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New Beads

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29 Lean Iron Jasper Tube Beads - 9mm x 4mm
Lean Light-Green & Yellow Soochow Jade Tube Beads
100 Chocolate Burgundy Jade Rondelle Beads
Comforting 4mm Chocolate Glass Beads
Irresistible Cornflower Blue Frosted Agate Beads
Wonderful Cornflower Blue FAC 10mm Agate
Large Faceted Cornflower Blue Agate Teardrops
Rich 8mm Faceted Purple & Black Agate Beads

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MrBead Autumn UK Bead Fairs

Visit us in the UK this Autumn, say you're a MrBead Newsletter reader and receive a free gift and a gold & black MrBead bag! See us this weekend at Harrogate.

Sat & Sun 19th & 20th Sept Newark Gem 'n' Bead Fair Newark Showground, Winthorpe, Notts NG24 2NY 10am to 5pm Sat 10am to 4pm Sun

Saturday 26th Sept Kentish Town MrBead Bead Show Kentish Town Community Centre Main Hall, 17 Busby Place, London NW5 2SP 11am to 4pm

Sunday 27th Sept Autumn Bead Fair Holiday Inn, Garforth Garforth, Leeds LS251LH 10am to 4pm

Saturday 3rd October Luton Bead Show 41-43 Stockwood Crescent, Luton, LU1 3SS 11am to 4pm

Sunday 4th October Beadwork & Bead Fair Uxbridge College Park Road, Uxbridge, London UB8 1NQ 10.30am to 4.30pm

Sunday 11th October Norwich Bead Show Arlington Lane, Newmarket Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR2 2DA 11am to 4pm

Saturday 17th October The Big Bead Show High Street, Esher, London KT10 9AJ 10am to 5pm

Sat & Sun 24th & 25th October Newton Abbot Gem 'n' Bead Fair Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 3AF 10am to 5pm Sat 10am to 4pm Sun

Full list of: our 2015 UK Bead Fairs

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How to use your Leftover Beads - Don’t throw anything away!

Every beader is eventually left with out-of-fashion beads that they can’t use. You could try selling them at a fair in a bargain box, but in all probability, they’ll be hard to shift. Strangely, people can sense if the stock is stale. In these financially-tough times, you need to consume everything. Fortunately it is possible to use these odd beads to make jewellery that will sell.

Don’t be afraid to disassemble old jewellery. Unstring the beads and mix them with new beads in a different design

What to do with the Leftovers

  1. Separate all your leftover beads into three different sizes and place each size in its own cup.
  2. Take any bead at random from one of the cups and lay it out for a necklace on your beading board.
  3. Then add a bead from a different size cup, and so on. If the beads are small, add a few, before a large bead – to build uniformity to the design.
  4. After you’ve laid out half the necklace length, look at the design and see where you can add spacers or caps to improve the style.
In a short time, you’ll end up with an original freeform necklace!

Bead tablecloth weights

Table cloth weights make great presents, especially for summer BBQs. Take a silver bulldog clip and thread wire through the hole. Loop it back on itself, and slide a crimp over both pieces, pulling it tight to the clip. Squash the crimp flat to hold the wire in place. Thread beads onto both strands of wire and finish with a crimp to hold the beads in place. The weights are then clipped onto the corner of a tablecloth to prevent the wind from blowing it off.

Blue - Still Our Top-Selling Bead Colour

For jewellery, blue remains very popular. Lorraine Cannell of The Bead Queen finds that the latest jewellery colour trend right now is still blue - a cool laid-back colour.

Every colour has psychological properties relating to the mind, body, emotions and the balance between these. Colour affects feeling and moods. It also reveals ones personality as colours are use for self-expression.

New-agers say blue is a powerful antiseptic linked to the throat charka - cooling inflammation, fever, and high blood pressure. It represents peace and tranquillity, truth, wisdom, justice, femininity and rest. The colour of the sea and sky, and used by disciplined career workers with a clear direction in life.

Pastel cool colours suit summer-people with light hair, blue eyes and pale skin best, but also look refreshing on everyone. Some of this summer’s hottest blues are Placid Blue, Violet Tulip, Paloma and Dazzling Blue.

Add some pastel and navy blue beads to your next jewellery design. We have many semi-precious blue beads: like blue agates, quartz, aquamarines, aventurine, amazonite, jade, pearl, chalcedony, turquoise and lapis.

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Free Shipping

For free shipping on our bead store enter BLUE in the box at checkout and click "Redeem Coupon". Use NOW - as expires Friday 25th September 2015. No minimum order, but can only for used at or and cannot be used with any other discount or eBay.

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