Richard Herring Newsletter
March 2019
RHLSTP- With Nails
How's your year going?
I haven't had any booze or chocolate so far in 2019 and am 15 pounds lighter than I was at the start. That's right, I have cleared a stone.
The RHLSTP juggernaut seems sure to dominate my year. I've done 12 interviews in 2019 and I don't think there has been a duff one yet. And there's lots more to come.
The latest news is that Richard E Grant will be my guest on 18th March. Tickets are selling very quickly for this and I think they might all be gone by the weekend. So BOOK NOW
Sadly Sindhu Vee has had to drop out on that date, but should be back later in the year.
Here's the full line up for London
Feb 25th Joel Dommett and Suzi Ruffell
March 4th Les Dennis and Matt Forde
March 11th Rosie Jones + Matt Lucas
March 18th Richard E Grant + TBA
March 25th TBA
April 1st No Such Thing as a Fish Podcast + Professor Alice Roberts (last few tickets)

We're also trying out a couple of podcasts at Kings Place in Kings Cross (and I have a HUGE guest pencilled in,  but don't know which show they will end up on, so BOOK NOW).
And RHLSTP is coming all round the UK in the next 12 months (and maybe beyond, if London keep taking me for granted!)
23rd March Birmingham Town Hall SOLD OUT
No guest booked as yet, but as it's sold out I might keep this as a surprise
April 3rd Brighton - The 8.30pm show is SOLD OUT, but we're adding another one with a different guest at 6.30pm. Book here
June 2nd Wakefield BOOK HERE
June 28th Warwick Arts Centre BOOK HERE
And you'll be getting an email pretty soon with loads more dates around the UK! PLus I have a slot at the New Town Theatre throught August at the Edinburgh Fringe. Will let you know when tickets become available.
RHLSTP as a podcast
We're about to make a switch over to Acast - it should come next week. It will mean there will be some ads in the podcast, but we'll be using the revenue to help towards filming and making other projects. You will be able to get ad free podcasts by becoming a monthly badger - more on that later
At the moment we're releasing the specials I did at the Bristol Slapstick Festival. Tim Vine has gone up this week (if audio isn't there yet, it will be soon. Next week is Damon Beesley and Joe Thomas from the Inbetweeners and in audio only (due to a misunderstanding at the Festival) the next week will be the Goodies!
Monthly Badgers
In an attempt to finally unite the biggest divide in the UK in recent times, we are attempting to bring together Badgers and Dripsters in one place and have set up a website at (if you own please get in touch)
It's still under construction, but when finished will be full of info on the show and house all the extras, emails with guest names in advance, backstage interviews, advertless podcasts, entry into monthly prize draw and more for those who make a monthly donation.
We are raising the minimum monthly badge donation to £3 BUT if you have joined before the switch you will get full access for whatever you are currently paying. So sign up now to get all this stuff for £1 a month (feel free to pay more if you like)
You can still become a Dripster if you prefer and if you think the badge/drip gulf can never be breached.
Really appreciate all the positive comments about this. We'll be back for series 3 in 2020, with a full SIX episodes. Shit, I've got to write them.
In less good news, the TV script I was writing for Tim from the Office was not deemed of sufficient quality and is being written by someone else now.
I am not sure if this means I am good or bad at writing, but thanks to Relativity I am going to give this thing one last try before accepting I am bad.
EQ book
And we're back to selling the old copies too if you just want one of them.
Thanks all
Richard Herring