Richard Herring Newsletter
Extra RHEFP added
Hi all
We're over a third of the way through the festival and exhaustion aside things are going really well.
Oh Fr*g I'm 50! is selling well and getting good reviews - Check them out here.
It's a big theatre, but the weekend dates are selling well (it's sold out tonight) so do book ahead if you are planning to come.
If you're not at the Fringe, the show will be touring the UK in the autumn and spring (I will send you all the dates when I have them).
I am really pleased with it and it seemd to be going down very well.
And two RHEFPs are up already, one with the Doug Anthony All Stars and one with James Acaster (listen here - or on iTunes)
On 18th August at 1.50pm I will be talking to Iain Stirling (the voice of Love Island) at the New Town Theatre on George St (there will probably be a  second guest to be announced).
PLUS we have added a whole extra date, still at the New Town Theatre on 25th August, but at 3.50pm. I haven't booked a guest yet.
Emergency Questions Book
You can buy these from me after gigs or from
You can also get signed copies and limited edition copies with a shrek in them, and even one  dedicated to you, or the person of your choice.
We are working on a new Christmas edition with 500 more questions.
The first three long episodes are now up on the secret AIOTM channel and the monthly badger channel (you can get in on this, either buy a monthly badge or  pay £15 here - you get more stuff with the series pass.
Not sure when the shorter episodes (with proper grading and sound - and about 20 minutes less stuff in them) will be going up, but it shouldn't be too long now.
Loads of great shows to see up here, if you're around. Ahir Shah is great, but also look out for Austentatious, The Doug Anthony All Stars, Grainne Maguire, Trevor Lock, Christian Reilly, Suzi Ruffell, Monski Mouse Disco (for kids) and take a punt on some other stuff too.
Oh and I was the runner up in the Radio Times Comedy Champion Poll, due to the efforts of my ridiculous and wonderfully persistent Twitter followers. Thanks for that. It was a shame not to win, but beating Ricky Gervais in the semi finals was a lot of fun.