IAHF List: Please read this shocking article Pentagon/ Military Actively War Gaming Large Scale Economic Breakdown and Civil Unrest  Please ponder it in light of this video footage of an urban warfare training drill in Oakland, CA
As you can see, the US Army in a year long war game series called "United Quest 2011" is looking at a variety of possabilities and how to deal with them including:

A week ago I had a conversation with a Whatcom County Deputy Sheriff about the meeting I'm organizing here. He understood my concerns, told me he has been buying gold, and expressed an interest in attending.

Today I sent an email to Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo, expressing concern that the retirement fund for deputy sheriffs in Washington State is showing a serious deficit, and I wondered if we might soon face a situation similar to the one in Oakland CA where budget shortfalls caused the city to have to lay off 800 policement last summer. The police department there issued a public statement showing a long list of crimes which they no longer have the manpower to respond to including a burglary in progress.

I told Sheriff Elfo that I hoped things would not deteriorate to the point where we might have to deputize ordinary citizens in Point Roberts to provide law and order, and I've invited him and his deputies to the meeting I'm organizing here, along with my Congressman's district office Director. 

US Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator
Please click on the link above, go to the US Silver Coin Melt Value Calculator, and to get a better understanding of where inflation has taken us, to really help you understand my deep concern about what is unfolding right before our eyes, I want you to select this US Silver Coin: 1932-1964 Washington Quarter...... With the current silver price being$28.87 a troy ounce, that coin would be worth $5.22 if you melted it down, and a year from now it could be worth over $20. due to the impact of QE2.
Don't you see the wisdom of laying in a supply of junk silver coins as a hedge against Weimar Republic level inflation? The Pentagon is clearly expecting martial law. So is Ron Paul.
Do yourself a favor: before food costs 4x as much as it does now towards the end of this year, stock up now while its cheap and urge everyone around you to do the same. Make the effort to step up and be a leader where you live. The graph I showed you in this previous alert that shows a timeline on inflation as reflected in food prices isn't lying.
Learn all you can about gardening, canning, and other survival skills. A valuable book in time of trouble is The Encyclopedia of Country Living by Carla Emery.
Very few of you took advantage of this offer in a previous recent alert. Now that you have had more time to think about what I'm saying, and now that I've provided you with this additional information about the Army's very active expectation of martial law, I hope more of you will take steps to defend yourself and your family. I hope more of you will step up and be leaders in your community. America may be dangling by a thread, but if enough of us act, we can yet save her from the BANKSTERS.
Please let me know what you are doing in your area to prepare and alert others. So far only one of you has called to let me know she is waking people up in her area. I told her I expect more people to step up and that when they do we can hold a conference call or maybe an online meeting via www.freeconferencecall.com or www.gotomeeting.com
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