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On Second Thought ~ August at Sage Hill Farms

Summer gardens are winding down –some beds have been cleaned, refreshed with new compost, and planted with the fall/winter crops. Collards, turnip-greens, mustard greens, Florence fennel, and Kohlrabi - most areas will allow for planting until the mid part of September. Many things will not last through heavy frost, greens however are one of the cold loving veggies, collards especially are best after the first frost.

As many of you know I’m a strong advocate for “eating in season.” Greens, beans, peas, and all the root veggies are the in-season choices from September through January. Enjoy!

Tip: Roasted root veggies are absolutely the best, brings the natural sugars to the forefront, maximizing the flavor and taste. If you have not tried Florence fennel and Kohlrabi in this fashion…you must…a little olive oil drizzle and sprinkling of sea salt…you’ll never go back to your other method of cooking.

Sage Hill Herb of the month

Rosemaryis a strong herb and brings much flavor to root veggies that tend to be bland if not properly prepared. The idea is to make them tasty without a lot of additional seasonings such as butter and meats, etc. Perfect for roasting or grilling…cut small sprigs, wash and place the sprig on top of dish being prepared/on the grill just lay on top of foods- be careful not to burn…it helps to re-wet the sprigs during cooking time.

A favorite quote: "One cannot think well, sleep well, love well, if one has not dined well.” Virginia Woolf~

September Calendar at Sage Hill local/onsite only.
Cost is $35.00 per person~

September 19th (Thursday) from 11:30 until 1:00 pm. "All you really need to know about GMO’s". Lots of info to follow up with, research data, etc. Class comes with serve yourself lunch and a “take home goodie bag.”

People and Places to Know…

Victoria Meetze is a one woman powerhouse of ideas and action.

What she is doing with and for our children and the future of same is nothing less than a beautiful gift. Please check out the link and if you feel led to do so…become a supporter.

You know I only recommend “good things,”

Sage Hill is looking forward to being involved with this project.

Wishing you each a perfect ending to the summer season
We have 4 weeks to make that happen!

The Sage Hill Farms Family~
Sage Hill Herb Farm