stay on the gluten free diet.




Friday, February 19th, 4:00 p.m. EST

Join Tina as she hosts this special edition of the Thrive in Balance radio show with Dr. Peter H.R. Green, MD, Director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University Medical Center.  As one of the few physicians in the United States with an intense clinical and academic interest and expertise in celiac disease, Dr. Green is a proven leader in his field.  You don’t want to miss this enlightening discussion. Listeners may call in with their questions at 646-716-5233.

Click the following link on 2/19 4:00 p.m. EST: Thrive in Balance Show. 

For a complete listing of Tina’s radio shows and archived past shows, go to


The Celiac Maniac has some great weekly radio interviews. Upcoming interviews include Dr. Stephen Wangen, Dr. Rodney Ford and Cynthia Kupper. You can also access past shows if you cannot listen live.

If you make a post on their blog you might even win something. I won some bagels.


Sherri’s Children’s Corner

We had an ice skating competition in Euless Texas this past weekend.  A thoughtful mom made us a list of all the restaurants that were near the hotel where we would be staying.  Unfortunately, not one of them was a good option for eating gluten free!  So, I grabbed some individually wrapped Orgran OutBack Animal crackers from Drug Emporium.  We also love the Smoreables Kinninnick graham crackers and the Glutino crackers, so I bought them and off we went.  On the road, Cracker Barrels are usually easy to find and their grilled chicken tenders and baked apples are delicious.  After we arrived, we found a Kroger store and we bought fruit, microwave popcorn and General Mills Rice Chex Cereal.  The hotel had a breakfast bar, but I knew from experience we wouldn't find much we could eat except maybe yogurt, and milk for our cereal.  (This hotel also had boiled eggs, which my daughter hates.)  Most towns have a Wendy's, so while our group was ordering take-out pizza, my husband was driving through to get us chili.  We have also learned to pay the extra bucks for a suite so we could have a microwave and fridge.

Speaking of pizza, my friend went to Chuckie Cheese and brought in a GF frozen pizza from Sams and asked them to bake it for her.  She told them she would still buy a salad, four drinks and tokens and they were happy to do it!  File that away for future birthday parties!

 For me as a mom, it's about making my daughter feel like she isn't that different from the other kids.  Like yesterday when she came home asking if she could eat the middle of an Oreo cookie because her friend made it look so yummy at lunchtime.  I knew that I could substitute the KToos Kinninnick sandwich cookies and she would be happy. Still, occasionally she says she can't wait until we get a pill so that she can eat what her friends eat.  Then I remind her that because we figured out she needed to eat gluten free she will have her health while many of her friends may not.  She's only twelve, so she might not be listening but that's why God gave kids parents!



Although restaurants are becoming more aware of the need to serve safe gluten free foods, every now and then we go to a place where we feel unwelcome. One of our members stopped by Capers on Hwy 10 for lunch. She was unable to talk directly with the manager or the chef and felt the server did not understand gluten free.  She was very disappointed with her lunch.

Have you been to Capers? What was your experience?


Ann K. wrote “Yesterday I had gluten free pizza at U.S. Pizza Co. on J.F., in North Little Rock. It was pretty good, it satisfied my taste for pizza, not quit enough sauce, but for gluten free it was o.k.  The crust was real crispy.  I had the supreme.  They will fix any on the menu that you want gluten free.  I suppose all of their restaurants serve them.”

(Yes, all locations of U.S. Pizza have a GF option. ~Anne )


Christie S. has this to say about these two restaurants.

(I called Café Bossa Nova and was told the GF options on their menu are marked with a “happy face”. The Sunday brunch menu does not have these markers, but the wait staff could help with GF options. There is always at least one soup that is GF. Last week they even had GF cake.  I will add this restaurant to the GF map. ~Anne)



For those of you who live in NW AR, you will want to visit Ozark Natural Foods. Melanie F. wrote: “seems every time I walk into Ozark Natural Foods they have new gf products! In their bakery section last week, they had freshly baked gf Snickerdoodle cookies for .99 each - they were very good. They also now have in their freezer Kinnickinnick donuts - vanilla glazed & chocolate glazed - they now come in a box instead of a bag & they're wonderful. There are 6 in a box, at around $5.50 per box. I also noticed a couple of new gf frozen entrees & breads, and a lot of new boxed cookies. Be sure to check them out!”


Cantrell Drug Company will soon be moving to a larger space next to Steinmart on Cantrell. Not only are they able to fill regular prescriptions, but they are a compounding pharmacy. A compounding pharmacy is able to mix medications   to fit the unique needs of a patient.  Methyl B12 injections and bio-identical hormones are only two examples. Medications are often compounded to exclude parts that are causing an allergic reaction such as dyes. They do compounding for hospitals, physicians and patients. They also carry pharmaceutical grade supplements and this will be expanded after the move.

A doctor can refer patients to Louanne Hughey, RN, BSN for Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) and Cortisol Testing.


Recipe Corner

Valentine Sugar Cookie Cutouts

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I invite you to make my “Valentine Sugar Cookie Cutouts” and decorate them for your loved ones.

