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July-August-September 2005

Konichiwa! Welcome to another edition of the award-winning Appliantology newsletter.

I'm changing the basic structure of the newsletter. Instead of it being simply a list of links, I've tried to make it more of a, well, a newsletter. With that in mind, here's this edition's feature article:

Samurai's 12 Laws of Appliance Repair

After fixing stuff for over 30 years and helping people fix it themselves for almost 10 years, you start to see the same mistakes and patterns over and over again. I've distilled these keen observations into 12 concise Laws of Appliance Repair and one Golden Rule. Whether you're a professional servicer or a do-it-yourselfer, it'll be well worth your time to take a moment and read 'em, CLICK HERE.

Finding What You Need at

There are over 2,000 pages of information at But you have two powerful search tools to help you find what you need.

  1. Use the Google site search box found on every page of the website, including the homepage. For your convenience, I've included a site search box here:

    Search the vast repository of wisdom at
  2. Google has just rolled out a beta version of its blog search engine. (In case you hadn't noticed, my website is a blog). This search engine is updated frequently and contains a very comprehensive and up-to-date index of all the blog posts at my website. Just go to this link, punch in your search terms and BAM! there you go, buddy-row!

But in addition to a couple of ways to search the site, you also have access to yours so very truly! You can reach me through instant messaging. I'm on Yahoo Messenger, AIM, and Google Talk. My username on all three networks is Zenzoidman. Instant messaging is great for helping you find something at the site. But forums are the way to go for getting into the nitty-gritty details of a problem. For personalized appliance repair help, post your question in the Samurai School of Appliantology where I and other Master Appliantologists will help you figure it out and get it fixed. Be sure to include your model number in your post!

Highlighted Posts on Appliance Repair

War Story: Working on a Stack Laundry Unit that Flooded

War Story: Slow Drying Dryer and Frankenkitty

War Story: Converting a Gas Dryer to Run on Propane

Gas Dryer Fires Up Intermittently

Whirlpool Duet / Kenmore HE3t Washer Repair Manual

Burning Smell in Dryer After Replacing the Heating Element

Gas Stove Goes Boom When It's Turned Off

Are Maintenance Agreements Worth the Money?

What to do with Dryer Cord Ground Wires

Highlighted Posts About Fun Stuff

XM DieFi

Hillstomping Update: Mt. Madison 07282005

Unveiling a New Mac iBook

Appliance Parts for All Brands and Models

If you need parts, you can conveniently look them up using the form below and buy them securely online:

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If you need parts, buy 'em here! You can return any part for any reason. And your purchase helps support the Samurai School of Appliantology. Domo arigato!

Thanks again for visiting and please tell your friends about us. Come see the Samurai for all your major appliance repair needs. Happy fixing!

Samurai Appliance Repair Man

Appliantology Newsletter for May/June 2005

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