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New Beads
Blissful Pillow Bronzite Beads
12 Mysterious Agate 9-Eye Dzi Barrel Beads - 29mm
9 Brandy Amber Slab Beads - 39mm
Unusual Bronzite Puff Diamond Beads - Large
Fire-engine Red Spider Web Turquoise Pillow Beads
Deep Purple Spider Web Turquoise Pillow Beads
125 Rainbow Turquoise Rondell Disc Beads
50 Icy Fancydrop Moonstone Beads
42 Enchanting Crystal Nugget Beads
Blissful Aqua-Blue Crab Fire Agate Faceted
Unusual Earthy Purple Rectangle Lave Beads
Amber Beads - Graduated Light-Yellow to Dark-Brown
Zesty Lemon Amber Rondell Beads
72 Small Haunting Garnet Nugget Beads
Large Summer-Blue Turquoise Flower Beads
Summer Yellow & Pink Swirl Calsilica Beads - 10mm

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Pendants Make Designer Necklaces Easy!

If you make jewelry to sell, then necklaces are usually your bread and butter. They sell well and customers expect them to be expensive, maximizing your profit. Necklaces are easy to make too, especially if you base them around a pendant or focal bead. With a pendant, the stones are set on a bezel using a pinch bail. This looks very clean and professional and you won't have to worry about wires breaking or coming loose. You can also string a pendant onto a chain or a piece of wire just like a bead. What could be easier? However, these very-simple necklaces' usually sell cheap.

If the pendant you chose has multiple colors, try to incorporate most of these into the rest of the necklace. Use beads of these colors, along with similar colored thread. This allows appreciation of the whole necklace design, rather than focusing on one color.

Use beads that are similar in quality to the stones in the pendant. If the stones in the pendant are gemstones with beautiful facets, use quality faceted beads. If the pendant has tumbled stones with lots of inclusions, you should use baroque beads that won't take the limelight away from the focal pendant.

Spacer Beads
Add different sizes and shapes of metal beads and findings for professionalism and to enhance the focal bead, but without drawing too much attention to themselves. Spacers are also useful to add-design and to economize on the beads used - saving you money.

Focal bead
Large beads, like frame beads, can also be used as the focal point of your necklace instead of a pendant. Use different sizes and color beads in your necklace for effect, variation ads style. Finally, choose the catch to match, attached with jump rings. A dainty necklace uses a tiny clasp, whereas a heavy necklace needs a larger, stronger catch.

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Sunday 1st May 2011 - Beads up North! Haydock Race Course, Newton-le-Willows WA12 0HQ
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Sunday 15th May 2011 - Cheshire Bead Fair - Nantwich Civic Hall, CW5 5DG
Sunday 29th May 2011 - Lakeland Bead Fair - Rheged Discovery Centre, Penrith, CA11 0DQ

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