Makes almost 2 dozen


2 ½ cups GF Cookie Lady’s Flour (or favorite GF flour)

2 teaspoons xanthan gum

1 teaspoon baking soda

1 teaspoon cream of tartar


1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature

1 ½ cups confectioners’ sugar

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

1 teaspoon pure almond extract


1 large egg


1.  Sift flour, xanthan gum, baking soda and cream of tartar into bowl; stir.  Set aside.

2.  Beat butter, confectioners’ sugar, vanilla and almond extract on medium speed 3 minutes, scraping bowl as needed.  Beat in egg.  Gradually add flour mixture and beat until combined. Chill dough 2 hours or overnight until easy to handle.

3.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  Line cookie sheets with parchment paper.

  4.  Remove dough from refrigerator; divide into 4 portions.  Place plastic wrap on countertop; sprinkle with 1-2 tablespoons of confectioners’ sugar. (Confectioners’ sugar prevents dough from sticking to plastic wrap.) Place one portion of dough on plastic wrap.  Place another sheet of plastic wrap over dough.  With rolling pin, roll dough into ¼-inch thickness. Use cookie cutter to make shapes. (If necessary, dip cookie cutter into confectioners’ sugar to prevent dough from sticking.)  Transfer cutouts to prepared cookie sheet.  Repeat with remaining portions.

5.  Bake 8-11 minutes or until lightly browned on edges.   Cool 2 minutes on sheet then transfer to wire rack to cool completely. Frost and decorate.

If you like this recipe, please check out my web site at:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jeanne Basye

The Gluten Free Cookie Lady

(480) 429-4625



GF Fudgy Brownies submitted by Carol B


¼ cup Cocoa or carob powder

½ cup vegetable oil (I use Canola)

2 eggs

1 cup sugar (I use organic)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

¾ cup Arrowhead Mills GF All Purpose Baking Mix

1/16 teaspoon sea salt

½ cup chopped walnuts

½ cup GF milk chocolate chips


Combine cocoa and oil and set aside

In another bowl beat the eggs. Add sugar, vanilla and cocoa mixture and mix well. Stir in GF Baking Mix  and salt. Stir until just moistened. Fold in walnuts.


Pour mix into an lightly oiled or greased 8” square baking pan and sprinkle with the chips


Bake at 325 for 30min or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool on a wire rack. Brownies will be moist and fudgy.



Those of us who limit carbohydrates often use cauliflower as a substitute for mashed potatoes and rice. Here is another use for this great vegetable. I have made this and the crust really holds up. The trick is to be sure the cauliflower is not too wet. I have made riced cauliflower by grating a steamed whole head and by grating a raw head and then microwaving.~ Anne


 The following recipes are reprinted with permission from Jamie VanEaton. You can see great pictures of these recipes here:  and


You Won't Believe it's Cauliflower Pizza Crust

1 cup cooked, riced cauliflower*
1 egg
1 cup mozzarella cheese
1/2 tsp fennel
1 tsp oregano
2 tsp parsley

**pizza or alfredo sauce

toppings (make sure meats are cooked)
mozzarella cheese

Preheat oven to 450 degrees Farenheit.

Spray a cookie sheet with non-stick spray.

In a medium bowl, combine cauliflower, egg and mozzarella. Press evenly on the pan. Sprinkle evenly with fennel, oregano and parsley.

Bake at 450 degrees for 12-15 minutes (15-20 minutes if you double the recipe).

Remove the pan from the oven. To the crust, add sauce, then toppings and cheese.

Place under a broiler (grill for the Europeans) at high heat just until cheese is melted **.


*I use frozen cauliflower prepared according to package directions. After cooked and slightly cooled, I shred cauliflower with a cheese grater, and then measure for the recipe. (Don't pack down the cup with cauliflower. Just fill it with a spoon or the cup itself.)

** The pizza sauce I use is Great Value Pizza sauce from Wal-Mart. At only 3 net carbs per quarter cup, you get a lot of punch for little carbohydrate pow.

*** You can try re-baking the pizza at 450 once you add toppings if desired, but the crust is not quite as crusty. There is a minimal difference, so see what works best for you.



Riced Cauliflower

1- 16 ounce bag frozen cauliflower florets

I use a 2-qt covered dish and microwave the cauliflower (Don't add water) until it is cooked, 8 minutes. Using mitts, carefully pour water from the cauliflower. Allow to cool with lid removed.

Cauliflower can be riced in several ways.

1. Food processor
2. Santoku knife
3. Using a cheese grater
4. Using a ricer

Store covered and refrigerated until use.

Note: You can use a head of raw cauliflower to make your riced cauliflower. Simply process/rice the head prior to cooking in the microwave.

Makes approximately 3 cups riced.
Serves 6.

