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Christmas special
Meet Kate has started raising funds for the construction of a school. The construction site and plans are finished, it’s now time to collect the funds. Meet Kate wants to approach companies and ask them to (partially) exchange their corporate Christmas gifts with a donation to Meet Kate. And we need your help with that!
Do you know any companies that would literally want to contribute many stones to the building of the Meet Kate school? Click here for more information
Ambassador in Ghana
Last month our ambassador Peter R. de Vries paid a visite to Ghana to see how our projects are doing. Peter enjoyed the days he spent at the project and was able to see with his own eyes what Meet Kate means to the children in Ekwamkrom.
Peter writes during his visit on Twitter: “Been to the children’s home of Meet Kate, that is now in full swing: man, how impressive and touching! What an accomplishment!”
Would you like to see some footage of Peter’s visit to Ghana? Click here for several films!
Peter, Kate en Kelly
One year anniversary of the Meet Kate Children’s Home
Sunday August 7th was the one year anniversary of the Meet Kate Children’s Home! This called for a big celebration. The anniversary did not go unnoticed in the community, several churches dedicated some attention to this beautiful milestone during their service.
In the late afternoon a big celebration took place at the Children’s Home. All employees, spouses and children were there, Ghanaian music blasted through the speakers and people enjoyed the soda’s, chips and delicious food.
Below you can see all the children and staff members that lived and worked at the Children’s Home during the one year anniversary!

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Kelly de Vries 
Stichting Meet Kate, Postbus 92235, 1090 AE, Amsterdam

26-08-2011, Ekwamkrom
Birthday in August

Collins  (Daycare)
Jewel (Daycare)
Jonathan (Daycare)
Sammy Nkrumah (leraar) 
Meet Kate wants you to meet...

Every newsletter, we introduce you to someone in one of our projects. This can be one of the children, a student, teacher or employee.
This month, we’d like you to meet
Angela Wilson
Angela is the cousin of Philo (director) and is the chef of the Children’s Home. She is a mother of two who are now attending our daycare center. Ghanaian food just got a bit better since she joined the Children’s Home. So much, that the children were very disappointed when they found out Angela had the weekend off.
 New at the Meet Kate Children’s Home

On August 12th we welcomed the 11th boy to our Children’s Home. We are happy to be able to help him and Aaron has already said he feels at ease here.


This month we would like to thank two companies.
Achievers United and Rabobank Share4More both decided to support our scholarship program.

Click here for more information about the project they support!

Achievers United and Rabobank Share4More,
Thank you!

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