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"Giving Your Soul a Rise...One Page at a Time"
The Colors of Autumn...
Autumn is a time of year that signals change.  Here in the Midwest, the leaves on the trees begin transitioning from shades of green to shades of coppers, sienna, reds, and yellows.  It’s a beautiful and magnificent sight to behold.  Crops that have been planted and tended to are now ready to be harvested.  Animals that live in the wild will now begin the task of gathering nuts and berries to tide them over through the long cold winter months.  The world around us will put away the things of summer and unpack its wintery blanket.  The long lazy days of summer are behind us and many of us will begin the task of gathering supplies to tide us over through the long winter months.
One of the things that I have always enjoyed during winter is finding a good book that captivates my mind and transcends the world around me.  I love a good story that has the power to make me laugh, cry, or hold my emotions hostage.  There is nothing better than discovering a tale that takes me on a journey and leaves me wanting more.  Nothing pleases me more than to turn the pages of a novel and discover something new and exciting about myself or my world.  And when I can continue to think about a story long after I have put a book down, it lets me know that the author has done what all authors aspire to and that is the create a story that won’t soon be forgotten.
My love of the written word has inspired me to become a writer too.  I get excited when the seeds of a new story are planted with my psyche.  I become elated when my characters begin whispering in my ear.  As an author I too aspire to create stories that make readers laugh, cry and hold their emotions hostage.  I want my readers to be captivated by my tales.   But most of all, I want my readers to be transformed and learn something new about themselves and the world around them in the pages of my stories. 
Here at Peace in the Storm Publishing, each and every author here has been afforded the opportunity to create the colors of autumn and every other season in the spectrum, in the pages of our stories.  We wash your emotions in shades of red, green and blue.  We decorate the scenery around you with action, adventure, imagination and truth.  We paint our pictures with words.  We aspire to challenge how you view your world.  Each and every one of us will make you laugh, cry or hold your emotions hostage.  But more importantly, we give your soul a rise, one page at a time. 
Jacqueline D. Moore

Pamela D. Rice is busy in October...
Pamela D. Rice will be on the road with her titles, THE SUNDAY MORNING WIFE and THE MONDAY NIGHT MISTRESS!
October 6th at Atlanta Black Theater Festival
October 13th at Circle of Season Bookclub
October 19th interview with "That Literary Lady"
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THE SEASON OF SIN by Stacy-Deanne nominated for the First Annual
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2012 African American Literary Awards Show
Peace In The Storm Authors Pamela D. Rice, Lorraine Elzia, Sharel E. Gordon-Love, Ebonee Monique and Elissa Gabrielle at the 2012 African American Literary Awards Show. Pamela was nominated for THE MONDAY NIGHT MISTRESS, Lorraine, Ebonee, Elissa were nominated for THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT in various categories. Stacy Deanne nominated for THE SEASON OF SIN. Six nominations total for Peace In The Storm Publishing!
Pamela D. Rice, Lorraine Elzia, Elissa Gabrielle
NY Times Best Selling Author, Wahida Clark and Elissa Gabrielle
Sharel E. Gordon-Love, Pamela D. Rice,
Lorraine Elzia, Sharon Wells, Ebonee Monique
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