Ohio Citizens PAC
P.O. Box 6211
Akron, OH 44312

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, February 15, 2016
CONTACT: Tom Zawistowski 330-592-1848 TomZ@WethePeopleConvention.org
Ohio Citizens PAC Announces
State Candidate Endorsements
Akron, OH - Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio Citizens PAC, today announced the organizations endorsements for state candidates in the upcoming Republican Primary. The organization announced the following endoresements:
For the Ohio Senate: Barbara Temple (6th); Brian Walton (10th); John Adams (12th); Janet Porter Folger (22nd); and Matt Dolan (24th).
For the Ohio House: Scott Wiggam (1st); Jennifer Herold (7th); Tom Brinkman and Heidi Huber (27th); Thomas McMasters (40th); Derek Merrin (47th), Wes Rutherford (51st); Candice Keller (53rd); Dick Stein (57th); Ray Warrick and Steve Muterspaw (62nd); Beth Lear (68th); Chris Sawicki (69th); Bill Dean (74th); Craig Riedel (82nd); Wes Goodman (87th); and Patrick Murphy (96th).
In making the announcement, Zawistowski said, “Our main criteria for endorsement is to select conservative citizen representatives who will put the interests of the people before their own interests and those of any special interests. The people we have endorsed will not be beholding to the corrupt Ohio Republican Party, which sells our votes to special interests, but will instead vote based on real Republican values and principles. If citizens want a return to representative governance, we ask them to not only vote for, but also donate to and work to elect our endorsed candidates in the March 15th primary. With our endorsement we pledge to do everything in our power to help each of them get elected to office.”
The Ohio Citizens PAC is a Ohio State PAC and can only endorse state and local candidates in Ohio. It cannot endorse federal candidates even in Ohio or endorse anyone outside of Ohio. These endorsements are in addition to the Republican State Central Committee Candidate endorsements, which are for party offices not public offices, who were previously endorsed and can be viewed here. Additional endorsements may be made at a later date.