June 12-18, 2017
(du 12 au 18 juin 2017)

New website now up!  www.crepespaulette.com

If you love to get your Farmer's Market goodies at the crack of too early and then grab a crepe before continuing your Saturday, you're in luck!  This week, we'll begin opening an hour earlier Saturday at the trailer for your hot, fresh weekend breakfast at corner CP! 
And don't forget--the storefront now stays open until 8 pm every weeknight!

In the neighborhood now...

Saturday, June 17 7p-1a
Come DANCE with us!

at CP!

Minnie and Moo, two of the kittens who made an appearance at CP this Saturday, have gone to their forever home in Pineville, MO today!  The caring folks at Crystal Creek Rescue operate this nonprofit to "improve the lives of feral, stray and abandoned cats in Benonville AR"  They can always use your help!

We've got your GLUTEN-FREE VEGAN!
This one's got cashews, French-fried onions, lots of fresh spinach, jalapenos and our housemade Thai peanut sauce! 



Want fresh cilantro and Thai peanut sauce on your sweet complete?  OK!

CP ON 8th
100 SW 8th St, Suite 4
479.319.6389 (info)
         mon 6/12: 10a-8p*
         tues 6/13: 10a-8p* 
         wed 6/14: 10a-8p*
         thur 6/15: 10a-8p*
            fri 6/16: 10a-8p*
           sat 6/17:  9a-4p
           sun 6/18:  9a-4p
*new weekday closing hours!

213 NE A Street
479.250.1110 (info)

          mon 6/12:  closed 
          tues 6/13:  closed
         wed  6/14:  11-2p 
        thur  6/15:  11-2p 
fri  6/16:  11-2p  
        sat  6/17:  8a!-4p
        sun  6/18:  12-4p 
*watch for
weather-related closings


Cooking Classes
with Karen Gros
in Eureka Springs  
June 16, 17, or 18, 10am-1pm

featuring quinoa salad with shaved market veggies tossed in lime & peach vinaigrette, and fresh blueberry tart with pistachio frangipane and lemon mascarpone.
Email cuisinekaren@gmail.com to book 

Attention pup folks:  we don't always have time to snap your furbabies while you're at the trailer, so we kindly invite you to do so and send them to us at info@crepespaulette.com so that we can include them here!