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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
August 19, 2009
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia
August 2009

Brigade Burning this weekend
August 23
The Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade is planning to undertake some burning off along the Thompson Street Walking Track.
As we approach the start of the fire season in October, we are planning to undertake a number of burns. These will be a series of pile burns at various locations throughout the Island as well as a large "broad acre" burn in the south east sector of Elisabeth Park.
Council and RFS-funded hazard reduction teams have been working at locations to reduce the hazard. We now need to go in and burn the piles of cut material.
For the next five or six weekends, the Brigade will be conducting pile burns and hazard reduction burns at:

Thompson Street, between Fitzpatrick Avenue and the front of 102 Thompson Street.

Pathilda Reserve, the lower section from Florence Terrace to the beach.

Top section of Elsie Street, above Thompson Street and into Elizabeth Park

A small pile at the intersection of Kevin Avenue and Thompson Street, above the fire station.

There is also a small pile at the back of the fire station.

The broad acre burn is in the south-east sector of Elizabeth Park and will be the last of the burns to occur.

These pile burns will generate considerable smoke and residents who might be affected by the smoke should look at taking actions to minimise the effect.

This is an important part of the ongoing program the Brigade and the Rural Fire Service embarked on with the 31 May door knock, and will assist in making the Island that little bit safer when the Fire Season arrives.

Thanks in anticipation.

Tim Byrne

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