Nutritional Information:
Calories: 20, Carbohydrates: 3.5 g, Fiber: >1g, Net Carbohydrates: 2.5 g, Protein: >1 g, Fat: 0 g


Fried Riced Cauliflower

16 ounce bag of frozen cauliflower, cooked as per package instructions
2 Tbsp oil
seasoning, to taste

Take prepared, warm (not hot—you might burn your fingers) cauliflower (I prepare mine in the microwave as per the recipe above) and press through a ricer. (If you don’t have a ricer, you can use a large-holed cheese grater and grate the cauliflower instead, or use a food processor or a sharp Santoku knife.)

Heat a small amount of oil in a pan over medium heat. Add riced cauliflower, stirring occasionally until the cauliflower is cooked and is golden, about 8-15 minutes. Add seasoning to taste.

Great with chicken stir fry or the boneless chicken wings and ginger dipping sauce recipes (or others).

Note: You can use a head of raw cauliflower to make your riced cauliflower. Simply process/rice the head prior to cooking in the microwave.

Makes approximately 3 cups.
Serves 6.

Nutritional Information:
Calories: 60, Carbohydrates: 3.5 g, Fiber: >1g, Net Carbohydrates: 2.5 g, Protein: >1 g, Fat: 4.5 g


I have posted this recipe before, but recently some new members have asked for a good bread recipe. I have heard nothing but good reviews for this one. ~Anne

Best Buns Ever (aka Bread Winner)  from Cara

*contains milk, yeast and eggs

Preheat oven to 200 degrees and turn OFF for raising your bread.

Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl :
(wide base is better for mixing.. at least if you are using a hand held mixer!)

1 1/2 cups rice flour (brown and/or white)
1 cup potato starch
1 cup tapioca flour
2 Tbls sugar
1 Tbls xanthan gum or guar gum
1 1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup dry milk powder
1 pkg dry yeast
1 tsp unflavored gelatin (Knox)

Melt 2 Tbls butter/margarine into 1 1/2 cups water... warm to 130 degrees. Add 1 tsp rice or apple cider vinegar.
(I accomplish this in the microwave on my 'beverage' setting...but all microwaves are different. the water temp is important for the yeast as it can fail if either too hot or too cold)

Gradually add water mixture to dry ingredients, and mix well with electric beater.

Add 3 eggs, one at a time, and beat between each addition. Use room temperature eggs. They can be warmed by floating in hot water if you haven't set the eggs out in advance.

Beat three minutes.

Put into two regular loaf pans (5x9), one extra long pan, 12 hamburger buns, or make 24 dinner rolls using cupcake tins. The cupcake buns make good little sandwich buns for younger children. Grease pans and dust w/ gluten flour before filling.

Raise in warmed oven (preheat to 200 but turn OFF) for about one hour (up to fifteen minutes beyond if necessary), covered with a light cloth.

Leave pan in oven (remove cloth!) and turn oven on to 375 degrees and bake:
35 minutes for buns or muffins
55 minutes for bread
(if your bread gets too brown, you can rest foil over the top for the last fifteen minutes of bake time)

Cool on rack; remove from pan after ten minutes and continue to cool on rack. This is important or it will get soggy on the bottom.

*To make milk free, omit dry milk powder and use 1 1/2 cup gf rice or almond milk in place of water.

Hint: Dough should not be too stiff. Your beaters should not bounce. It is hard to describe texture, but it should be smooth and beaters should be able to move through it without too much difficulty. It should be somewhere between the consistency of cake batter and cookie batter. I have found there is great variability of flour densitivity between brands. If needed, add more water, 1 Tbsp at a time, or an extra egg white, to get the right consistency. Don't give up~ it may take some experimentation to get the right consistency...not too stiff, not too wet, but just right


Articles and Abstracts

Celiac disease is associated with a higher incidence of infertility, preterm birth and low weight newborns. In this article, those with endometriosis had a higher incidence of CD. 

Clin Exp Obstet Gynecol. 2009;36(1):23-5.

Serological testing for celiac disease in women with endometriosis. A pilot study.

Aguiar FM, Melo SB, Galvão LC, Rosa-e-Silva JC, dos Reis RM, Ferriani RA.

Sector of Human Reproduction, Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

PURPOSE OF INVESTIGATION: Celiac disease (CD) involves immunologically mediated intestinal damage with consequent micronutrient malabsorption and varied clinical manifestations, and there is a controversial association with infertility. The objective of the present study was to determine the presence of CD in a population of infertile women with endometriosis. METHODS: A total of 120 women with a diagnosis of endometriosis confirmed by laparoscopy (study group) and 1,500 healthy female donors aged 18 to 45 years were tested for CD by the determination of IgA-transglutaminase antibody against human tissue transglutaminase (t-TGA) and anti-endomysium (anti-EMA) antibodies. RESULTS: Nine of the 120 women in the study group were anti-tTGA positive and five of them were also anti-EMA positive. Four of these five patients were submitted to intestinal biopsy which revealed CD in three cases (2.5% prevalence). The overall CD prevalence among the population control group was 1:136 women (0.66%). CONCLUSION: This is the first study reporting the prevalence of CD among women with endometriosis, showing that CD is common in this population group (2.5%) and may be clinically relevant.

PMID: 19400413 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]