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On Second Thought ~ September at Sage Hill Farms

Escape to Provence…or, indulge in a project that is planned around the provacating essence that is Lavender.

For those who have asked for information on growing Lavender-you can check in here and contact me if you need something more.

September is urging us toward Autumn, be it ever so gently, the fading blooms and falling away of vegetable plants confirm that harvest time is to be completed and thoughts can turn to cleaning up, putting away, and planning for the rewards of a bountiful summer garden.

Freezing, canning, dehydrating foods, and seed saving is the priority for farm life right now.

Come Thanksgiving the results will grace our tables and confirm that, yes, this is the good life.

Reminder… it isn’t uncommon for gardens to be somewhat neglected about this time…we can become tired, disenchanted, and otherwise feel we have had enough gardening for awhile…but don’t stop now. Leaving plants that are dead, dying, or somewhere in-between in the garden is a bad idea.

Rotting fruits, vegetables, and plants scattered without purpose can and will attract animals and bad insects to your soil. Rake and clean the garden, pile all the above items into a compost pile, mix with brown matter, dead leaves, chipped limbs etc., and compost properly…then add this mixture back to the garden soil. Do you know you can compost shredded paper that doesn't have glossy color/inks? Egg-shells and coffee/tea grinds are also good for the compost pile.

Cover-cropping is another great way to feed and protect your garden soil over the winter.

When the gardens are finished and ready to rest, simply plant heavily with greens. Turnip and collard greens are great choices because not only can you enjoy them throughout the winter; they discourage insects from setting up house-keeping in the soil.

Sage Hill is moving into the fall season in a manner that includes you, our friends and customers.

On October 5th, from 11:00am until 1:00pm, we are offering a fun and informative outing under the trees. A class filled with need to know information around GMO’s and why you should and how you can, avoid them. A sidebar lunch will be served and each attendant will go into a drawing for a lovely basket of herbals.

Cost for this event is $ 45.00 dollars and can be paid in advance either through PayPal, check, or drop off at the farm.

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
32 Old Petersburg Pike
Petersburg, TN 37144


We look forward to seeing you and Happy Fall~